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Hello everyone! Hope everyone is fine! Just like the title it’s been a long time I had wrote something. Sorry in advance for any mistakes!
It’s been a long time……..
Time is always the priority to everyone in their lives. Just like that I felt time is my top most priority in my life. With my times of youthfulness had passed, I have no time to see love now. But I didn’t know destiny felt it was the time for me to love!
I was walking along the streets. The time was around 9 pm. I had gone to my friend’s house and didn’t know time passed very fast. We were reminiscing about our childhood memories and times when we had lots of fun!
How I wish that time returns, and I can relive my childhood! I reached my home thinking about how time is irreversible. I sat on the sofa feeling tired of my walk. I could have taken my car to my friend’s house, but it was only one street away. Not only that, walking along the streets and enjoying the gentle breeze in the evenings is such a pleasant feeling to be experienced rather than driving the car alone.
I realized the lights were switched on in my room. That’s not possible. I am always very careful in making sure the lights are switched off.
I went to my room to switch off the lights. Much to my shock I saw someone sleeping on my bed covered with my blanket!
Without any thought, I pulled the blanket to see a person sleeping on my bed peacefully! That too with a smile on face!
I myself don’t sleep on my bed by smiling like this! I irked when the smile was getting broader and broader!
But I didn’t want to wake up someone who is in deep sleep. I have heard elders saying it is not right to do so. So I waited…….
I waited…..I waited and finally fell asleep on the chair.
When I woke up, I found myself covered in my blanket. But I was still sleeping by sitting on the chair.
“Sorry! I was in a trouble last night. I had nowhere to go…..”
I frowned in response. My house was not any deserted place or shelter to just come and stay without my permission!
“I will leave soon. My friend is coming here to pick me up. Until then, let me stay at one corner of this house. Please….”
Seeing pleas, makes my heart softer. I then gestured as ok by nodding my head.
I then made my bed and had shower. I thought by now the friend would have arrived to pick this unknown person! But no I was wrong!
Seeing me coming out of my room, the person looked tensed.
“I’m sorry, It’s taking sometime for my friend to reach here. I think it takes time to find this address!”
“How long will it be?” I asked.
“I am not sure……”
“Oh….I hope it’s sooner…..and do you want to eat anything?”
“Everything is also fine!”
I smiled inwardly at the response. I went to kitchen to see was there anything to eat. I found nothing except for a slice of bread.
“I’m sorry now. There was only a slice of bread to eat at home. So have it…..” I said.
“How about half of it? You can have the other half!”
I smiled in response had the half of the bread.
“You live alone?”
“How does it matters to you when waiting for you friend?” I asked.
It doesn’t matter in anyway….just to kill time, I asked that….”
“Well, I am not interested in responding to your question….” I replied.
“Cool! I am not very curious about how you live and all…..”
“Good for you!” I replied which made this stranger chuckle.
I am basically a person who likes to travel around but never came across the kind of architecture that’s in your house. May I know what style does this follows?”
“A fusion of Indian and Portuguese styles. It’s unique na?” I responded with excitement.
“Very unique….”
“Okay, I am waiting for your friend to arrive. After that only I can leave for work!” I said.
“I can see why you don’t want to leave me alone at your house. You are scared of me sleeping on your bed again right?”
Even though, I agree with it but I denied by shaking my head as NO!
I am very particular about my belongings and personal stuff. I don’t like sharing anything that belongs to me with others. Just a while ago, sharing my bread was an excuse in this case as I felt this person was very hungry. I am not that bad in terms of sharing things in need of emergencies.
“It seems you are in deep thoughts…..”
“Nothing much….” I said looking stern.
I waited patiently for the friend to arrive. Time was running and I need to be at work on time. Seeing my worried face, anyone could understand my worry of getting late.
“I’m extremely sorry again. Because of me you seem to be worried of getting late to work.”
“No worries. I can inform my superior of my delay to work.” I replied.
“But still….”
I smiled giving the assurance of being absolutely fine with what was happening and not worried about my delay to work.
Time passed and I lost the hope that the friend of this person would arrive. I stayed back at home and used my laptop to do work.
“I think I better leave now. I don’t think my friend will come here. Nobody wants to help me….”
