Kambaqt Ishq – Episode 37

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Dedicating Purab and Bulbul’s story to Rabul’s Girl…hope you enjoy it!
Episode 37

Purab walked into Mehra Mansion with Bulbul by his side, both visibly nervous. What would Dadi say? He wondered.
And what would the others think?
These people meant the world to him.
They were his family and he would never intentionally hurt them. But….
Come on Purab! he said to himself.
They’re gonna find out sooner or later.
It’s better they hear it from you….

Bulbul stood at Purab’s side.
She could sense his nervousness. Hell, even she was nervous!
Except for Abhi, this was her first time meeting the Mehra family….
Be brave, girl! She lectured herself and then held his hand.

Purab felt her hand connect with his and he looked at her.
She nodded, silently lending her support.
He really needed that right now, he thought.
He smiled and walked with her further into the hall.

Bulbul saw two figures coming down the staircase.
This must be Dadi and Abhi’s wife,”Fuggi”, she thought. Purab told her that Abhi had given his Di that nickname the first week she came to live with the Mehras, after her mom died…and somehow it had stuck.
He couldn’t remember Abhi ever using her real name since then.
“Purab!” the older woman exclaimed happily and they went forward to greet them. Well, whatever the outcome now, Bulbul thought, they were in this together….


On Purab’s insistence, after the boat party, Bulbul had called her parents, to let them know she was okay. Mr. and Mrs. Mishra put their daughter on speakerphone so that they would both be able to talk to her. Bulbul had apologized to them for running away like that, and stated afterward that there was no way she could ever marry Suresh. Her parents had then started their boring lecture, listing a million and one reasons why they thought he was a good match for her. But Bulbul didn’t care.
She wanted no part of him. “You might not like him now, Beta, but soon you will learn to adjust and then you —-” her mother said. Bulbul couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
“Adjust?” Bulbul asked, interrupting her mother. “I will never be able to adjust with someone like him, Mom!” “But –” her mother tried to speak.
“If trying to talk me into marrying Suresh is all you are going to do, then I suggest we end this call here.” Bulbul said. “When are you coming home?” her dad had asked, trying changing the topic. “I don’t know” she replied. “If I return, you will only force me to accept that idiot.”
“We only want what’s best for you , darling.” her mother said.
“I may not always know what’s best for me, Mom, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Suresh.” she said. “You haven’t even given him a chance.” her father said.
“And I’m not going to.” Bulbul replied.
“Look, dear, you know this marriage is important to us and to the Company…” her father said. “And for that you’re willing to trade your only child?” Bulbul said. “You didn’t even ask once if I was okay with this!” ” I think you’re overreacting a bit!” her mother said firmly. “Overreacting?” Bulbul exclaimed. “….I was ambushed with a surprise engagement in the middle of the ocean!” Her parents said nothing.
“Don’t you even care about what I want?” She asked in a pleading tone. They still said nothing.
Bulbul couldn’t take this anymore so she used their silence as an opportunity to cut the call. “Ok Mom and Dad…I gotta go, bye!” she said quickly and hung up.

Purab who had heard only her side, could have guessed the exact conversation between them. He saw her tear-filled eyes and pulled her in for a hug.
He didn’t know what had gotten into him.
They had just met and yet here he was already hugging her. He had just wanted to comfort her so badly, he didn’t even think about whether she would object to it or not. Luckily, she didn’t.
She just put her arms around his waist and buried her face in his shirt. “I’m sorry” he whispered into her hair.
“For what?” she mumbled. “You didn’t do anything.”
“I know, I’m just sorry you’re going through this.” he said softly.
“Thanks.” she mumbled again.
After that they spent the whole night talking…. about themselves, their lives and their families. Purab felt a strong connection towards her.
Like this was the girl he was waiting all this time for….
Don’t be stupid, Purab! He scolded himself. You’ve only known the girl for a few hours!
After spending time together, Purab then dropped Bulbul to her friend’s house.

