kkb ” coffee with aditi – sriti’s b’day special “

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My birthday wishes to the very gorgeous sriti who rocks in the  kumkum bhagya …i am a very big fan of her , her acting..so I just had a thought of having a  convo with her  which is just impossible..this is just a gift for her birthday which I think she will like…once again happy birthday di. ..


the screen opens with a girl sitting in the middle of a hall..it looks like the below picture.  She adjusts her  specs and looks smiling when the camera starts to shoot. Action..and the set was silent as it’s rolling .
” welcome you all to my show COFFEE WITH ADITI. ..Hope you are very excited today..but I am more excited that today for our sets , a lady is going to set fire with her beauty. I hope you may know whom I am talking about but let’s see a short intro of her life..

Sriti jha is known to be one of the best popular actress in Indian telly soap. She is known for her best roles and she was born on February 26 , 1986 in begusarai , Bihar.
Soon, her family shifted to Kolkata where she did her schooling. After spending 10 years in Kolkata, the family then shifted to Kathmandu in Nepal. She completed her schoolings at modern Indian school in Nepal and later joined in lakshman public school ,Delhi. after competing her schooling ,she joined in shree venkateswara college for the course of English and also she was the president of dramatic society at Delhi university. She played the lead role in the verbum play titled “ritual in blood ” Written by Steven Berkoff, Ritual in Blood is a play which is set in the 13th century England. Sriti enacted her role so well that that have her the best actor award in Delhi university.

Sriti had no struggle story to share. She had auditioned for Disney Channel’s Dhoom Machao Dhoom in her college only. When the show shifted its location from Delhi to Mumbai, she moved to Mumbai and this is how her career started. In Dhoom Machao Dhoom she played the role of a superstitious and shy Malini Sharma. After Dhoom Machao Dhoom, she got the role of Sunaina in 9X’s Jiya Jale.Although the serial didn’t run for long, Sriti started getting offers. Next, she signed a serial called Angad. However, it could never see the light of the day. This is the period when she got the role of Sudha in Imagine TV’s Jyoti where she played the leading lady’s sister, with a split personality disorder. Simultaneously, she also played the role of a princess Suhani in another fantasy show – Shaurya Aur Suhani. Yes, this brilliant actor has done two serials together! Next, Sriti joined Rakt Sambhand where she played the role of a blind girl later also seen as the tapori Vrinda. Then followed the serial which changed her life forever – Yes, Life Ok’s Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava? where she played the main lead who was a victim of Domestic Violence opposite Karanveer Vohra. Next, she was seen in Colors long running show Balika Vadhu where she played the role of the illiterate Ganga. And then …finally came a Balaji tele films titled Kumkum Bhagya which made her a popular household name. So with no more delay, let’s welcome our today’s guest ” sriti jha ” .

    A lady in her yellow Salwar with light makeup enters the set. Aditi stands and welcomes her with a bouquet of flowers.

“Welcome to our set ,coffee with aditi…sriti”

Sriti smiles while taking her seat of honour with a smile.

” I am happy to be here aditi…it looks like I am back again with my childhood. .”

” ya ..I know you came here before when you gave a speech about women’s empowerment right..”

” well..it seems you are more intrested on me….” she quickly raised her brows.

” ha..I am big fan of you..I really like your act , how you express your feelings..it’s just osym. ..” pragya smiles at her sentence .

” ok mam ..tell me how you feel today as you are popularly known..did you thought long backs ago..that you will become an actress”

” well..it’s quite unexpected..I made a debute when i am 18 but before that I had a knowledge about acting..and it made me to achieve …”

” do you ever thought that you will be praised by everyone…it’s preplaned..or how that happened .. .some words please..”

” I never thought that I will end in cini field as I am  always a book worm..I used to study all time…* smiles a lot…* .don’t think I am brilliant ..i used to study novels..they are my best friends..”

” you are a book worm..I could not able to digest it..because..I couldn’t believe..”

” my sister have slapped me infront of the whole school as I am not enjoying like her and I just intrested on books. ..”

” omg..your sister slapped you..” pragya  nods her head in response..

” ok..tell about your rockstar..sets of kkb”

” it’s like my second family …we behave as like we are real family..everyone cares for each other and I am really enjoying shabbir’s company..he is quite comfortable with me..”

” next question is …when you are going to get married..everyone is waiting for that moment..”

” not this year..but I am searching for my soulmate…as I didn’t met till today..so if I met someone..sure I will announce it officially. .”

” we got a news that you are interested in dance?  Is that so..you are a dancer sriti..”

” well ya..I am better dancer …I was famous more for her dancing skills than acting skills
during my school days ..”

” tell something about your family…”

” well..I am last one in my family. ..my father is a business man and mother , she is house wife. I have my brother and sister who are married now as my sister have a small daughter called paki… my childhood was good as I have a caring brother and sister..”

” so your pet name is Jhalli…”

” who told you this..yes .my mom used to call me…”

”  so sriti..as you are novel lover..i guess your hobby is reading..”

” ofcourse..it is..”

” favourite movies…?”

”  Pyaasa, Kaagaz Ke Phool and All Satyajit Ray & Charlie Chaplin Films..”

” famous actress…? ”

“Waheeda Rehman..”

” is there is a talk that you and kunal are dating. ..? Is that true..”

” no..obviously not..we are good friends..more over he is my best family friend..i think its enough for others to know that I am not in relation with enyone ….

”  ya ..may be now people will know about your relation with kunal..and sriti….we have a cute suprise for you..”

” ya..please go ahead..as I am glad of suprises … ”

” there is someone who is behind our sets..you have to guess or find who is that by listening to his/ her voice…tk. .”

Sriti nods her head..the lights go off dim..

They heard a voice…

” Some people are blessed with a soul-deep friendship. Thank you for being my soul friend! I wish you a beautiful special day!..”

       Sriti gets up as she shouts saying mouni and the lights were on. Mouni roy comes there with the cake and sriti hugs her..

” happy birthday my buddy. …”

” you remember it..thanks alot..”

” how could I forget it idiot..”

” mam ..shall we cut the cake..”

In chorus. ..” sure..”

Sriti cuts the cake and feeds for both.

” sriti …Trouble is coming to the city, because it’s your birthday and we are going to celebrate a night on the town like there’s no tomorrow! Have a happy and fun-filled birthday, buddy!..”

” sriti..hope you like our small suprise..we got to know that yours birthday..and planed a suprise ..how was that..”

” osum ..it’s most memorable birthday ever..thanks a lot..”

Aditi smiles at them and looks at the camera saying hope you enjoyed this show and behalf of our team ,we wish sriti ,a very
Happy birthday to her and success… with this we are signing off …and let’s see in our next episode with our another guest…

Hope you all like this…it’s just my gift for her…happy b-day di. …hope you will have all success and joyness overloaded in this life…bye guys..don’t forget to comment…
Love you guys…

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