“Listen I don’t know who you are or where you are from. But I can see you are new to this place. I feel that way, if not you wouldn’t have thought to leave now, you would have left earlier!” I told closing my laptop.
Yes you are right but didn’t expect my friend will never help me now.”
“You can’t trust anyone except for yourself. By the way, I can help you make the required arrangements. Where do you want to go?” I asked.
Silence prevailed and the person walked further away from where I was standing.
“Is anything wrong?” I asked with concern.
“Nothing, I was feeling bothered in seeking your help. Already I gave a trouble to you of staying here last night. Now again….”
“Well, it’s okay and don’t feel bothered. I will make arrangements for you to stay at a rental house, I know of.” I said.
As I said, I did and helped this stranger. I got to know that this stranger was planning to work here. I thought of making arrangements for job as well but it was strange for this stranger to tell me in advance that no help in regards to work have to be done.
Time passed as usual, now it was few months after the incident of helping the stranger. I never thought to meet this stranger again at my workplace.
“Hi! How are you?” I asked.
I don’t know why but my face turned bright seeing this stranger.
“I am fine….It’s been a long time seeing you! Thanks for the help! It was a timely help at that moment!”
“No problem! It was such a small thing that I did. Anyone would have done that!” I replied
I don’t think anyone would have helped a stranger without any expectations.”
“Alright. what do you do here?” I asked in curiosity.
Nothing much……leave that aside, I have something to ask you! Actually no! I have something to return you!”
I looked confused in response.
“Did you see what I returned?”
I didn’t see anything returned to me! What was this stranger referring to?
“I returned your happiness of seeing me after a long time!”
It’s true that this stranger made me feel happy after a long time. I was happy seeing this stranger. This stranger was a lively person who makes anyone smile.
“Where are you lost to?”
I was back to my senses and replied, “So how’s life going? I am wondering how time flies fast and now we even met at my workplace again!”
“Time always flies fast but you know, people can’t fly away from remembering times they have different experiences….”
I nodded my head in agreeing to what was said. It’s very true. I always wonder how times flies fast together with the thoughts of those times that I had different experiences.
“I don’t want to waste my time now. I have been missing the time of seeing you smile and helping me. After seeing you a long time, all I could think was how to see you again! This is strange, I felt you are my better half after sharing half of the bread with you! I am not forcing you to say yes or anything. Please take your time and I will be here only to wait for your response. And now I am sorry for wasting your time if you feel that way!”
Was I being proposed? Yes I was and that too at my office. Luckily, there was no one around as it was lunch time.
“You are kidding right?” I asked for confirmation.
No I am not! I am telling the truth! I still don’t know who you are but all I feel is I won’t waste my time by living with you!”
I was getting apprehensive of what’s happening now. I thought this stranger was decent. yes….this stranger actually proposed me decently. Following that day, I had a mental torture of making myself thinking in why I was trapped in such a dilemma. This stranger was such a nice person who gave me time to think of the proposal. This person was now in touch with me through messages, but I am not sure how much love, fondness and affection this person have for me.
I decided to test on that through a time test!
A few weeks later,
“I have few questions for you. If you answered them well, then I am ready to accept you as my better half!” I said casually.
This sounds like a test to be passed. Okay I am ready as long it is not wasting your precious time. I know how much you value your time.”
This person never fails to amaze me. This person was strangely aware of I consider time preciously. Coming back to the track, I started my time test.
“So your first question is when is the first time you felt that you are a nice person?” I asked looking straight at this stranger’s eyes.
“To tell the truth, I don’t consider myself as a nice person. In that case, it is difficult to answer your question!”
“How’s that possible? You behave nice to the person you propose and you didn’t give extra pressure to say yes to your proposal! You respect other’s personal space to come up with a decision. Isn’t this enough to say you are a nice person?” I said.
Well, it looks like this is my first time I felt like a nice person. Thank you and that’s my answer for you!”
I beamed at the response I got. I made this person feel a nice person! Wait! Was I being impressed with the reply! I shouldn’t feel this way as my test is yet to finish!
Next question please……”
“Oh…..back to the questions. My next question is at when was the time you felt you don’t deserve what you have in your life?”
“I never felt that way in any point of time.”
“NEVER EVER??” I asked in shock
Yes. There is nothing to be shocked on this. I always feel I get what I deserve based on how I have my approach towards life. For everything that happens in my life, something is responsible from my side. It doesn’t matter whether it is related to happiness or sadness. I just feel everything is deserved to be experienced and have a lesson to be learnt.”
