Kkb episode 39 (Love of Life)

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In the previous episode King was arrested by the police which were called by Abhigya.. While Sunny goes a little forward to meet Kiara.. Kiara with slow and steady steps walk towards him, her eyes were completely filled with tears.. Sunny goes a little forward and hugs her and cries.. Kiara also does the same and after sometimes faints in his arms.. Abhigya and Arbir come running towards them… Sunny bents on his knees with tears scrolling from his eyes.. Sunny’s one hand was on Kiara’s back and the other in her hand.. He makes Kiara lie down with her head on his lap while Pragya comes there crying…

Pragya (crying) – Kia, just open your eyes, just look at mumma .
Abhi (crying) – Princess just look at your dad..
Pragya (crying) – Sunny you ask her, she will surely listen to you..

Sunny takes his hand out from Kiara’s back and then starts patting her cheek to make her conscious.. But was shocked to see it.. His hand had turned red because of the blood flowing from Kiara’s back..He was left speechless..

Sunny (shocked) – Blood.. Kiara … Please open your eyes…

They turn Kiara and were shocked to see the cut on her back… (King stabbed her before getting arrested).

Pragya – Kiara…. (She cries bitterly)
Abhi (shouts) – Ranbir just bring the car.
Ranbir – Okay chief…

Aryan also goes with Ranbir.. Aryan and Ranbir discuss about the talks of Abhigya..

Aryan – Did you hear what chucks said?
Ranbir – He said dii to open her eyes and look at dad.. It means dii is Chief’s daughter..
Aryan – But how is it possible?
Ranbir – Right now we should leave this… That evil man stabbed dii, she is bleeding we need to rush her to the hospital..

Ranbir and Aryan take their car with them.. Kiara was rushed to the hospital.. Sunny was with her and Pragya and Abhi were in the same car.. Aryan came in Abhigya’s  car.
Sunny was lost in his own world, remembering the incident which took in front of his eyes, he cursed himself for not been able to save his best friend.. And tears start scrolling from his eyes. Pragya who was sitting beside Kiara was continuously crying, cupping the face of her long lost daughter which she got back again but in a terrible condition… Abhi was in shock and his cheeks were covered with tears which were flowing at a high rate.. He was a strong man but on looking at his daughters condition he was completely shattered.. While the guy who was most confused was Ranbir , he was driving the car but looking at the girl lying unconscious who was very dear to him brought tears in his eyes.. He didn’t know who she was really but considered her to be his elder sister.. After sometimes they reach the hospital..

In the Hospital.

Kiara was rushed to the Operation Theatre.. Sunny looks at her through the small window in the door and his eyes were full of tears he had nothing to say, he moved to a corner falls on his knees and sits there with blank emotions just the unstoppable tears were flowing from his eyes.. Abhigya were just crying and praying to God to save their daughter.. Ranbir stands there just then Aryan enters there, Ranbir informs everything to him but the only question in their mind was “what was the real identity of Kiara?”.. Aryan assists Ranbir to call Prachi while he himself walks towards Abhigya who were sitting on the bench… He was feeling bad for them, tried to console both of them but eventually failed as the wound they got today was very deep… He then walks a little forward and was shocked to see Sunny.. Tears automatically start flowing from his eyes on seeing his brother in that state though he wasn’t his real brother but he felt something different on seeing him.. He goes near him and sit beside him.. There was immense silence.. While on the other hand Ranbir calls Prachi and asks her to directly come to the City Hospital along with Rhea and Shahana…

In the Mehra Mansion.
The girls hurriedly leave from the house and Rhea was the one driving the car she rushes the car and leave for the hospital..

While in the hospital
Aryan looks at Sunny with tears in his eyes.. He was little scared as he saw Sunny for the first time in such a horrible state… He looks at his wounds and gets up from there and brings first aid box.. With a lot courage he finally seized his hand on Sunny’s shoulder which disturbed Sunny who was lost in his thoughts he looked at Aryan with tears in his eyes.. He then wiped his tears and cleared his throat and then finally spoke to Aryan who was sitting with bandage in his hands..

Sunny – Do you need something?
Aryan (stuttering) – Actually … Bhai your wounds.. So I brought bandage.
Sunny – Leave them.. They will heal automatically.. I don’t need anyone.

(He remembers Purab and his betrayal)..

