Kaise hua? How did it happen? Part1 AbhiGya PraNbir MishBir SidRhea

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Kaise hua? How did it happen? Part1

 Thank u very much for the cute cover pages Sameena Shanu.


A  college…

Prachi was walking in the corridor.Suddenly a boy pulled her to a side.She was stunned.Seeing his face slowly she smiled.

Prachi:Ranbir..you scared me.

Ranbir:Why to get scared?Who has the guts to even touch you?

Prachi smiled.

Ranbir took a ring from his pocket.

Ranbir:This is for you my sweety.It’s not costly.But still…

Prachi smiled:This is so beautiful. The cost does’nt matter,the giver matters.So this is very special for me.

He smiled.He slipped the ring onto her finger.She smiled.

Suddenly Professor Abhishek Mehra came that way.Seeing him,Ranbir and Prachi became nervous and moved away from each other.To their surprise,Abhi held their hands and joined them.

Abhi:Loving someone is not a crime.Especially if its true love and I have observed your true love for each other.

Prachi and Ranbir smiled.

Abhi:But focus on your studies now.After establishing your career,you both can unite forever.

Prachi-Ranbir smiled and said:Sure Sir.

Abhi smiled.



Pragya served dinner for her daughters Rhea and Prachi.

Rhea:Maa,you know today Abhi Sir’s class was excellent.

Prachi:And Abhi Sir…

Pragya:Wait..wait..these days after the new professor joined your college,you both are talking only about him.Did you guys break up with Sid and Ranbir?Because now a days instead of talking about them ,you both are talking only about that professor.

Rhea:No Maa.We are still together.It’s just that after along time instead of boring classes we got to attend interesting classes.In everyway he is the best.Now he is our friend too.That’s why he is different from all other teachers.

Pragya:I know that there is no break up.I was just joking.

Prachi:Maa,we want to tell you something.But don’t say no.

Pragya:Ok.Say….I won’t say ‘no’.

Prachi hugged Prachi:Thank you Maa.

Pragya:What is the matter?

Prachi:Rhea,you say na..

Pragya smiled:Ya..say.

Rhea was a little bit tensed.

Rhea:Maa,Abhi Sir is not comfortable with the place he is staying.He wants a comfortable place to stay.So we both told him to shift to our outhouse.

Pragya was stunned:What?

Prachi:Maa,you promised that you will not say ‘no’.Please let him stay in our outhouse Maa.

Rhea:He will pay rent.He said so.


Pragya and Rhea became happy:Thank you Maa.

Pragya:But I will observe him for some days.If he is a trouble maker,I will send him out.

Prachi:That will never happen Maa as he is the best.

Pragya smiled.



A cute girl was cooking in the kitchen.Her husband was helping her in the cooking.They were romancing and cooking.

She:Abir,I am so lucky to get a life partner like you.

Abir:Mishti…I am also lucky to get a life partner like you.

Mishti:Only a few people like us are lucky to get a happy married life.Look at papa.He loved mumma so much.But mumma left him.After I got married,he became alone.He did’nt stay with us though we forced him a lot.Now in Mumbai,he is again alone.

Abir:Don’t worry about papa.He may find his true love.

Mishti:In this age?

Abir:Why not?Age is not a barrier to find true love.

Mishti:I wish he finds true love.I don’t want papa to live single forever.


After the college hours got over,Prachi and Rhea took Abhi to the outhouse.

Prachi:Did you like the house Sir?

Abhi:Yes,it is very nice.

They smiled.

Prachi:We were worried whether you will like it or not.

Abhi:I won’t get a better house.

They smiled.

Abhi:Where is your mother?

Rhea:She is working in a school.She will be back soon.

After Pragya reached,Prachi and Rhea took her to the outhouse to make her meet Abhi.

Abhi opened the door.

Prachi:Sir,this is our mother Pragya.

Rhea:Maa,this is our Abhi Sir.

Abhi smiled:Nice to meet you Pragyaji..

Pragya:Nice to meet you Abhiji…

Prachi:Maa,Abhi Sir loved our house.

Pragya smiled.

Pragya looked at Abhi:Are you alone?Your wife and children…

Abhi:My daughter is married.

Pragya:And your wife?

Abhi:My wife and I got separated years back.After that I did not get married.

Pragya’s face became dull.

Pragya:Why did’nt you get married again?

Abhi:I waited for my ex-wife to return.But….

Prachi and Rhea became sad for Abhi.

Prachi:Our Maa is also alone like you Sir.She and our father got separated years back.

Pragya became upset and went out.

Rhea:Maa gets emotional if we talk about our father.Guess she misses him.We don’t know what exactly happened.

Abhi felt sad for Pragya.


Mishti rang up Abhi.

Mishti:Hi papa,are you alright?

Abhi:ya..today I shifted to a new house.My students’ house.I met their mother.She is also a divorcee.I feel that she also had a painful past.

Mishti became emotional.

Mishti thought:Poor lady!

She and Papa are alike.Did God make papa  meet her for a reason?Will destiny bring them closer?

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