“It’s time to explore a new medium,” says Mridula Oberoi

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“It’s time to explore a new medium,” says Mridula Oberoi

Mridula Oberoi, who rose to fame with his stint in Yeh Hai Chahatein is delighted to make her digital debut. The actress talked about it in a recent interview and shared that she would still take on a new TV show.

Mridula said, “I’m an actor and would love to work and entertain the audience on any platform. OTT is a trending medium today and I’m blessed to enjoy the opportunity to make my debut in the medium with an upcoming series. It will help me connect with the youth. Earlier I enjoyed shooting for Bollywood movies and TV shows. It’s time to explore a new medium. I’m seriously happy about it.”

The actor also expressed her appreciation for the media while discussing her experience shooting for OTT versus TV. She said, “Since it’s my digital debut and I’m expecting higher from it. Not feeling pressured but surely more responsible to perform well. If I’m asked to draw differences, I can’t compare both mediums because both are different spaces of entertainment with different sets or audiences. But I would say OTT is more about the vision, it is deep and elaborated. The treatment of the shots is very well-defined and detailed. Actors have more liberty to perform and to be more candid, and natural and inputs are also considered. It is mechanically all performance oriented. I feel every actor looks for a chance where they are given the liberty to perform. This surely adds to the craft and makes it better each day.”

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The series also features renowned actors like Aneri Vajani, Ansh Bagri, Zeeshan Khan, Krip Suri, and Iqbal Azad. When asked about her future plans, she said, “Though I’m happy to debut OTT I don’t look for a break from TV. I got all the popularity from TV and I’m happy working for the platform. I’m open to taking up news projects on TV.”

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