Kareeb ke Rishtey-ShiVi,SidAshi,RoNakshi,ArjAkshmi SS Part 1

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Kareeb ke Rishtey…Close relationships…Part 1

 I dedicate this to my friend Revu who wants me to write a SS on the theme of the telugu serial Padamati Sandhya ragam.I have not watched this show.This show is new also.So I don’t know how the story will move forward in the show.So this story is completely my imagination.After I wrote the summary of the whole story I planned for this SS,I realized that it was the remake of the show Sapne suhane ladakpan ke which I have not seen.If I had known this before I would have taken inspiration from it to write this SS.But since I had no idea about this before,this SS will be having no similarity with Sapna suhane ladakpan ke.

Shiva-Raavi and Siddarth Ashi are the leads of this SS.Arjun-Lakshmi and Rohit-Sonakshi are the parallel leads.They also will be having scenes in almost every episode.

I thank PriyaArshiSarun for this beautiful cover page.

A girl named Lakshmi was getting engaged to her fiance Rohit Kapoor.

Lakshmi imagined another man in place of Rohit and her face blossomed.

She imagined exchanging rings with him.

She became upset realizing that it was only her imagination and actually it’s Rohit who put ring on her finger.

Rohit:What are you thinking Lakshmi?


He smiled.

Lakshmi cried in her room.Her sister Sonakshi sat near her.

Sona:Didi..why are you crying?

Lakshmi:Sona…I can’t marry Rohit.I love Arjun.

Sonakshi became upset.

Sona:But didi…you agreed to marry Rohit.

Lakshmi:Then what else can I do?You know how strict our papa is.He won’t allow me to marry anyone who belongs to another community.Our village people are also narrow minded.They won’t allow us to live together peacefully.But still Arjun and I fell for each other.I decided to sacrifice our love.But I realized that I can’t live as anyone else’s wife.I will die if anyone other than Arjun marries me.

Sona:Didi,please talk about dying.You want to live with Arjun Agnihotri.Right?It will happen.I will get you married to Arjun.

Lakshmi:What are you saying Sona?Are you in your senses?How can you get us married?

Sona:I will help you to marry Arjun secretly.We will lie to our parents that we are going to the temple.There you call Arjun.Then get married to each other in the temple.

Lakshmi:But is it possible?

Sona:Yes didi.It is possible.

Lakshmi was relieved.She hugged Sonakshi emotionally.

Sonakshi thought:I never wanted to betray my parents.But right now Lakshmi didi’s life is more important for me.So I have to take this step.






Lakshmi and Arjun met at the temple.They looked at each other emotionally.

Arjun:I really thought that I lost you.

Lakshmi:I also thought so.But I can’t live without you Arjun.

It started raining.

Arjun caressed her face.

Arjun:Even I can’t live without you Lakshmi.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Lakshmi smiled:Now onwards we will be together.

Sonakshi:Both of you stop talking and get ready for the wedding.We don’t have much time.

Arjun-Lakshmi nodded.





They got dressed up in the bridal wear.They smiled at each other.

They got married in the pundit’s presence.

After the wedding,Lakshmi changed into ordinary costume.

Arjun and Lakshmi waved hands at each other tearfully.

Then Lakshmi went back home with Sonakshi.

Sonakshi:Didi,are you happy now that you got married to your love Arjun?

Lakshmi:Yes Sona.It’s because of you that I got my Arjun.I can’t thank you enough.

Sona:What is this didi?What’s the need of thanks between sisters?

Lakshmi smiled.

Suddenly they got shocked to see their father Yash and mother Latika at the door.They both shivered seeing their angry father.

Yash:You both betrayed me?

Their lips shivered:Papa!

Yash slapped both his daughters making them cry.

Latika shed tears and requested Yash:Please don’t slap them.

Yash left the room angrily.Latika followed him.

Lakshmi:Because of me,you got slapped by papa.

Sona:No didi.Don’t think like this.Didi,papa won’t stay simply.So you better leave with Arjun soon.

Otherwise you will never be able to live with Arjun.

Lakshmi nodded painfully.



At night Sonakshi packed the bag and gave it to Lakshmi.

Sonakshi:You escape didi.


Sonakshi:All the best didi.You and Arjun jeejaji should live happily.

Lakshmi hugged Sonakshi emotionally and ran out.Arjun was waiting there.As both of them walked some villagers saw them with a shock.

One person:See…Yash Kapoor’s daughter is eloping with a man of another caste.

Another person:We should not leave them.

They ran after Arjun and Lakshmi.The scared Arjun and Lakshmi ran from there and hid somewhere.The villagers looked for them and without finding them with disappointment they left.

Lakshmi and Arjun looked at each other with relief.

Arjun:We escaped Lakshmi.

Lakshmi:Yes Arjun.

Suddenly she became dull.

Lakshmi:But they will trace us.

Arjun:They cannot touch us.Because we are leaving this place.

She smiled.

They both got inside a bus.

Arjun:We are starting a new journey Lakshmi.

She smiled.

Lakshmi rested her head on Arjun’s shoulder.He smiled.

The next day realizing that Lakshmi eloped Yash went mad.