Two weeks later, Bulbul returned home, after her parents promised to drop the whole marrying Suresh nonsense. And so far they had kept their promise, which was a good sign and she could relax a bit now. Purab had called her a couple times to make sure she was okay.
He was a really sweet guy and she liked him alot.
She still couldn’t believe she cried in front of him!
She usually wasn’t the crying type, but that phone call with her parents had somehow gotten to her. When he’d hugged her, she had felt so safe…and so happy…
She wanted to remain in his arms…but she knew had to let go cuz they couldn’t stay like that forever now, could they?

With Purab still in her thoughts, she grabbed her purse and car keys and headed off to work.
Purab sat in his office at Khanna Promotions, contemplating what to do.
One of his company’s clients, Mr. Oberoi, had invited him and a guest to their annual New Year’s Eve party. Usually he attended this party with Abhi, Pragya Di and Akash but all were extremely busy.
Abhi & Di were out of the country for a concert and Akash was busy with Rachna…even Aliya was busy taking care of Dadi. Purab decided to skip the party this year.
He picked up his phone to respectfully decline the invitation, when someone’s image entered his mind…..Bulbul. Should he ask her?
Since their first meeting at the boat party, he had spoken to her a couple times… just to check up on her. Yeah right, Purab!
You know you called because you like her!
He dialed her number and waited…
Bulbul who had just arrived home after her shift was over, saw Purab calling and smiled. “Hello?” she answered.
“Hi…Bulbul…it’s me, Purab” he said.
“I know it’s you, Purab. My cellphone has caller id.” she replied smartly. “Well good for you.” he retorted smiling. “Listen, there’s something I need to ask you…”
“Are you going to propose?” she teased. “Because I have to tell you…. it’s not proper to propose to a girl over the phone.” Purab laughed at her silliness.
“Never!” he replied in a dramatic tone. “A romantic guy like me wouldn’t even dream of proposing to a beautiful girl like you over the phone.” he replied.
“Romantic guy, huh?” she replied. “Well Mr. Romantic, what can I do for you?” “Well….actually….there’s this party a client of mine is having….. and….” his voice trailed off. “And?” she prompted.
“And…I would like you to…go with me.” he said, finally getting out the words.
Bulbul smiled.
“Are you asking me out on a date?” she teased.
“Yes” he answered without thinking, then said, “No”
“Which is it?” she asked confused. “Yes… or No?”
“Yes” he replied.
Purab then closed his eyes and braced himself for her response. Bulbul smiled from ear to ear.
“So will you go with me?” he asked when she didn’t reply right away. “Yes, I would love to go on a date with you.” she replied. Purab breathe a sigh of relief.
“So when is it?” she asked before he could say anything. Purab gave her the details and told her he would pick her up at eight in the evening.
She agreed and then they cut the call.

“Eeeeeekkk” Bulbul shrieked out loud as she got off the phone.
My first date…. and it’s with Purab… which was so awesome! she thought. He was so smart, sweet, caring…and he had the cutest smile.
He was also very hot, she added…which made it even better!
This was gonna be so much fun!
Then she stopped…
OMG! What should I wear? She asked herself and then ran off to her room to select an outfit.

Purab relaxed in his office chair.
Wow! he thought.
She said “Yes”….she actually agreed to go to the party with him.
Not just a party, he thought. But a date!
His very first date!
He smiled thinking of her.
She was sweet, beautiful…so full of life.
He wanted to be around her all the time.
Her personality was so infectious!
It was like being around a kid who was hyped up on candy.
He was thinking of hiring her at his company, but then she told him about her job as an RJ.
He knew her voice sounded familiar.
She had changed her name to “RJ Rose” to hide her identity…and to avoid stalkers etc.
Well, atleast this party gave him a chance to spend some time with her.
But till then…back to work, Purab!

