Kambaqt Ishq- Episode 43

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For Anjali…thank you for all love, appreciation and inspiring words…

Episode 43

“Fuggi!” Abhi called.
No response.
“Fuggi!” he called again, a little louder this time.
Still no response.
“FUGGI!!!” he yelled at the top of his voice.
“WHAT??!!” she shouted angrily, storming into the room.
“What is all this?!” he asked a little irately
“What is all what?” she asked confused.
He pointed to the bed and she realized he was referring to the papers and books strewn all over it.
“You’ve never seen papers before?” she asked.
“You know what I mean.” he replied. “What are they doing scattered on the bed?”
“I have to finish grading these tests for tomorrow, so DO. NOT. TOUCH. THEM. UNDERSTOOD?” she warned. “Why would I touch your papers?” he asked.
“The last time I left papers unsupervised, you thought they were garbage and almost threw it in the bin.” “I read some of those kid’s answers. Believe me, I would have been doing you a favor.” Pragya glared at him.

“Ok fine, I’m sorry.” he said. ” I won’t touch your precious papers.”
“Good” she replied. “I’m going to meet Aliya and Mitali Bhabhi to plan Dadi’s birthday party. Those papers better still be there when I get back.” “You girls are planning Dadi’s party without the rest of us?”
“Yes.” She replied. “Remember what happened last year? We left you, Purab and Akash in charge and you turned Dadi’s birthday into a kid’s party. You guys even hired a clown knowing fully well Dadi is scared of them! She kept running away from the clown who was trying to make balloon animals and do magic tricks for her!”
“That wasn’t me…that was Akash’s fault!” he said defensively.
“Really?” she said sarcastically. “So whose idea was it to have a bouncy castle?”
“Ok, that one was my idea.” he conceded.

“Did you think Dadi was turning ten?” she asked.
“Well, Purab brought the horse!”
“Yet another fiasco!” Pragya replied, shaking her head. “Dadi couldn’t even get on the horse that you three insisted she take a ride on!” “Atleast she enjoyed the cake.” Abhi said sheepishly.
“Yeah, Mehra. Let Dadi’s blood sugar level rise even higher.” she replied, rolling her eyes at him. “Not that high. It was her birthday. She should enjoy it a little.” he replied. “Mitali Bhabhi ate most of the cake anyway.” “What possessed you guys to have that kind of party anyway?” she asked. “Were you guys drunk when you planned it?” “Kinda…” he replied. “We thought it would be alot of fun and Dadi would enjoy it!”
“It was total chaos!” Pragya reminded him.
“Okay fine, I get your point.” he said. “You guys can plan your party. We won’t interfere.”
“Ok good” she said. “Be back in a little while.”
And then she left.

What should I do now? Abhi wondered, looking around.
He was in no mood to write music and everyone was apparently busy. He walked over to the sofa and sat down.
He sighed and twiddled his thumbs.

Getting bored really fast, Abhi got up and went over to the bed.
Picking up one test paper, he went back to the sofa and began to read through it.
He spotted and an error and wanted to correct it.
Without thinking, he walked over to the bed and picked up the red pen lying next to Pragya’s books.
Sitting on the bed, began marking the test.
Soon, without realizing it, he had read and graded more than ten papers.

“What are you doing?” Pragya asked walking into the room.
Abhi, deep into his task, barely registered it was Pragya talking to him.
“I’m just correcting these papers.” He replied without looking up.
“YOU’RE WHAT?!” She exclaimed.
Abhi glanced up and saw and irate-looking Fuggi standing there.
“Uh-Oh” He said, as realization dawned on him.
“Uh-oh?” she repeated, walking over to him.
“Fuggi, I can explain…” He said.
“You have a good explanation for why you’re grading my tests?” She asked.
“Well, no…not really.” he shrugged. “I got bored and started reading. I didn’t even realise when I started grading them.”
“Please tell me you atleast used the grading scheme.” she said hopefully.
“What grading scheme?” He asked dumbly.
“OMG Abhi!” she whined. “I told you not to touch them, na. Now I will have to re-check and re-grade all of these.” “Sorry Fuggi.” He apologized.
“If you were that bored, you could have watched a movie.”
“Everyone’s busy and it’s no fun watching by myself.” He replied. “Thought to take a nap, but even the bed is occupied.”
“Why don’t you sleep on the sofa then?”
“On the sofa?” He asked, sounding not too happy about that. Pragya nodded.
“Okay, fine.” he said.

