Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 31

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Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 31
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Ishita: why did I have have this nightmare
Raman: hi ishita what happened
Ishita: I feel something bad will happen
Raman: when I’m with you nothing will happen
Ishita: I love you Raman
Raman: I love you too

Pragya: why would I see that
Abhi: don’t worry fuggi I’m with you
Pragya: abhi I’m just worried
Abhi: I love you pragya
Pragya: I love you too

Shivanya sees a snake comming toward her
Ritik pulls her and hugs her
Ritik: Shivanya
Shivanya: I love you I thought I would
Ritik: never say that I love you

Khushi: Arnav I saw something
Arnav: I love you calm down I’m with you
Khushi: I know you are
Arnav: I love you
Khushi: I love you too

The couple dance on Zaalima

Precap: guru is seen
Guru: i have a feeing evil vs good
Couple romance but strange feeling

Sorry for short update

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