Purab and Bulbul arrived at the party.
They were greeted by their host.
“Purab! Glad you could make it!” he exclaimed. “And who is this lovely young lady?” “This is Bulbul, my friend.” Purab replied, introducing her. “Nice to meet you, Bulbul.” The old man said.
“Nice to meet you too, Sir.” Bulbul replied. “Your home is really beautiful.” she said, taking in the lovely gold and white decorations. “Thank you, my dear.” he said. “Glad you like it.” After talking a little more, Mr. Oberoi said, “Well you two enjoy yourselves while I meet the other guests.” and then left.

A waiter passed offering them champagne, which they both declined, choosing to have juice instead. Afterwards they mingled with some of the other guests.
“Purab!” someone shouted and he turned toward the voice.
“Mr. Ambani!” he answered. “Nice to see you again!”
“Same here, my boy!” he said cheerfully and then looked toward Bulbul. “And I see you’ve brought your lovely fiance with you.” he said. “Hello again, my dear.”
“Hello Sir.” she replied, immediately recognizing him. This is the Uncle who held the boat party some weeks back.
Even after all that alcohol, he still remembered her as Purab’s fiance.

Their host who had been passing nearby heard Mr. Ambani address Bulbul as Purab’s fiance.
“Why didn’t you tell us you were engaged!” Mr. Oberoi said happily. “Congratulations to you both!” And then he hugged Purab and wished Bulbul.
Purab was about to open his mouth to correct him, when the other guests crowded around to offer their good wishes. Bulbul looked over at Purab and mouthed the word “Sorry” to him.
If it wasn’t for her lie on the boat, then none of this would have happened….actually it was really Abhi’s fault. He was the one who had told Mr. Ambani.
“This calls for a toast!” Mr. Oberoi said, handing Purab and Bulbul each a glass of champagne.
They accepted the glass hesitantly giving weird looks to each other.
“To the happy couple!” Mr. Oberoi said and the crowd echoed his toast.
“Thanks everyone” Purab replied.
Well, what else was he supposed to say?
He was not going to be the one to tell them they were not engaged….well atleast not right now. And neither was Bulbul, judging by the expression on her face. Soon everyone dispersed, and they were left with Mr. Oberoi and his wife.
“Darling” he said to his wife.
“Why don’t you keep this lovely young lady company, while I borrow her fiance for a little while.” “Ok dear” she replied. “You two gentlemen have fun!”
Purab looked in Bulbul’s direction silently asking if it was ok with her.
Bulbul nodded and then he left with Mr. Oberoi.
“My darling” Mrs. Oberoi said to Bulbul. “Come with me.”

Purab searched for Bulbul, a little while later.
Mr. Oberoi had dragged him off to the bar for a drink.
He really wasn’t planning on drinking tonight but their host had insisted.
Purab gave in but stated he would have only one drink and Mr. Oberoi had agreed. He scanned the area, but she was nowhere to be seen.
This was supposed to be their first date and yet he’d hardly spent much time with her. He stopped a girl who was passing by.
“Excuse me” he said. “Have you seen Bulbul?”
“Bulbul?” the girl replied in a questioning manner.
“Yeah…ummm…she’s my…fiance” he said. “Our engagement was announced earlier…” “Oh right” she said. “Sorry, I haven’t seen her.”
Purab smiled at the girl and thanked her anyway.
She smiled back and said. “If I had a fiance hot as you, I would never leave your side.”
And then she winked at him.
Purab’s eyes widened.
Was she flirting with him?
“Would you like to dance with me?” she asked boldly.
“I’m sorry” he declined politely. “I need to go look for my fiance.”
“Just one dance” she pleaded. He just wanted to know where Bulbul was, that’s all.
Instead he was stuck here with this girl who thought it was okay to flirt with someone else’s fiance. Granted, he and Bulbul weren’t actually engaged, but she didn’t know that now, did she?

