Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 24

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Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 24
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Amma is seen worrying
Amma: why do I feel like something will happen to my daughters why o god help them
Ishita pragya and Shivanya come back home
Ishita: did our brother return from his studies
Pragya and Shivanya ask the same question
Amma: okay wait wait
A boy voice is heard
Did my sisters miss me
Arnav is shown
Ishita pragya and Shivanya run to him and hug him
Arnav: I’m back and have token the job at your office
Arnav touches amma feet and hugs her
Arnav talks to his sisters

Raman: ma did Khushi come
Abhi: yes ma did she
Ritik: we are waiting for her
Mrs. Bhalla is shown
Mrs. Bhalla: wait you too she will come
A girl comes and hugs her brother at once
Raman: Khushi
Khushi is shown
Khushi: o my brothers did miss me
Khushi hugs mrs. Bhalla
Mrs. Bhalla blesses her and hugs her and kisses her on the head

Next day
Raman: ishita let’s get to work not fool by talking
Ishita: when do I talk a lot you
Raman: o like I talk a lot
Ishita: Raavan
Raman: raavan im Raman
Ishita: Ravan
Raman: madrassan
Ishita gets angry and walks and slips
Raman catches her and they’d stare at each other
Yeh hai mohabatein plays

Abhi: pragya we have to work I know you like me but it’s not necessary
Pragya: I like you that’s not true maybe you like me
Abhi: o really
Pragya: shut up
Abhi: you shut up
Pragya: ahh I can’t deal with you
Pragya falls
Pragya: ouch
Abhi picks her up
They stare

Shivanya: ritik can you pass the file
Ritik: sure here you go
Shivanya holds the file
Ritik: Shivanya pass the pen
Shivanya gives it to him ritik holds her hand
Tere sang pyaar mein plays

Boss: you Arnav will be working with Khushi our new project
Boss leaves
Arnav: Khushi you here
Khushi: you I had enough of in college abroad I don’t want to work with you
Arnav and Khushi laugh
Arnav: what’s been up
Khushi: nothing

Precap: villains entry ( surprise villains they’re will be more than 4 villains) the couples get close

Promo for upcoming
A woman is speaking
We all will destroy them I will get Raman and you all 4 will get what you want
A bee is seen struggling
A snake appears

Who are these snakes bee villains so stay tuned

I wish this year for all of you have been a good year I wish you a happy new year I hope 2017 is a great year for all of us happy new year next post on 2 January since reply updates is closing down stories from 31 December to 1 January I’ll try to post tomorrow the 30 will try

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