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Hello everyone.. hope you all enjoy my story so let’s get back to story..
By smilingly…pragya moves  from window…after sometime..
Abhi is really feel bored…he peeps through window to see her..but he can’t see her any where..he feel sad..suddenly he noticed that pragya going outside..
Ab:she is going out..where is she going…why don’t she call me..what is the need of her to call me n.a… Abhi comes out…and thought to follow pragya..pragya is going in front where as abhi is following her..
Ab;where this chashmish going..chashmish..thats really nice name right..ha ..ha..suddenly pragya turns and abhi hide near a tree..
Pr:why I feel that someone is following me..
Ab:oh god ..just escape..if she had seen me what will I tell.
Pr;may be I just feel like that..but..i thought it is he..may be it’s because as his thoughts are running through that..

Pragya again continue her path..abhi folows her..suddenly
Ab;where she is gone..just now I have see  her here..is this chashmish vanished..suddenly someone tap on his shoulder..
Abhi turns and sees pragya
Pragya is in action of raising her left eyebrow..in an action of questioning why are you here..
Abhi smiles sheepily..
Pr:what are you doing here..
Ab;I just came here to see this place..
Pr;oh is it..but it just like that you are following me..
Ab;following you…
Pr;hey rockstar don’t try to say a lie..i knew you quite well..
Ab;ohoo..you knew better than me..
Pr;yes..i knew about rockstar very well..but I don’t knew about abhi inside you..
Abhi look confused..
Pr: I knew very small details too about rockstar..but why can’t I understand the person in you..why are you hiding yourself in the shield of rockstar…
Ab;pragya you don’t knew anything about me…iam not good for you…iam not an apt person for you..if you have knew we’ll about me then you will be the person who hates me most..
Pragya holds abhis hand..and make him follow her..
Ab;to where are you taking me too..
Pr;don’t worry I will not kill you..that sure..
They reach near an old house..

Ab:pragya…dont do this to me…what i said is truth …dont punish me by getting into this ghost house..abhi shouts for help…pragya started to laugh aloud…
Pr;are you serious ..do you feel this as ghost house…
Ab;chashmish please don’t do this to me..
Pr:abhi just shut up..she pulls him and enter the house..it was so dark..because of that he get feared and screams..suddenly lights on…abhi look surprised by the scene In front of him…it was full of his posters ..articles…photos which he pose with girls..everything..
Pr;now tell me that I don’t knew about you Rock Star.. abhi look through a bundle of magazines where articles about him..his personality of roaming with different girls are written..
Abhi look at pragya..
Pr;at that time I told you that that photos are my maas collection because my collection about you are here in my old house from where I shifted to that house…which become reason of our destiny…if I haven’t change my place.. .i will not meet your dadi..no if I behave bad with dadi..then she will not like me right..
Ab;no one can’t hate you..everyone will start to like you  at the moment they see you..

(Kaisa yeah ishq Hain plays)
Abhigya share an eyelock..
Ab; pragya….
Pr;so…whats your opinion now..
Ab;pragya..after knewing everything  about me too..you still feel that we both have to give chance for this relation..
Pr;abhi…i don’t knew how to tell you about this..in every persons life there is a destiny return by God.. if someone are destined to be ours then it will happen..
Ab;do you are telling that we are destined to each other..my destiny is for you..
Pr;that I don’t knew..
Ab;then what you mean..
Pragya smiles…
Ab;you didn’t say anything..
Pr;abhi..i don’t knew about our destiny.but I can’t see my parents as sad…i will do anything for being them happy..but for that I can’t do hell with your life what ever you decide I will agree for that…and is this rockstar image is making to step backward.then I want to tell you that I am not married to any rockstar …i married to abhi..and whatever other tells about you doesn’t affect me..only what I feel for you affects..i knew that rockstar is an imaginary mask for you for doing something….
Pragya turns to move..
Pr;one more thing.. I don’t knew what I feel for you..dont knew how I can be with you..iam in a confused world..only you can take me from there..
Pragya goes…

Abhi standing still there..
Ab;what all things did she tell now..is the meaning of what she tells the same..or did she tell something indirectly…couldnt understand anything..is girls are really confusing or it is they are…
While all this thought abhi back to home…
Abhi is sitting on couch thinking about what pragya says …suddenly his thoughts get interrupted by chiku..
Chiku;hey rockstar where did you go with my darling..
Ab;to a secret land.
Chiku (angrly):who you are to roam with her .
Ab;her husband…(suddenly that word slipped from his tongue…by knewing  or unknowingly)
Is I really started to consider it as real or not…
Chiku;hey rockstar…where are you lost.. look I hate to see you with my darling.. .she is mine and mine only…
By hearing that abhis nose get read in anger and jealosuness which he can feel too..
Ab;what is happening to you abhi…why you feel for her..did you start to call for her..are you taking her to part of your life…

While in this thought process..abhi didn’t see chiku has leave already.. .
Screen shifted to pragya..
Pr;are you mad..dont you what you blabbered In front of him..are you in out of sense at that time..what is the need of showing all this to him at that moment. Why you suddenly blast out when he is going to say no to all this…did you really love him..suddenly pragya see another pragya In front of her..
Another pragya…yes you love him madly..thats why the things which you hide from others shown to him…thats why you get hurt when he tries to say no…pragya you really madly love him…and disaperes…
No it can’t be happen..no I didn’t love him..i only fear about him..as I want to leave from my parents.. I did all that just to protest myself from going with him…you are always like this pragya..with multiple personality..sometimes you become innocent as you knew nothing about him..sometimes you are like you knew him well…oh god…why he is disturbing  this much..
Screen shifted to abhi..
Ab:why she is disturbing me this much…

Episode ends

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