Abhi lay on the sofa, while Pragya graded and re-graded some papers.
She looked really tired, Abhi thought.
All day at school, lesson plans to complete, papers to grade, planning a party….and now he had just added to her work load by interfering with her test papers.
Maybe I should help her so she could get some rest, he thought.
Yeah right Abhi!. Do you really think she would let you help her after what you did?
Well it was worth a try!
“Why don’t I help so you can finish alot faster.” he offered.
“No thank you” she replied.
“What’s the matter? Can’t I help you?” he asked.
“You’ve already helped me enough.” she said.
“Come on. Fuggi. I know you’re tired.” he said.
“I’m fine.” She replied.
“Pleasee let me help you.” he pleaded. “I promise I will follow your instructions.”
Pragya wasn’t so sure about this. He might just distract her.
Abhi sensed her hesitation.
“I already said I was sorry na.”
Pragya thought about it and then gave in.
“Ok, fine.” she said. “You can help.”

They worked through most of the night.
They graded exam papers first, with Abhi finding humor in some of the answers.
“Is this kid for real?” he asked, showing the paper to Pragya.
Pragya frowned.
“Abhi, will you just grade the papers!” she said to him. “I have alot more work to finish.” Abhi’s expression changed.
“Okay fine.” he said and continued looking over the papers, but after a while he started again. “Abhi!” she shouted. “If you’re not going to take this seriously, then please leave it!”
“Okay, sorry sorry.” he said, putting up his hands defensively.

After marking papers, Abhi helped Pragya plan her lectures for the rest week. I don’t know how she does it! Abhi thought. This is alot of work!
By the time they were finished, Abhi was beat!
“Thanks for your help.” she said to him as they were clearing the bed.
“Yeah. The next time you thank me for helping you, I will lock you out on the balcony.” he warned. Pragya laughed.
Abhi didn’t like being thanked for helping, especially by his family and friends.
Actually they all felt this way. It made them feel like a stranger you were supposed to thank for every little thing. Usually Pragya adhered to this, but she was so relieved to finish her task that completely escaped her. “Sorry. I forgot.” she said grinning at him.
“Ok. Time for sleep.” Abhi said.
“You go ahead. I have a couple of things to do first.” she said.
“No” he replied.

“No?” she asked. “What do you mean by no?”
“Fuggi, it’s almost three in the morning. You’re tired and you have to get up in a coupe hours. Anything else you have to do, I’m sure it can wait.” he said. “Yes, but –” She tried to speak, but Abhi cut across her.
“No excuses, young lady. Bed time.” He ordered.
“It will only —” she started again.
“No excuses!” he repeated more firmly this time.

“Fine” Pragya replied grumpily and marched over to the sofa.
She would just wait until he felt asleep and get up again.
“Don’t even think about waiting till I fall asleep to sneak out of here.” he said, as if reading her mind. “I’ll be watching you till you start dreaming.” Good thing she didn’t talk in her sleep, else Abhi would realise most of her dreams were about him! “Close your eyes, Fuggi” he commanded.
Pragya scowled.
He could be so infuriating!
“And stop thinking about how infuriating I am!”
Was he psychic?

“Yes I am!” he replied to her thoughts.
What th-?
“Enough thinking now. Go to sleep!” he said.
Pragya closed her eyes, but Abhi knew she was still awake.
She just kept them closed to let him think she was asleep.
When she felt he wasn’t watching she would open her eyes.

After a little while, thinking Abhi might be asleep, Pragya opened her eyes.
“Close it!” she heard him say.
He was still awake?
“Like I said, I’ll be watching you till you start dreaming.” he reminded her.
“Huh!” she huffed out childishly and Abhi chuckled.
She had no choice now but to go to sleep!

Pragya closed her eyes once again and after a couples minutes, she fell asleep.
Sensing she might no longer be awake, but still wanting to be sure, Abhi uttered her name. “Fuggi?” Abhi called.
No answer.
“Fuggi” he said again.

Still no answer. She didn’t even stir.
Guess she was really sleeping.
Finally reassured that she was resting, Abhi settled fully into bed and went to sleep.

Hi guys? Surprised?
I’m sure you weren’t expecting me this early lol.
So finally we are back to Abhi and Pragya.
This is basically a filler episode, cuz I’m still working on where to go with this story…so sorry if it was boring.

Thank you:
Mythili, Bhavani, Saranya, Rabul’s Girl, Reshma, Rithu, Suhani, Di, Tajh, Anjali,
Vigan, Rabul and Lopez.
And all the other commenters of the Akna/Rabul chapters.
You all are the best!

Ok time for me to head out now.
Hoping to be back soon with another update.
Till then take care and don’t forget to let me know what you guys thought of this episode.
See you later…bye!

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