Kareena Kapoor looks stunningly sexy and hot on Maxim cover

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Kareena Kapoor looking hot and seductive on Maxim magazine cover page

Kareena Kapoor is looking extremely hot and seductive on the latest cover of Maxim

Yes. It’s none other than our beloved hot and sexy actress Bebo allies Kareena Kapoor who was voted the hottest woman in a poll conducted by Maxim magazine. Kareena has also done a photo shoot for the cover of the famous magazine. In a recent edition of Maxim, Kareena appeared as a cover girl with tight, skimp revealing outfit – sexy enough to make you mad! We promise.


The poll named hot 100 of 2012 was conducted by Maxim and after winning it Kareena is on seventh heaven. She says that it is always a great feeling knowing that you are hot. It becomes more special when someone like Maxim – who is experts in discovering hotness in women, recognizes it. It is really something special for her.


“Hotness is about how a woman carries herself. It is not just about a thin waist and long legs. It is about the entire package. I am glad that you guys find me hot and I definitely take it as a big compliment,” Kareena further added.


However the traces of editing can be seen on the image. We all know that Kareena has some heavy thighs and arms. However in the image they look slight thinner than the usual.


These days Kareena is making headlines as her latest movie ‘Heroine‘ is set to be released on 21 September. The title she won with Maxim must have doubled her enthusiasm and she must have thrown herself completely in the promotion of the movie to make the most of it! We wish her all the best.

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