It's action time for Swara Bhaskar

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News It’s action time for Swara Bhaskar

MUMBAI: Actress Swara Bhaskar is undergoing action workshops with action directors to prepare for the role of a police officer in the crime thriller series “Flesh”.An Eros Now’s show, “Flesh” revolves around the global human trafficking industry and how a police officer takes matters onto herself.”It’s exciting and obviously intimidating as well. Brave and honest police officers are the real heroes of our society and it has been a real learning experience to know about the challenges and limitations within which cops in India operate,” Swara said in a statement.”I think that women in the forces – whether it’s the armed forces or law enforcement agencies – are very special because as a society we expect men to be protectors and enforcers and women to be providers. So female police officers are actually stretching the limits of traditionally prescribed gender roles and I find that very inspiring,” she added.According to a source, Swara also interacted with police officers who have worked upon human trafficking to understand the issue better.On performing action scenes for the first time, Swara said: “I am doing the action for the first time in my career and

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