Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 23

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Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 23
Hi everyone I have decided to focus on both of my fan fictions since this is my oldest one thanks for the comments and support

Ishita Shivanya and pragya reach office
Ishita sees Raman
Ishita in her mind
O god help me I don’t like him but I feel we had a connection once
Raman sees ishita and thinks
O her she is just a drama queen
Pragya sees abhi
Pragya in her mind
O him I just don’t care he thinks he is a rockstar
Abhi sees pragya
Fungus she is fungi bacteria how I hate her I have to work with her
Shivanya sees ritik
Shivanya thinks
Shivanya stop staring at him
Ritik sees Shivanya
I wish you were mine wait what why did I think this

Tere sang pyaar mein plays

Ishita; Raman bhalla
Raman: ishita iyer
Ishita: I’m tolerating you because of boss we have to work together or you and I please we might have graduated together but please
Raman: o shut up who the hell do u think you are
Ishita gets angry and sits Raman sits down as well
Boss: get to work

Pragya: abhi
Abhi: ahhh pragya the loser
Pragya: o shut up
Abhi: you shut up
Pragya: loser
Abhi: your a loser
Pragya and abhi turn around
Boss: you all get to work now

Shivanya: hi ritik
Ritik: hey
Shivanya in her mind
I’m not suppose to act king
Shivanya: o listen mister
Ritik; you listen I’m not ur slave
Shivanya and ritik laugh
Naagin main tune plays

A saphera comes to iyer house
Saphera: I want a snake whose story is unique
Amma: they’re is no snake here
Saphera leaves

Precap: amma worried arnav and khushi entry and fight couples fight

The story of a naagin this time will be different I have more twists now so give me support and we’ll get to it

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