Yash:How could she do this?I am not able to face anyone as our own village’s people saw Lakshmi with that Arjun Agnihotri.But now I don’t care.Lakshmi is not my daughter anymore.

Sonakshi’s heart got pierced:Papa!

Yash stared at Sonakshi.

Yash:You only helped Lakshmi to elope.Right?

Sonakshi was silent.

Yash shouted:Say Sonakshi..

The shivering Sonakshi nodded tearfully looking down without being able to face her father.

Yash slapped her.Sonakshi burst into tears.

Yash:You made me embarrassed in front of others Sona.So you have to do compensation by marrying Rohit.

Sonakshi was shocked.

Sona:How can I marry my sister’s fiance?

Yash:Why not?Your sister never considered Rohit as her fiance and eloped with her lover.Because of you and your sister,Rohit is hurt.You have to heal his wounds by marrying him.

Sonakshi wept.

Latika:You accept that Lakshmi ruined our family image.I can’t support what Lakshmi did to us who brought her up.So you please obey your father Sona.

Sonakshi kept crying.



Rohit and family came to know about Lakshmi eloping with a boy after reaching the wedding mandap.They were shocked.

His parents Naren and Veena talked to Yash about this.

Naren:What is this Yash?

Yash:I know that I don’t even deserve to look at your face after what my daughter did.But trust me..I was not aware of it.Please don’t ruin our relationship because of this.Please accept my youngest daughter Sonakshi instead of Lakshmi.

They were shocked.Slowly they nodded.Yash was relieved.

Rohit started throwing things in anger.

Rohit:How could Lakshmi do this to me?

Rohit’s parents stopped him from getting violent.

Veena:Rohit…control yourself beta.

Rohit:How can I Maa?

Naren:Forget about the girl who did not give you any value.You please marry Sonakshi and save our reputation.

Veena:Yes beta.If we go from here empty handed people will make fun of us.Please marry Sonakshi.

Rohit:Ok.Just to save our family reputation I will marry Sonakshi.I will also show the cheater Lakshmi that without her also I can lead a happy married life.

They were relieved.

Veena:Good decision Rohit.


Rohit-Sonakshi got married.Both were not able to smile from the bottom of their hearts.

After 25 years….

Arjun and Lakshmi went to a bedroom where a young girl was sleeping.

Arjun:Pooja…wake up beta.

Pooja woke up and sat on the bed.

Pooja:Good morning dad and mom.

Arjun-Lakshmi:Good morning Pooja beta.

Arjun:Had a good sleep?

Pooja:Yes dad.

Lakshmi:Take bath and pray.The whole day will be good for you.


Pooja:When I opened my eyes,I saw both of you.That’s enough for me to have a wonderful day.

Arjun-Lakshmi smiled.

Arjun:When you meet your Prince Charming you will say the same thing to him also.

Pooja blushed:Dad!

Arjun-Lakshmi smiled.




A young girl got ready to go to college.She was Raavi;the daughter of Rohit and Sonakshi.

Rohit stared at Raavi.Raavi got scared seeing him stare at her.

Rohit:Always remember that you are going to college to study.Don’t talk to boys.Otherwise I will stop your studies.

Raavi nodded fearfully.

Raavi:Yes papa.I promise that I will not talk to boys.

Rohit:Ok.Now go to college.


Raavi walked out.

Sonakshi and Rohit’s sister Rani watched this.

Sonakshi thought:It’s sad that Rohit considers falling in love before marriage as a sin.He is scared whether Raavi will fall in love.Because he fears that Raavi will also elope with a boy like Lakshmi didi did.

Rani:Poor Rohit!He is scared whether you will brainwash Raavi and make her do secret love marriage.After all you helped Rohit’s ex fiancee Lakshmi to elope with her boy friend.So he is extra careful and strict about Raavi’s upbringing.

Sonakshi got irritated.

She thought:Rani di never leaves a chance to taunt me.

Sona:Rani di…Lakshmi didi was Rohit’s ex fiancee.But I am his wife.It was destiny’s play to unite me and Rohit.Because we are soulmates.You won’t understand it as you always fight with your husband and stay here.

Rani got irritated.

Sona gave her an envelope and said:This is the letter sent by your husband.Guess he started sending you letters as you stopped responding to his phone calls.

Rani took that letter and threw it.

Rani:You don’t interfere in my married life.I don’t want to talk to my husband who always sides his mother.

Sona:Ok fine.I am not interfering in your family matters.But you also don’t worry about our daughter Raavi.You look after your son instead of talking about our daughter’s upbringing.

Rani got embarrassed.

Sonakshi walked away.



In college….

Raavi collided with a boy.She looked at him nervously.He was none other than Shiva Pandya.

Shiva:I am sorry.

Suddenly Raavi remembered Rohit warning her not to speak to any boy.

Raavi ran away without saying anything.

Shiva’s friend Dev went near him.

Dev:Did Raavi talk to you?

Shiva:No yaar.You know that Raavi is different from other girls.She does’nt talk to boys.But i bet..I will make her talk.

Dev:How is it possible?

Shiva:Anything is possible for Dev Pandya.

Dev smiled.

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