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Hello everyone. I knew this update is little bit late..sorry for that..so let’s move on to story…
Ab;is because of that you have me new name…angry bird…abhi smiles..
Pr;this is not good to hear someone talking something personal..
Ab;actually I came to talk with you..at that time I hear all this.. but…. tell me why you gave me that name..
Pr;because you are just like that..
Ab;what you mean?and comes forward and get closér to her..pragya moves backward..abhi holds her hand to stop her and the touch the part of hand which was hurted by him..he softly touch at that part…

Pr,don’t be sad…iam perfectly fine..its not paining at all..
Ab,why you tell lie to chiku ..when he ask how this happen…
Pr;if he knew about the truth then he will kill you .because no one in the world can love me as me as chiku and look at abhi..
Ab;are you sure about that..
Pr;of course..
Ab;pragya will you give me a chance to love you..pragya look stunned by the words which come from his mouth…

Ab;pragya will you be a part of my life..will you be my hope.. Will you be my life..i don’t knew when this feeling came to my heart but I feel something different with you..my heart always tells to stay with you..whenever I see chiku with you .i feel jealous for your love for him..pragya will you accept me in your life.. he kneels down and forward his hand.. pragya smiles and placed her hand on it…both look at each other…
Pr;abhi where are you lost…what happened to you..when he hear pragyas Voice it was at that time he realised what happened is his imagination..
Pr;are you thinking about something..

Pr;what s that..?
Ab;actually…vo ..vo sarlamaa ask me when I was leaving as she has to fix a date for shanthimuhurtham..pragya Whats this shanthimuhurtham mean?
Pragya get tensed..
Pr:how can I explain him what does it mean..is he really don’t knew about that or reading teasing me..
Ab;pragya are you there..

Ab;then tell me..
Pr;abhi don’t play with me..i knew you are teasing me..
Ab;no yaar..really I don’t knew..

Pr;actually this shanthimuhurtham means first night..
Abhigya look at each other  and lost..
Ab;oh acha..but pragya what s the need of fixing a  date for that ?
Pr;what ?
Ab;haa..we will do it as we are interested or not n.a… or according to our mood..
Pr:chee..and turns her face..
Abhi placed his hand on her shoulders and turns her to his side.. now both are looking face to face …abhi can see her nervousness in their closeness..
Ab;chashmish will you accept me as your husband not for your family but for you..i will not let you to cry..i will always make you happy …willnot allow anyone to hurt you..not only them..but also me too..
Pragya get teary eyed…

Ab;chashmish I don’t knew what happens to me..when I was with a you.. I feel everything as different I feel calm and peace..when i look into your eyes..only feeling that coming from my heart is love..when I hear your  non-stop bak..bak.. your innocent love for my dadi..iam sure that I will not get anyone better than you..but you will get because Ian worst…pragya placed her hands on his mouth..
Pr;don’t say so..i knew you are not the one who seen outside.i knew how lovely…caring person you are..when I see your love for dadi..iam sure that I can’t get anyone better than you..
Ab:but chashmish…

Pr;no ..but..and that …i accept you as  my husband and that’s it..and hugs him..
Actually abhi really get surprised by her sudden action …surprisingly..really…are you ready to wear the tag of Mrs.abhishek PREM MEHRA..
Pr;already I was under that tag..so no problem..abhi to hugs her..(kaisa yeah ishq Hain plays)
Both stands like that..abhi feels so happy because he feel his life is meaningful or complete with her..when her arms wraps him..
He feels that this is the most safe place for him..
Ab;thanks alot chashmish..and kissed her forehead..pragya break the hug and look at him…
Pr;for what this thanks ?

Ab;for waiting for me this much years..otherwise I willnot get such a shield..
Ab;the shield when I get when you wrap your hands around me..
Pragya blushes..
Abhi placed his hands around her waist..
Ab;so now..i can tell a faster date to Maa n.a…
Pr;why do you have any concert in coming days..
Ab;no..but I have mood for that..
Pr:chee..and beat on his chest..

Abhi pulls her close..
Ab:dont you…???
Pragya blushes..
Ab;some one is blushing here..
Pr;abhi leave me..
Pr:look it’s too late..maa will ..
Ab;Maa will..are you trying to escape From me..

Pr:no…she pushes him.and runs down..abhi too follows her..
Pragya bumps with sarla..both falls down..
Sa;arey pragya what happened to you..because of you I too falls down..is this age to play like this.. Abhi smiles at her…abhi holds sarla..
Ab;pragya what have you done..is anything happen to Maa.. so..
Pragya look at him in anger..abhi smriks..
Ab;Maa.. come and sit..shanker came..
Shanker ;what happens to you sarla..
Sa;ask your beti..

Ab;uncle..actually pragya bumps with sarlamaa and both falls down..
Sh;pragya what is this yaar….
Shanker takes sarla to her room..
Pragya angrily leaves to her room..abhi follows her..

Episode ends…

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