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Sorry friends..after a long time iam updating this..i wont make you all wait long for this..as it’s going to move on to its climax..so now each day i will be here with its update..so lets move on story…

Pr:arju..look why are you saying so..its not your mistake arju..i knew how much you love and take care about abhi and bulbul..so there is nothing to be worry…there is no mistake in your side .

Ab;yes arjun…you are right..whatever you did is really great…what make you to hide all this fact is that..it will hurt me..so..just stop this topic here…and we make everything fine..

Ar;thanks alot pragu…its all because of you..now i feel realaxed.iam really feeling jealous for you abhi to have such a wife..really you are lucky man..

Ab;hey look dont eye at my fuggi ..she is mine only..

Ar;oh my jealousy baby..i dont want her..just keep as her yours ..he push pragya towards abhi..abhi catch her in arms..so good night and have a romantic night..

Pr;aju…just stop yaar..i want to tell something..expect a surprise from my side tomorrow..not only for you..also for my abhi..

Ar;what surprise pragu??

Ab;yes fuggi..just tell me..

Pr;hey idiots..i told you na..its surprise then how can i say..

Ab;fuggi..you are calling your pathidev as idiot..

Pr;sorry abhi..idiot ko..aise call kartha hein…

Ar;anyway iam excited for it and waiting too..so good night guys..he leaves..pragya close the door..abhi hugs her from back..

Pr;oh my sweet pathidev..i knew now you are trying to findout about surprise by showering love..but this fuggi wont fall in your trap..

Abhi make a pout..

Pr;look abhi this too wont work here..abhi take his hands from her and sit on bed…pragya just tie her hairs and Change herself into nightwear and reach near bed ..

Oh my rockstar..is that anger now…look my sweet baby na..my love …you dont look handsome at this anger..i only like love sick abhi..

Hey ..dont try to butter me ..

Is iam buttering you abhi..i just saying truth na..

I knew fuggi…you havent love me as before..my girlfriend fuggi loves me lot and havent hide anything from me..but my wife fuggi is bad..she have no feelings for her husband..

Oyye..abhi..dont behave as a child..just switch off that light and lie on this bed..

No i wont..if you feel sleepy you can sleep..i will sit here only..

So you decided right..

Yes fuggi..

Pragya just pull his hand and make him fall on her..but she didnt knew that he will fall in such a way that will gave a kiss on her cheek..

Abhi giggles ..oh my fuggi..if you want kiss from me you can ask me directly na..iam ready to give you anything..

Hey dramebaaz ..just stop your drama and just lie down on bed..
Abhi switch off the light and lies beside her..

Fuggi…have you slept  ..

No abhi..

Fuggi..we must go to temple tomorrow before leaving…

For what abhi..??

I want a protection…

Protection ???for what??

Everyone is eyeing at my fuggi..for that only..
Pragya lightly hit on his chest with his hand..

Iam telling truth only..


Ha..i just stopped that…

Abhi..tomorrow we are going to start a newlife..after that only happiness will be there..

Oh..that mean our first night is on tomorrow..wow that really nice..


Ok madam..you continue..

Abhi..i dont knew that if i can reach upto the level you all expect from me as a wife, bhabhi and daughter inlaw..but i will try for that..

Fuggi..dont you feel bored of this melodrama..


Ofcourse fuggi…do you always ladies are best in it..

You..just stay away from me..pragya turns to opposite side..abhi hugs her and make her turn…

Fuggi..you are always my best..my love and reason of my life ..i love you lot fuggi…

I love you too abhi..both hug each other and slowly  falls in sleep thinking about the new phase of their life..

Pragya slowly wakes up when sunrays tickle on her face and body..she just smile and look at abhi..

Abhi..abhi..just wake up..look you are locked me inside your hands..i cant move now..

Who told you to move fuggi…look now you are in worlds safest place na..

Abhi..just keep this romance and everything for todays night..and just get ready soon we need leave..

Abhi in all excitment jumps from the bed..
Are you serious fuggi..can we do romance at night??but your wish…

Pragya go was going to enter the washroom just turn and says..it will fullfill today smiles and enter..

Abhi shouts back..how..

Just surprise suniye..

Look she is hiding everything in the name of surprise..anyways iam waiting for it…abhi smiles..


Everyone get ready and leaving outside with lugages..
Pragya ,shanker and sarla are crying..

Ragini;look sarla,dont take tension about her..we will take care of her and she is like my daughter only..

Neil;yes shanker ..we will take care of her..and our place is too not far you can come there..

Dadi;i have told them to be part of todays wedding party but..

Sa:we cant came na..thats why..

Bul;my di…why are you crying look we all are there na..me..arjun bhai..purab..even look here your pyaari pathidev..oh my god..his eyes too wet because of you..
All started to laugh..

Ab;bubble i will see you afterward..

Bul;ofcourse meri bhai.as i have my army…

Ab;your army

Bul;di..arjun bhai..puru..

Ab;fuggi..which side you are..

Pr;sorry to say suniye..in this case iam on her  side..

Ab; this is not fair..

Everything is fair for you cheater..everyone look at that direction and get shocked…

Episode ends..

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