Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 35 finale

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Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 finale part 35

Hi everyone I had to end season 2 for a season 3 I have been planning please comment today is the last episode of season 2

Raman: your a dirty rascal
Ishita: excuse me
Raman: you heard me
Ishita: shut up I don’t know you
Raman: like I know you
Ishita walks out

Shivanya: well don’t ask me anything
Ritik: why would I
Shivanya: shut up
Ritik: just be quiet
Shivanya leaves

Pragya and abhi also argue

Khushi and Arnav are seen arguing as well

A woman is seen
Shesha: yamini
Yamini: let’s go and get naagmani
Avantika: it’s time
Sitara and tanu agree

They go to the office
Yamini: call Shivanya or we’ll kill ritik
Shesha grabs ritik
Shesha: Shivanya
Everyone including ishita pragya Shivanya Khushi Raman abhi and Arnav come out
Yamini: I want you to pick up naagmani
Shivanya: never
Yamini: or we’ll kill ritik like we killed your parents real ones
Yamini laughs
Shivanya is stunned
Shivanya: yamini you have done enough
Shivanya transforms into a snake
Everyone is stunned except the villans
Shesha: if you want ritik you will come e
Shesha leaves
Yamini gets trapped by Shivanya
Shivanya: your sins will end
Avantika disappears to the place as well sitara and tanu leave while ishita pragya Raman abhi Khushi Arnav are shocked and can’t get over to see this happening

Shivanya: your sins have to end
Shivanya: shiv ji will give me power
Yamini: your powers are nothing naagin get ready to die
Yamini takes out a powder
Yamini: I got it from my brother
Yamini steals all of Shivanya power
Shivanya falls
Yamini caries a trush toward Shivanya
Wind blows and it flies away
Yamini is stunned
Yamini: ritik is back
Ritik: I won’t leave Shivanya alone
Yamini starts to hit ritik
Ishita: stop
All try to stop yamini but some force doesn’t let them
Shivanya gets a new avatar and picks up a trishul and stabs yamini repeatedly
Shivanya goes to the place
Shivanya goes toward naagmani and picks it up
Shivanya: you will never get it
Avantika tries to attack her but falls
All including shesha avantika tanu and sitara and shagun are thrown behind a wall

Time changes back to where we were
Shivanya: what happened
Shivangi: you probably did it we’re back in our time
Shivanya hugs Shivangi
Shivanya ishita pragya and Khushi are seen dying and watching their daughters
They breath their last
The next to the boys with their pictures are hanged with necklaces

After their death
The couples are seen walking toward the river with their partners ishra abhagya and rivanya and Arshi are seen together

After live reunites them with so many struggles

Sorry for the rough ending season 3 will begin soon Im planning a big twist
Season 3 will have our same pairs but new story I’m excited

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