Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 8

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Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 8
Hi everyone I’m back sorry for not updating in a while was busy with exams they finally finished I’m happy so please comment and give support and thanks for patience

Ishita pragya Shivanya and Khushi are seen waking and they see someone and they hug them

The male walk by
Raman: ishita who is she hugging
Abhi: who is pragya hugging
Arnav: Khushi
Ritik: why are they hugging

Ishita: hi how are you
Raj: I’m fine what up
Ishita: I missed you your my best friend your my friend
Raj: sorry I left for awhile
Raj gives ishita a rose
Raj: a rose for friendship
Ishita: aww you still remember
Ishit takes the rose
Raman gets jealous and makes a face

Viren: how are you Shivanya
Shivanya: what’s been going on
Viren: I still remember you used to yell at me
Shivanya: you are my best friend that’s why
Viren hugs Shivanya tight
Shivanya: still the tight hugs
Ritik gets jealous

Khushi: how are you virat
Virat: nothing much what’s been up with you
Khushi: nothing much I missed you
Virat: I miisssed you we had so much fun in college
Khushi hugs him
Arnav gets jealous

Pragya: khushal how has it been
Khushal: what have you been doing
Pragya: nothing much I have missed talking to you
Khushal: same here
Pragya hugs khushal
Abhi gets jealous

All the new boys smile
While our heroes get jealous

Viren house is shown
Jeevika: I have come to meet his sisters they love my brothers but it’s hard
A girl comes there
Girl face is shown
It’s nia sharma
Jeevika: what’s been up manvi
Manvi: hold let me call my other sisters how’s virat
Jeevika: he’s still after khushi
Manvi tear comes
Jeevika consoles her

A beautiful woman is shown comming toward them
Her face is shown (Nina khan)
Jeevika: akshara
Akshara: hi how’s khushal
Jeevika: after pragya
Akshara: I wish they would realize our love
Jeevika: I wish Viren would stop going after Shivanya and come to me

Another girl is shown
(Gopi from saathiya is shown)
Gopi: heloo
Jeevika: Gopi
Gopi: raj after ishita still

Precap: the new boys are angry seeing the girls love
The heroes jealous
The new girl tries new plans to get their love
Amma talking about her daughters wedding to mrs bhallla

A new twist will come

Should I have vamps as well

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