Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 41

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Episode 41

For the very lovable and extremely patient Rabul’s Girl 😉 …enjoy!

After reaching Bulbul’s house, Purab suggested she get her things while he spoke to Sarla Maa, you know, to save time…or so he said. Bulbul rolled her eyes at him and then headed inside with Purab following right behind. They greeted Sarla Maa and before Bulbul could tell the story Purab sent her to pack.
“Pack?” Sarla Maa asked confused.”Where are you going?”
“I’ll tell her” Purab said. “You go!”
Bulbul was tempted to tell him she wasn’t going anywhere with him!

Why was he taking her anyway? She wondered as she made her way up the staircase.
And why was she even listening to him? Then she realised Purab probably felt responsible for her.
Whether it happened unintentionally or not…they were married and Purab took his duties seriously. How hard was it to find someone who wanted to be with her?
Not because he wanted to further his business aspirations…or out of a sense of duty, but because he loved her and couldn’t imagine his life without her.
Guess that was too much to ask! She thought grimly.

As much as she loved Purab, she couldn’t spend her life with him because he was trying to rectify a mistake. She didn’t want a marriage…a life…based on pity and forced responsibility. Relationships like that tended to crumble in no time.
She would make Purab realise that this wouldn’t work. With that thought, she gathered her things and headed downstairs. Well, what choice did she have? Purab wouldn’t leave without her anyway!

They arrived at Mehra Mansion, a little while after, and Dadi and Pragya Di came forward to meet them. On the way over here, Purab said they needed to tell Abhi, Pragya Di, Akash and the others about their marriage. Why on earth would he want to do that? Bulbul wondered. They hadn’t even discussed this yet. She didn’t bother to point it out, though.
Purab had supported her always without question and she would do the same for him… “Purab…” Dadi said.”We’ve been waiting for you.”
“Where is everyone?” Purab asked, not realizing Bulbul’s hand was still in his. “Abhi is upstairs, video-conferencing with sponsors for his next show.” Pragya replied. “….and the rest are in the back.”
Dadi turned her gaze to Bulbul.
“And who is this lovely young lady?” she asked looking at her, noticing the sindoor in her hairline. Purab’s friend was married, she thought. “Dadi…Pragya Di…this is –”
Before Purab could finish his sentence, Pragya said, “Bulbul, right?”
Bulbul nodded.

“Nice to meet you, Beta” Dadi said. “Actually…Dadi” Purab broke in, not wanting to waste any more time. “Um…we have some news.” “What is it, dear?” Dadi asked, wondering what it could be.
Purab had hoped he could break the news to the entire family at once, but after seeing the curiosity on Dadi’s face he decided to tell her first. “Um…I…we…that is Bulbul and I…um…” Dadi, Di and Bulbul were giving him weird looks.

Oh come on, just spit it out, man. Purab scolded himself. Why are you hesitating?
“Dadi, Bulbul and I got married.” he said in a rush.
“What?!” Dadi exclaimed, but Pragya wasn’t that surprised by the news.
From the moment she spotted the sindoor in Bulbul’s hairline, she already guessed it was something like this. “Dadi, I can explain…” he said.
And together he and Bulbul tried their best to do just that…
Well, only the edited version of today’s events. He didn’t want to shock Dadi with stories of their drunken night.
When they were finished, Dadi nodded and then stood up and left.
Purab felt a little hurt by her action.

“Purab, I’ll go talk to her.” Pragya said.
“No Di” he said. “I will talk to her.”
He glanced at Bulbul, who nodded, before heading toward Dadi.

“Dadi, I’m sorry” Purab said as he reached Dadi’s room.
Dadi was busy searching in her cupboard for something. “…but I thought that it was the only solution at the time.” Dadi turned to face him and held his hand.
“Purab, I’m not angry with you, Beta.”
“You’re not?” Purab asked surprised.
“Her parents were forcing her to marry for their own gain. You just did what you thought was right. ” She said. “I’ll admit, it wasn’t the way I had envisioned you getting married… and I’m a little disappointed we weren’t there to see it, but what you did was really noble. You saved her life from getting ruined.”

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“It’s not only that Dadi…” he said.
Dadi looked at him.
“I love her.” he admitted.
Dadi smiled.
“Then I guess you made the right decision, then.” She said, patting his cheeks.
She brought his head down to hers and planted a kiss on his forehead.
“I’m so proud of you, Beta and I’m glad you finally found your love. But will you both do something for me?” “Sure, Dadi..anything.” he replied.

“Fuggi!” Abhi shouted as he ran downstairs. “Have you seen my phone?”
This Abhi na! Pragya thought shaking her head. Always misplacing his things.
“Where did you leave it?” She asked.
“Fuggi, if I knew that, I wouldn’t need to ask you.” he retorted.
Pragya stuck her tongue out at him and Bulbul grinned at both of them.
“Hey Bulbul!” he said as he moved past her to reach in front Pragya. “I remember talking to Purab and th–” He stopped in mid-sentence.

