Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 26

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Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 26
Hi everyone thanks for the comments and support so let’s begin and I have decided on a great storyline for this story soon the villains will have a twist you’ll see just wait and read and give support and jasminerahul the present track of it will show if naagmani is protected right this time and I have a whole story just wait and you’ll know

Shagun: our first plan will be to get them against each other
Shesha: or I can just turn into a snake and they will be gone
Tanu: yeah do that
Sitara: or I will kill them with a knife
Shagun: let’s kill them shesha your plan first
All Villans laugh

Raman recalls the incident
Ishita kisses him and leaves
Raman: Meri madrassan wait what am I saying why am I feeling for her
Raman: control yourself she kissed me why should I

Ishita recalls what she did and smiles
Ishita: I made that raavan lunar shut up and he’s cute if you think about it
Ishita reflection starts talking
Ishita: you love him
Ishita reflection disappears
Ishita: I do not what’s gotten in to me
Ishita smiles and sleeps

Abhi sees pragya next to him
Pragya: o honey I love you
Abhi: what you love me I love you more
Pragya and abhi smile
Abhi comes out of his amagination
Abhi: what’s gotten into you abhi control
Abhi smiles

Pragya is seen looking at abhi picture
Pragya: o he’s not that bad wait what am I saying he’s just a friend
Pragya smiles while looking at his pic

Khushi and Arnav meet
Khushi: why did you call me here on terrace
Arnav: I wanted to give u something
Khushi: what
Arnav kisses Khushi on the cheek
Arnav: see you friend
Arnav winks
Khushi and Arnav smile

Ritik sees Shivanya in his room on bed
Shivanya: aren’t you going to sleep today love
Ritik; yes I will
Shivanya: listen na I love you
Ritik: I love you more
Shivanya: no I love you more
Ritik gets closer and closer and falls on the bed
Ritik: there is no Shivanya here why am I imagining it
Ritik smiles

Shivanya recalls ritik holding her hand walking and smiles
Shivanya sees her hand
Shivanya: your touch made me blind
Your hand made me shy
You have been there ritik your mine
Shivanya: what am I saying have I lost it

Precap: shesha attacks all 4 ladies and tries to bite them ????suspense

Sorry for short update busy will update tomorrow thanks

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