A little distance away, Bulbul fumed looking at Purab.
Here she was, waiting on him and he was taking his leisurely time talking and smiling with some girl. Judging by what she was seeing, it looked like they were flirting with each other. She couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy.
He was supposed to be on a date with her…. yet he was flirting with that…that…
She was so angry couldn’t even think of a word right now…maybe later she would come up with one. She didn’t really drink, but she definitely felt like it right now.
She saw a waiter passing by. She stopped him and grabbed a glass of champagne. The waiter looked in amazement as she drank the whole thing in one go.
She coughed slightly afterward. “Ma’am are you ok?” The waiter asked.
“Yes” she replied “Thank you” and grabbed another glass and then went on her way…

After declining the girl’s offer, Purab was still looking for his date.
He didn’t know where she was… he even searched outside. Then he heard that familiar voice…
He turned toward the stage area and saw Bulbul with the microphone in her hand. “HELLO ERRYBODY!” she said happily, her words a bit slurred. “I’M…BULBUL!” Was she drunk? Purab asked in surprise.
“Hi Bulbul!” The crowd responded.
Then he thought, Nah…Bulbul doesn’t drink. “YOU ENJOYING THE PARTYYY?” she asked, to which the crowd answered “Yeahh!” “ME TOO!!!” she exclaimed excitedly. He walked closer to the stage area.
Bulbul spotted Purab walking through the crowd.
“LOOK ERRYONE! IT’S MY FIANCE, PURAB!” she said, pointing toward him.
OMG! She was drunk!
But how? he wondered. Who gave her alcohol? “HI PURAB!” she said loudly and waved to him.
Purab hesitantly waved back.
She turned her attention back to the crowd.
“SHALL I SING FOR YOU?” she asked them sweetly.
“Yeahhh!” they cheered.
“OOOOKAAYYY!” she shouted.
Sober Bulbul was already too much to handle….
Drunk Bulbul was going to create havoc! He had to get her off that stage!
Before she could sing her rendition of the song ” Ladki Beautiful Kar Gayi Chull” from Kapoor and Sons, Purab ran up on stage and gently tried to take the microphone from her.
He covered the top of it with his hand to prevent the others from hearing their talk and then whispered into her ear, “Bulbul, can I have the microphone, please?” She gave him a stubborn look at first that said she wasn’t giving it up, but then she slowly let go of it. Phew! That was close! Purab thought to himself.
For a second there he thought she would have fought him for the microphone.
With one hand around her waist and the microphone in the other, he addressed the gathering. “If you guys don’t mind, I would like to steal my fiance away for a dance now.” he said to the crowd.
“Awww” was their only reply.
“BYE ERRYBODY!” she said, waving to them and they waved back. He passed the microphone back to the musician and escorted Bulbul off the stage.
As soon as they exited the stage, Bulbul stopped, remembering that she was angry with him. “I don’t want to dance with you” she said.
“Why not?” he asked.
“I don’t like you” she said childishly.
“What?” Purab asked, not understanding.
Then he realized, Ohh… she must be angry with him for leaving her this long.
“I’m sorry” he said, softly caressing her cheeks.
“It’s okay” she replied.
“May I have a dance with my beautiful fiance now?” he asked looking at her. Bulbul smiled and nodded at him, then he escorted her to the dance floor.
They danced a couple of fast, upbeat songs and then the pace slowed down a bit and the soft sounds of ‘Raabta’ from “Agent Vinod” began to play.
Purab put both hands on her waist while Bulbul placed both hands around his neck as the voice of Arijit Singh played in the background…

“They say that in this life, God has made someone for everyone…
Meeting you is His sign, believe me, that I am made for someone like you..
There is surely some connection I have with you….
How should I know…what do I know?
But there is certainly some connection I have with you…”