“Wow! You are very optimistic!” I exclaimed.
“Thank you!”
I can’t remain impressed of the reply now. I felt like saying yes now itself!
“It seems I will be expecting yes to my proposal very soon!”
“What makes you feel that way?”
Obviously it’s your face! Your face that shows all kinds of excitement, amazement and awe moments of my answers!”
“Not yet, I still have one more question to ask!” I said.
“Just one more?”
“Yes! I have reduced the questions I thought to ask you.” I replied.
“Carry on!”
“If there is a time, that you have to lose me…..then what will you do?” I asked.
“Lose you? What do you mean?”
“It’s what you are thinking. Losing me forever from your life.” I said wondering what will be the reply I will get.
“I will lose you!”
“You will lose me? Does that mean your love is not strong enough to make me keep with you forever?” I asked feeling anger at the response I got.
It is not like that. It is strong enough to keep you with me. But if you want to leave me feeling I am not suitable for you, then I will lose you. I will not force you to live with me. I respect you and if you want to leave me then I won’t stop you. Other than this reason, I won’t lose you to even the God who created you!”
I was awestruck with this response! Oh god! How can I say no to this stranger’s proposal now! It’s impossible!
“Is it a yes?”
“I can’t say no!” I replied with tears welling up in my eyes. They were tears of happiness of meeting my better half.
But you know what? I know this will be your response. I wasn’t surprised.”
“Is that so?” I asked wiping my tears.
“Yes. Your expressive eyes have clearly showed me you like me. You had a minor confusion of whether to consider your liking towards me as love.”
“How do you accurately think about my thoughts?” I asked looking curious.
Because I don’t have any other thoughts apart from thinking about your thoughts!”
I grinned in happiness. How is that possible for this stranger spends time on thinking about my thoughts!
I have to admit that it’s been a long time of seeing someone thinking about my thoughts! The last time, I know of anyone who thinks about my thoughts was my Ma.
After her demise, I had no one who had the time to think about my thoughts.
I was feeling overwhelmed as I am now going to have someone like my Ma.
“Are you getting emotional?”
I nodded my head as yes.
“Alright then why not hug me? I will be able to calm you down.”
“I will be fine soon. Now tell me at what time we can marry?”
“At what time? Are we getting married today?”
“Yes! I said yes and everything is settled right? Let’s get married today!”
“Itna fast? Phew! I didn’t expect it!”
“I don’t waste time in accepting you as my lifelong love. So please agree to this.”
“This is very fast! We can’t get married at any time you think. To marry legally, you need at least a week to inform the registrar’s office! Even to marry ritually, you need a day in advance to do the required preparations for the marriage!”
“I don’t know all that! I want to marry you now if not it’s okay we have to forget about this and move on!” I said stubbornly.
“Okok! Wait let me make some call to arrange something!”
I smiled and then chuckled thinking of how this stranger was now feeling scared of losing me!
Seeing my stubbornness, I realized this stranger had seen another side of me. I am glad that it was made possible to marry on that day itself. This stranger did took my words serious and made arrangements to get married in a temple nearby.
Now it’s been a long time, I had revisited my past. Now we are into a strange marriage of life of not seeing each other. Yes we are living far yet very close to each other. Why are we living far from each other is still puzzle to us! It’s not the Ds that separated us. Ds means Death, Divorce or Distance. It’s Ls that separate us now. Ls means Life, Loved ones and Love. Will we ever reunite?
Stranger’s better half

How was this one shot? I know I have ended it with a suspense and that doesn’t mean there is a continuation to this. I felt like ending this way. This is what I can think of! A very simple story. It might be not up to the mark as I have stopped writing for nearly 2 months. Sorry for any mistakes in this. And thank you so much for all the support given previously and don’t know whether I will be able to come again here. My time is packed with loads of work. I will still try my best to come back and check on your comments and new stories updated here in my free time. It’s been a long time as the title of this one shot says. I did missed a lot of things here. Anyways, all the best to everyone who is writing here and Belated Valentine’s Day wishes to all my loved ones here. Good to see the changes in TU too ?
Thank you for all the birthday wishes too!
Good bye!

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