Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 3 part 5

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Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 3 part 5
Hi everyone so sorry I have been so busy for the last months I haven’t had the chance to right I want to finish this season before vocation of my school so when in September I can do a new series or season 4 you get to pick

Ishita: there has to be a reason sonakshi said that
Shivanya: did she mean something
Khushi: what could she mean
Pragya: connection there is a connection with our lives
Raman: what could it be
Arnav: maybe something good
Abhi: something bad
Ritik: let’s think

Some woman is shown
Woman: long have I waited it’s been a long time they have returned they have returned to protect naagmani and their families they have returned
A snake grips the lady and takes her
She is a red snake
Red snake turns into Takshika
Woman: shesha
Takshika: I used to be shesha by the help of naagmani it Happened naagmani is still with us
Woman: not for long
Yamini enters with shagun sitara tanu
They all stab the woman so she doesn’t go spill the truth
Yamini: the truth is naagmani this stupid tanu by accident put it in a place and it went away the time has come it’s our time for naagmani and we don’t need anyone
Takshika: this time we can pick it up since it wasn’t put back at its original place
All vamps laugh

All the couples are thinking
Same flashback they get
Flashback starts
Ritik: Shivanya run
Shivanya:I can’t I’m pregnant I’ll loose my child
A woman and snake: pick up naagmani Shivanya no never

The snake goes
Raman: we have to protect our family
Ishita: yeah I know must
Pragya: let’s do this even if we die
Abhi: I’m in
Khushi: let’s get some chili powder
Arnav: let’s do this
All are ready
Flashback ends
All heads heart
Shivanya feels uneasy hearing naagmani

A snake is seen it’s Takshak naag king
Rocky is shown
Rocky: I want naagmani now
Takshika: rocky honey we will get it
Rocky: I’m sure we will or we’ll murder
Takshika: you know baby that we will since it’s not at it’s original place only that Shivanya could but now I can also since it’s in a chamber anyone can pick it up
Rocky: I love you shesha
Takshika: Takshika not shesha I love you too

Precap: All the couples meet a new person who reveals the truth
Naagmani appears

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