As they swayed to the romantic beat of the music, Bulbul spotted the girl Purab was talking to earlier looking at them and she pulled him closer to her, hugging him.
“You okay?” he asked softly into her ear and Bulbul nodded.
“So…” he asked, “When did you start drinking?”
She tried to estimate the time in her inebriated state, counting on her fingers behind Purab’s head, but her brain wasn’t working properly. “A little while ago” she replied instead. “Why?” he asked softly.
“Because you were…”
No Bulbul…don’t! her mind stopped her. Don’t tell him!
Why not? she questioned her hazy thoughts.
Because he would think that you were jealous! Her mind reasoned.
“Because I was…?” Purab urged, when she didn’t speak further. See Bulbul? This is why it’s not good to drink alcohol. If you were sober, you would have kept your mouth shut! What will you tell him now? She tried to come up with an answer and could think of none. “Purab! Look! A mistletoe!” she lied, trying to divert his attention. But before Purab had a chance to look up, Bulbul smashed her lips against his!
Purab froze…but only for a second before he started responding to her kiss.
He couldn’t believe it!
He was kissing Bulbul! Or was Bulbul kissing him?
Doesn’t matter, he thought.
They were kissing each other!
He had wanted to do this since the first night they met…and it finally happened! Thank you, Mr. Mistletoe!
As the sound of applause filled the air, Purab slowly lifted his head to look at her, while she buried her face in his shirt, not believing that she actually kissed him.
“Bulbul, I —-” he started to say, but before he could finish, they were interrupted. It was the same girl from earlier…
What the hell does she want? Bulbul wondered.
“May I cut in?” she asked sounding polite, but Bulbul knew better.
“No! Go away!” Bulbul responded in a mean tone of voice. “Bulbul!” Purab scolded. “That was not nice.”
Bulbul looked angrily at Purab.
She couldn’t believe he had scolded her.
She turned to the other girl and said, “He’s all yours”and left them there.

What?! No! Purab thought. He didn’t want to dance with this…this…vixen.
He wanted to be with Bulbul.
But instead she’d just left him here.
He only scolded her cuz she was being extremely rude.
Would it have killed her to refuse politely?
Bulbul was already slightly drunk…and thanks to him, now she was angry….again. Great going, Purab! He scolded himself.
He apologized to the girl and then he left her alone on the dance floor. Now, which direction did Bulbul go in?

“Are you ok?” A voice called from behind as she was making her way outside. Bulbul turned.
Wow! He was cute! She thought in her drunken state.
But my Purab is waayy cuter…
My Purab? Bulbul asked herself. Where did that come from?
He was not her Purab anymore.
He scolded her for that…that…fiance stealing girl! “Yeah, I’m fine.” she replied to the stranger.
Then an idea came to her mind…
Before he could say anything else, she spoke. “Come with me.” she said and pulled him.
“Where are you taking me?” he asked.
“You’ll see” she said and took him over to the bar.
She ordered tequila shots for both of them.
“Tequila?” he asked, surprised.
He wasn’t so sure about this.
She already looked a little intoxicated.
“Do you know” she said to him, “I’ve always had seen people on TV drinking it or having it at my parents’ parties, but now…. I want to try it.” “I don’t think that’s such a good idea—-” he said, but then he saw her saddened expression.
“Okay fine, but you have to promise me that you will try only one, ok?” he said. “Promise?”
Bulbul thought about it and said “Okay, I promise” “So what’s your name?” she asked.
“Can’t tell you” he said.
“And why not?” she enquired.
“It’s top secret.” he whispered to her.
Bulbul rolled her eyes at him. “Yeah, right.”
“I’m serious” he said.
“Really?” she asked.
“Nah, I’m just playing. My name is Kunj….Kunj Sarna.”
Bulbul hit his shoulder lightly and laughed. “And you must be Bulbul” he said knowingly.
“How did you know?” she asked.
“You told everyone your name when you were on stage.” he said.
“Ooohhh” she replied, not really remembering.