“Bulbul! What a pleasant surprise!” he said, turning back to her. “What brings you here?” “Bulbul got married.” Pragya said to him.
“You got married?” he asked. Bulbul nodded.
“And you didn’t invite me?” Abhi said disappointed.
“Actually, it was a kind of spontaneous decision.” Bulbul responded. Both times, she said in her mind.
“Oh. Well, Congratulations!” he said smiling at her.
“Thank you” she replied.
“Is it Suresh?” he asked carefully.
Bulbul shook her head. “No, thank goodness.”

“So who’s the lucky guy?” he asked, a little relieved she didn’t marry a creep like Suresh. “Her husband is speaking with Dadi.” Pragya answered with a smile. Why would Bulbul’s husband be speaking to Dadi? Abhi wondered.
“Is it someone we know?” he asked curiously, looking from Pragya to Bulbul.
Both girls nodded.
“Extremely well.” Bulbul said.

“He considers me to be his sister.” Pragya said
Abhi was even more confused.
Bulbul’s husband…who they know extremely well… considers Fuggi to be his sis—…
Then his eyes widened as his brain clicked into gear.
“Purab?! You married Purab?!” Abhi exclaimed in shock.
Both Bulbul and Pragya nodded once again.
He remembered Purab saying he had some news to share…but even he wasn’t prepared for this! “How…when…why..?” he asked puzzled.

Bulbul was about to explain when Dadi and Purab came back to them.
Purab spotted Abhi who looked like he was in shock.
Catching his attention, Purab signed to him that he would explain everything later.
Abhi nodded.

Dadi turned to Bulbul and took both her hands in hers. “Beta, I am happy that my Purab has found someone to share his life with.” she said. “Marriage is not easy, dear, but I have full confidence that you and Purab will love and stand by each other, even through the troublesome parts, and turn this relationship into something beautiful that will also be an inspiration to others.”

Bulbul felt a bit awkward at Dadi’s words.
Who knew where her relationship with Purab was headed?
“Just like Mitali, Pragya…and Rachna who will be married soon to Akash, you too are a daughter-in-law of this house.” Dadi continued. “We want you to think of this home as yours and be comfortable. We are all your family members here.” After having been gifted a pair of gorgeous bracelets by Dadi, which was tradition in the Mehra family, Bulbul was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed.
Dadi had given her so much happiness and love in these few minutes, than her parents had most likely given in her entire life!

Dadi had called the Mehra clan in and explained everything to them.
They all congratulated Purab and Bulbul, giving their best wishes.
Dadi then announced that Purab and Bulbul will get re-married.
Bulbul turned to Purab in shock.
When Dadi had first told him her idea for another wedding, he had been taken aback by her request.
He really didn’t see that one coming.
He tried to refused but the thought of seeing him getting married brought so much happiness to her that Purab didn’t have the heart to tell her no. It’s not that Purab didn’t want to get married to Bulbul again…he did.
He would marry her a hundred times if he had to, but Bulbul already thought that their marriage was a mistake.
Then he realized it wasn’t such a bad idea after all…. If Bulbul thought that both times was a mistake, then this time, he’d make her believe it was for real… Third time’s the charm, right?

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There were so many arrangements to be made, but Dadi was confident that they would get everything done on time! From the caterers to the decorating committee… it’s like she had all wedding staff on speed- dial, reserved especially for last minute occasions like this.
Plus, there was the added upside of being related to Abhi the Rockstar!

This must be some kind of record, Purab thought.
Getting married three times in three days!
He knew Bulbul must be baffled by all this, but he would explain it to her soon.

Baffled didn’t even begin to explain what she was feeling, Bulbul thought.
How did they manage to get themselves entangled in another wedding ceremony?!
Purab went to try to explain things to Dadi..and ended up arranging another wedding!
Wasn’t there a law against this kind of thing?

If there wasn’t…there should be!
All were listening intently as Dadi called out final instructions to the Mehra clan. “Purab and Bulbul will not meet till the wedding.” Dadi said lastly. “Both of you will stay here, but separately.” What?! Purab exclaimed in his head. How was he supposed to talk to her if they couldn’t meet! “Dadi…what is the need for all this…?” Purab asked. “No arguments.” she replied. “You will have the rest of your lives to talk to each other…one night apart won’t kill you.”
It might, Purab thought.
“Purab’s Uncle, Aunt and the rest of the family will arrive tomorrow morning and will make preparations to welcome the bride.” Purab nodded in agreement.
He was happy that his family would be here to share this day with him, but what about Bulbul? He was sure her parents would not agree to come after the drama at the temple.
Then he remembered the most important person in Bulbul’s life…

After instructions, the entire clan sat down to dinner.
Purab tried to sign Bulbul to meet him after, but it was all in vain as the family members kept interrupting them.
Then afterward, Dadi then took Bulbul with her while Purab ended up explaining the full story to Abhi, Akash and Pragya. “And now she’s behaving really weirdly!” Purab said frustratedly as he ended his story. “And why wouldn’t she?” Pragya stated. “You told her you were sorry about everything!”
“I wasn’t talking about marrying her!” Purab said. “I was talking about all that happened with her parents! But I didn’t get to finish cuz somebody chose that moment to call…” he said looking directly at Abhi.
“Sorry dude.” Abhi said with a chuckle. “How was I supposed to know you were in the middle of a serious conversation.” “I have to talk to her.” he said. “Dadi won’t let you meet her till the wedding.” Akash reminded him. “And her spies, Indu and Swarna Dasi, will be watching you and Bulbul like a hawk.”
Purab had forgotten about both Daasis.
He sighed.
What was he going to do now…?
“We’ll just have to distract them.” Abhi suggested.

