I've never come across an imperfect woman, says Rapper Badshah

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News I’ve never come across an imperfect woman, says Rapper Badshah

MUMBAI: While achieving physical perfection is a key driving force for the young generation in the era of social media scrutiny, rapper and composer Badshah is making subtle statements through his songs on embracing uniqueness rather than seeking perfection.

Whether it is verses like Dekh tera rang ‘saawla’ hua baawla in the superhit Kar Gayi Chull, or Baby tu hai raw/Mujhe teri body ki har woh cheez lage sexy/Jo baakiyon ko lagti hain flaw from the song Tareefa. Somewhere, Badshah is talking about inclusivity as opposed to objectifying women, which is a common practice in Bollywood’s item song lyrics.

Asked if the subtle comment on embracing imperfection is a conscious effort from his side, Badshah told a publication, “Never have I ever come across any woman who is imperfect! They are unique. In fact, not just women, I would say no living creature is imperfect. God has made all of us in a certain way, and we are all unique. I see no reason to find fault in that.

“So, I can write lyrics like ‘…lagti hai flaw’, because there is no flaw! The imperfection lies in the way society perceives things. Trust me, the person

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