The bartender brought their shots and they each took one….with lime and salt.
Kunj raised his shot glass and Bulbul followed. “To the coming year…and to your engagement!” he toasted, remembering the day he and his wife, Twinkle, got engaged. “Cheers” Bulbul responded.
First the salt….then the shot and afterwards the lime.
“So where’s your fiance?” he asked after taking their drink.
She wasn’t as drunk as he first thought, but he still wanted to make sure she was safe with her fiance before he left. “With his girlfriend” she said sadly.
“His what?” Kunj exclaimed in surprise. “I’m sure you’re mistaken.”
He knew Purab…they were old school friends and now they were business associates.
He definitely wasn’t that type of guy.
He was a “one woman” man.
“No, I’m not” she said and then went on to explain.

While she was talking, Kunj noticed a figure standing behind them, a very serious expression on his face. Purab! Kunj gestured for Purab to trade places with him, while Bulbul was carrying on with her story.
Purab whispered thanks to him and then Kunj left.

Purab sat next to Bulbul listening to her talk on and on, not even noticing he was sitting next to her. She turned at that moment and saw him.
“What are you doing here” she asked, looking around. “And where is my new friend, Kunj?”
“He left.” Purab said. “Where’s your girlfriend?” she asked moodily. Purab knew she was referring to the girl from the dance floor, but chose to ignore that part.
“Right now, she’s sitting here, a little angry at me.” he said, trying to lighten her mood a bit.
But it had no effect on her at all.
She just glared at him and then turned her gaze the other way.
“I don’t wanna talk to you” she said childishly. “I’m sorry” he apologized. “I shouldn’t have scolded you.”
Bulbul didn’t reply.
She didn’t even look at him.
“Bulbul…” Still no reply.
“Ok, tell me, what do I have to do to make it up to you.”
That had got her attention and she turned to face him.
“Go on…” she replied.
“Anything you want me to do, I will do it” he said.
“Really?” she asked innocently.
Purab nodded.
Bulbul sat there thinking about his punishment. “You want me to dance on stage…or take off my shirt…no problem” he said, joking about the taking off his shirt part. Bulbul thought about those two ideas and then shook her head.
Girls would only stare at him….and she didn’t want Purab to scold her again for being rude. Finally, she thought of something. “You have to…take ten shots of tequila” she said.
Purab’s eyes widened.
“Ten?!” he exclaimed. “Oh come on, Bulbul. What childishness is this? Be reasonable.”
Bulbul’s face fell.
“Never mind” she said and then she turned away again from him.
“Here’s the deal…I will do three. Is that ok?”
She turned back to face him.
“Five” she countered.
“Four” he negotiated again. She shook her head.
“Ten” she said, raising the number again.
This girl was really stubborn!
“Ok fine” he said, giving in to her childishness. “Five” “Ok, done” she agreed.
Remind me never to scold her ever again, Purab said to himself.
“Five tequila shots, please” she said to the bartender.
“And for you?” Purab asked.
She shook her head.
“I promised my new friend, Kunj, that I wouldn’t drink anymore tequila shots.” she said obediently. Purab smiled and then ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail for Bulbul.
The bartender served their drinks.
“Ready Purab?” she asked smiling mischievously.
“Ready” he said, making a face before he started downing his drinks one by one….
Bulbul watched in amazement as he drank all five.
OMG! Purab thought shaking his head.
I haven’t had these many shots at once since Akash’s birthday party at the club two years ago!
Bulbul threw her arms around his neck and Purab held her waist to steady her.
“Thank you” she said in his ear. “And I’m not angry with you anymore.”
She let go of him and sat back down in her seat.
They were then joined by their host and Mr. Ambani.
“Purab! Let’s have a drink, my boy!” Mr. Ambani said. He tried to decline, saying he already had enough to drink, but they wouldn’t hear of it. And then those drinks he took turned into more and everything was pretty much a blur after that…..

Precap: Purab and Bulbul’s story continues…

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