Jo bhi kahenge log tum sirf meri hai abhigya ts part 3

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Here goes the last first shot

Abhi woke up in a excitement to meet his lady love he was wearing a dashing black shirt with blue jean with wrist bands n dogtags he was looking handsome.
Few hrs before abhi was searching a dress as that as soon as seeing him in that dress nikitha should immediately fall in love with him.he messed up his room later he called purab to help him as soon as purab entered his room he began laughing n teased abhi saying today’s headlines the charming rockstar abhi is confused at what to wear to impress his lady love abhi threw a pillow at him saying stop ur bakbak n help me first first purab suggested him a black coat suit abhi said I’m not going to any board meeting pls purab then purab took a orange formals abhi said nooooo yuk I’ll look like an sulking orange noooooo.then purab showed a pink shirt abhi said pink is only fr girls puru so a big noooo purab then showed him a dark pink abhi said I’m not a panchumuttai seller okk so next purab was frustrated as abhi was rejecting all the dresses like this.

purab said u urself search ur dress I’m going n banged the door .abhi atlast picked this outfit remembering once nikitha told him about how he would look good in his rockstar style n wore it it took him three hrs to pick this outfit
Here we can see a girl getting ready in a peach colour top n black jean n some hangings in her ears she was applying minimal makeup her face is not yet revealed suddenly some surround her saying di come soon let’s play n dragged her.
Screen shifts to abhi he descended the stairs like a real hero n got blessing from his dadi n said her that he’s going to bring her bahu dadis face went pale hearing that…..

Here purab was driving his car he felt bulbul why u left me he stopped near a beach n cried his heart out I fulfilled our promise come to me na pls bulbul pls I can’t live without u I’m literally breaking down come bulbul pls even sky was getting little bit duller seeing purab sadness n waves too were slowing
Uyire uyire piriyathe
Uyirre thuki eriyatha
Unnnai pirinthal ulakam kidaiyathe
Penna new varum munna oru bommai pola irunthen
Punnaghai yala mughavari thanthaye ye purab reminisce all his moments with bulbul n cries.

Here abhi too went while going he hit his leg on a chair he shouted Robin who kept his here he was not getting any response so he decided to keep it in storeroom n lifted it as he reached he was stunned to see many photos he took one n it was full of dust he rubbed it in his hands n was shocked to see pragya n his marriage photo pragya called him he said her to come home immediately pragya came home n searched fr him n again called him.

Abhi was reminiscing the pandit words a place where sunlight can’t reach ull find ur answer his thought was disturbed he saw nikitha name flashing on the screen he said her to come to storeroom pragya was feeling somewhat why he wants me to come storeroom.
Here that girl plays with children one girl says di my hand is bleeding n cried that girl said no Dr don’t cry we must face ur wounds not cry okkk n wiped her tears that girl said okk di that girl said very good ur my bravo na so smile that little girl smiled .the birds were chirping.

Here pragya enters the room and was shocked to see abhi crying she went near himhim consoled him abhi said pragya why u love me this much I love u too I realised it but I feel I’m not worth of ur love

Precap abhigya Union n abhigya to find bulbul.

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