Jo bhi kahenge log tum sirf meri hai abhigya ts part 5

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Abhi was getting ready humming a tune he was excited to propose his lady love he was setting his hair n got a call he attended it n was happy he said thanks say me the name he said Anna home he disconnected the call n said so many surprises huh n went in his car he picked up pragya who was dressed in red saree with pearl studs n hair let loose with curls with a minimal makeup n her chasms she was looking cuter abhi was staring at her pragya said look road n drive n slightly blushed abhi took her to Anna home n took her in she could see lots of kids playing n two girls fighting she remembered her sis bulbul abhi kneeled down saying pragya u filled colours in my life will u keep filling that colors in my life till end I love u pragya said I’ll think about it Abhi said what n stood up pragya hugged him saying yes all enjoyed with children n time to cut the cake all this while a girl wearing a blue chudi with her face covered in a dupatta was staring them abhi said children come its my wife’s birthday let’s celebrate it all sang happy birthday to u happy birthday to u di even that girl too.pragya cut the cake she.was about to feedabhi when abhi.said u first give this to ur sis bulbul pragya was shocked abhi signer that chudi girl pragya went n hugged her n took her hood she.muttered bulbul

bulbul was unable to Control so she hugged her sis n cried her heart saying dii pragya slapped her n said why u decide to die stupid bulbul said aaliya forced me too she found out me Now n threatened to kill purab n u n.jiju di if I come so I.stayed here di abhi said mera pyaari saali I have a gift fr u n moved aside purab came n hugged bulbul n said bulbul was my love that much weakkkk that u didn’t spoke to me on that day I met u bulbul said no purab our love is always Strong purab said why why u left me I was living because of my promise to unite di n bhai or I would have di..bulbul gesture no pls don’t say abhi said okk all come let’s go home bulbul said buttt..abhi said I know II already made police arrest aaliya n tanu so let’s stat our colourful life abhigya went leavingpurbul Alone .pragya asked.abhi why he loves her this much what if world.say something against abhi said Jo bhai kahenge log tum surf meri hai pragya tum sirf meri hair n hugged her pragya too lied on his chest holing for a by bright life.

Guys I’m ending it pls post both ur positive n negative views n support ur choti friend n di guys pls bye to this shot Jo bhi kahenge log tum sirf meri hai.bye meet u all with another shot

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