“Why are you stubborn? You can’t lead your life alone everyone needs someone so you also need.. And trying to act strong and hiding ones pain doesn’t make anyone more stronger so just keep quite and let me bandage think about the people who live for you, who care for you and who love you.”  says Aryan showing his right on Sunny which shocks Sunny..

Aryan cleans his wound and then dresses it properly and then looks at Sunny who was staring at him..

Aryan – What?
Sunny – I am sorry.. The girl inside the OT is someone very dear to me, I have lost many people and things whom I loved a lot and she was one of them…I got her back but God can’t see me happy so that’s why he is again doing the same thing but not this time, I will get my Kiara back in any condition… I talked to you rudely but still you did my dressing, thanks.
Aryan – I can understand how you must be feeling, it’s really difficult to see our loved ones in that condition. But who is she and why are you calling her Kiara, her name is Arya.

Sunny (trying to control his emotions) – she is not Arya she is Kiara Mehra, the elder daughter of ch..(he realises what he was going to speak and stops).. Elder daughter of your chucks and my massi..says sunny

Aryan was shocked to hear this statement he had many questions and was curious to know more about it.

Aryan – And how do you know her?
Sunny – I and Kiara were best friends… (Sunny eyes were fully drenched with tears and they start flowing)..

Aryan notices Sunny and understands that he wasn’t in a state to say anything further.. He looks at Sunny and hugs him… They both feel a little different but convince each other that the man who he was hugging is the son of the lady who destroyed his mother’s life.. Aryan breaks the hug and looks at Sunny gives a smile and gets up from there.. After sometimes Prachi, Rhea and Shahana also arrive in the hospital.. They were shocked to see Abhigya in that condition.. Shahana notices Sunny and just goes near him and hugs him while the twins rush towards their parents who were sobbing continuously and hugs them tightly.. They both try to console their parents and tears start scrolling from their eyes..

Rhea – Mom – dad please calm down.
Prachi – Yes both of you stop crying and tell us what happened and where is Arya dii?

Rhea and Prachi finally were able to calm their parents.. Abhigya look at them with the eyes still full of tears.. They point towards the OT, Prachi and Rhea get up and go near their OT window and peep inside and were shocked to see Kiara who was been treated by doctors.. They both step back and look at their parents..

Prachi – Mom what happened to dii?
Rhea – Dad please tell us everything and you left home saying Kiara is alive where is that girl ?
Pragya – She is Kiara… My princess.
Rhea & Prachi – What she is Kiara?
Abhi – Yes she is Kiara.
Rhjdea – How is she connected to us and how do you know her and what relation do we have with her?

Abhigya look at their daughter who were looking at them with a hope.. They remain quite for some time but then Abhi looks up and wipes his tears, clears his throat and then starts speaking..

Abhi – Now both of you listen me carefully.. Today I will tell you the whole truth and the real reason behind me and yours mom separation..

The twins and the whole young generation look at Abhi and then at each other with a confused look..

Abhi tells them everything about his and Pragya life at the time of marriage.. He tells about Tanu and how they got seperated and about Kiara’s death… Then everything included ( I guess you people know the story of kumkum bhagya so I am not writing it)… After hearing his story the young generation got tears in their eyes and Rhea was shocked to the core as she was always told that her mother left her because she didn’t love her… She gets a reality check and Prachi was left speechless.. Ranbir and Aryan stood there as mute spectators.. And Sunny and Shahana had tears in their eyes…

Abhi – The girl inside OT is your elder sister Kiara.. (He completely breaks down and falls on his knees)

The twins console thier dad and there was pin drop silence in the whole corridor which was broken by the doctor who comes out from OT.. All the eyes were on him and Abhi and Pragya rush towards him.. Sunny also gets up and the whole young generation also surrounded him..

Pragya (crying)- Doctor how’s my daughter?
Abhi – Doctor please tell how’s Kiara, she is fine, can we meet her?
Doctor – Mr. Mehra right now it’s really difficult to say, she had a huge amount of blood loss and she isn’t responding to the treatment, we urgently need O-ve blood then only we can say something otherwise there is a chance of her slipping into coma or even also of less chance of survival … I hope you get this.

(I don’t remember exactly what was her blood group but remember this much that it was matching with Abhi that’s why I did it O -ve.. In this case they don’t have same blood group..)

Abhi – So don’t you have this blood group in the hospital?
Doctor – We are really sorry this is the rarest blood group and it isn’t available easily..
Abhi – But doctor from where will we arrange the bl..