Pragya laughed.
“Those ladies are sharp as a tack. We’ll never be able to distract them.” she said. “Even if we managed to, it wouldn’t be for long.” “We have to try something.” Abhi said.
They formulated a plan and then set off to implement it.

Something fishy is going on here, Dadi thought to herself.
She, Indu and Swarna were sitting in the hall listening to Akash, Abhi and Pragya talk about some more people they should invite for the wedding. She told them to invite whoever they wanted, but yet, they still kept blabbering on. “Dadi, I also think we should invite Mrs. Mohit and her family.” Akash said, and then saw Abhi and Pragya saw glaring at him. Mrs. Mohit? Dadi thought. Was Akash out of his mind?
She hadn’t been on speaking terms with that woman since she got angry because Dadi refused her proposal for Raj to marry her characterless daughter.

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“Oh! Sorry Dadi, I forgot.” he said quickly. What were these three up to? She wondered. She looked at Indu and Swarna who wore the same expression she did.
Then she realized…Purab was missing.. “Alright you three…your game is up!” Dadi said sternly. “Where is Purab?”

Bulbul was sitting on the bed in Pragya’s old room,thinking of Purab and then remembering the betrayal of her parents and Suresh. Suresh she didn’t care for…but her parents stooping to such a low level…
Kidnapping your own daughter? Who the hell does that? The door opened, interrupting her thoughts, and she saw Purab. “Purab? What are you doing here?” she asked as soon as she saw him. “We need to talk.” He replied, closing the door behind him. Bulbul nodded.
She had been thinking alot and realized they wouldn’t be in any of this mess if it wasn’t for her. “I’m sorry.” she said.
“For what?” he asked.
“We wouldn’t be in this situation if it wasn’t for me.”
“Why would you even think like that?” he asked. “We both –”
“If it wasn’t for me insisting that we play that wedding game… and then you having to save me from Suresh…” she interrupted, “… then we wouldn’t be here now.”
Here was exactly where he wanted to be…with her.
Why did she have to make it sound like a bad thing?

“Look, Bulbul, I—”
He was about to explain to her what he meant earlier today when someone entered the room.
“So this is where you’ve been hiding!” she said to him. “Didn’t I say you can’t meet her till the wedding?” “Yes, Dadi, but…”
“Come on, out you go!” she ordered, pulling his arm. “The bride needs to get her rest before the big day tomorrow.” Bulbul watched as Dadi escorted Purab out of the room.
Well, so much for their plan! Purab thought.

Ten minutes later, Pragya came in to bid her good night and to see if she needed anything. “I’m good, Di” she responded. “It’s okay if I address you as Di, right?”
Pragya nodded.
“Sure.” she said and Bulbul smiled.
“Tomorrow, you and Purab will officially start your new lives as husband and wife.” Pragya stated. “Nervous?”
“Right now, I’m not not sure what’s going on with Purab and I. His behavior confuses me, Di.”
“What do you mean?” Pragya asked.
“Purab told me that he regrets everything that happened.” she explained. “If he regrets marrying me, then why is he agreeing to all this again?” He doesn’t regret marrying you! Pragya wanted to say. He loves you… Should I tell Bulbul everything? Pragya wondered. Or should I wait for Purab to talk to her?
“Or is he going to continue this marriage because he feels responsible for me?” Bulbul went on. “Why do you think he’s doing it?” Pragya asked.
Bulbul stared blankly at her. “Purab is the sweetest guy in the entire world.” She said to Bulbul. He may not have much experience when it comes to girls and relationships…but his heart is in the right place. Just give him a chance.”
Pragya continued.

“You need to talk to Purab.” she said, deciding to let him handle this in his own way. “I think there might be some misunderstanding between you two.
Pragya saw the confused look on Bulbul’s face.
“Think about it.” she said, before heading toward the door. “Good night.” “Good night, Di” Bulbul responded.

Misunderstanding? Bulbul thought after Pragya left.
How could she have possibly misunderstood what he said? She replayed the scene in her mind and just as she remembered, Purab had said he was sorry and regretted everything that happened… So what misunderstanding was Pragya Di talking about?
Was there something she knew and wasn’t telling her?


Yeah I know this is not the ending…
Like I said before, I got a little carried away with the writing and now instead of two updates it has been split into three..hahaha.
It will end soon I promise.
Next one should hopefully be updated by tomorrow.

Hope you all liked it!
Till next update…take care!

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