Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 promo

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Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 and a fresh start promo

A love story
Ishita: Raman I miss you
Raman: ishita
Ishita: Raman
Raman: ishita
Janam janam plays
They run toward each other but a wall blocks them

Hi everyone I’m sorry for lack of update I have always never thought of writing but now i have the thing is I don’t get a lot of comments and once someone said story is loosing its charm and also the comment the pairs story are the same we can just read the top and figure it out I need a break from writing due to school work I might be back next week with a bang and new twists I always wanted to write but I need a break since it’s hard to continue the story it’s hard to continue season 2 so season 2 finale will come but I promise season 3 a new story will be bigger. A fresh start I have decided to end it on the same day as it since I don’t know how to continue it’s story Season 2 of my fanfiction will be soon going through changes reaching its finale and season 3 will come A fresh start will be reaching its ending soon Sorry I will be back soon

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