He was interrupted by Sunny in between..

Sunny – How much time do we have?
Doctor – 30 minutes.
Sunny – Okay don’t worry we will somehow manage..
Abhi – Sunny what are you saying?
Sunny – Don’t worry chucks.. I know someone with this blood group..
Pragya – You are saying the truth , please call that person fast.. I don’t want to loose my Kia again..

” Don’t worry massi nothing will happen to Kiara” Says Sunny while assuring Pragya.

He then goes to a corner and calls the person…

Sunny – Mumma did you reach Mumbai?
Disha – Yes it’s been an hour but where are you.. I am in aunty’s house and I can’t see you nor even Arya..
Sunny – Mumma directly come to city hospital..
Disha – What happened Sunny is everything okay?
Sunny – It’s a long story you just come fast…
Disha – Okay beta I am leaving you take care..
Sunny – Okay bye but come fast..

He hangs the call… So the person is Disha… He then looks back and informs Abhigya about it.. Abhigya were a little relieved but still worried for their daughter..Shahana comes to them and hugs them… Everyone present there were tensed for Kiara.. Disha reaches there within 15 minutes and was shocked to see Abhigya in that state… She goes near Pragya and hugs her tightly…

Disha – Dii what happened are you okay?
Pragya (crying) – Disha…. Kiara..
Disha – Dii calm down.. Sunny what’s dii is speaking tell me clearing..

Sunny describes the whole incident to Disha who was hell shocked to learn the truth that Arya is Kiara..

Disha – But where is she now?
Pragya – In the OT that King stabbed Kia..
Disha (shocked) – What..
Sunny – Mumma she needs blood and I guess you both of same blood group now you can only save her..
Disha – Then do fast why are we wasting the time..

Sunny takes Disha to the doctor than doctor takes out a pint of blood from her body and asks her to take rest.. While on the other hand doctors begin Kiara’s treatment again… Everyone over there pray in front of God to save Kiara..and Ranbir tries to console Prachi.. Rhea was feeling happy on seeing both of them while Arhana were sitting together consoling each other.. Sunny was only thinking of Kiara and remembers his all moments with them… After sometimes doctor comes out and informs everyone that Kiara was now out of danger…All were happy on hearing this.. Abhi insists the young generation and Pragya to go home and he and Sunny will remain in the hospital itself as it was getting dark.. They all agree reluctantly.. Kiara was still unconscious….

In the Mehra mansion.
Everyone reach home except Abhi..Rhea and Prachi walked inside the mansion supporting their mother who was completely shattered ….Arhana and Ranbir followed them..the whole Mehra and Kohli family were shocked to see Pragya in that condition as they weren’t informed about anything ..they were waiting for them as they  all were worried for them except Aliya who as usual was fuming on seeing her lovely niece with Pragya… Dadi goes near Pragya and hugs her….

Dadi – Pragya what happened ,you and Abhi left just like that without speaking anything..

Pragya hugs dadi and cries …

Pragya – Dadi Kiara…kiara is alive..

All were shocked to hear this statement while the Kohlis were totally confused as they weren’t aware of their past..

Aliya – Pragya have you lost it ,its just imposible..
Rhea – Buji mom is right Kia dii is alive..
Aliya – Rhea you don’t know anything about Kiara so how can you say that..
Rhea – Buji now I know everything …I know Kiara is our elder sister and now I know the whole truth the real reason for which mom left me (she puts more emphasis on the last statement as Aliya was the one who always instigated her against Pragya and Prachi)..
Dadi – If she is alive then where is she?

Prachi comes forward and describes the whole incident to dadi who was shocked to learn the truth and never expected King to be like that as he was a nice guy..while Aliya was hell shocked to learn that Arya was Kiara.

Dadi (hugs Pragya)- Don’t worry she will be fine..God is there to save her and this time we will back our Kiara back..you don’t worry and you must be tired ,Prachi and Rhea take her to the room and you both also take rest..Shahana beta you also go to your room.

Rhea and Prachi obeying dadi take Pragya to the room..Pragya was continuously crying so Rhea assists to stay and asks Prachi to go to her room and take rest..Prachi reluctantly leaves from there..Shahana was waiting for her..she asks about Pragya..Prachi describes her everything and then both of them get inside their room and discuss about Kiara..

Precap – Rhea’s emotional breakdown …Prhana’s conversation..Sunny and Kiara’s special moment …

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