Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 5

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Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 5

Hi everyone thanks for the support and commend so les begin

Raman: hi
Ishita: hi
Raman: you wanna go out later for a lunch
Ishita: are you asking me out for a date
Raman: you could say
Ishita; funny I was about to ask you
Raman laughs
Raman and ishita move on

Shivanya: hi ritik
Ritik: Shivanya Meri jaan I love you
Shivanya is stunned and blushes
Ritik: do you love me
Shivanya: yes ritik I love you too
Ritik hugs Shivanya
Ritik goes on his knees
Ritik: will you be mine
Ritik takes out a ring Shivanya puts her hand and ritik puts the ring they hug
Gerua plays

Khushi: hi Arnav
Arnav: hi
Khushi: what are you doing
Arnav: you wanna go out
Khushi: sure after college why not
Arnav smiles

Pragya: hi abhi
Abhi: I’ve got it you be the model and I’ll be the rockstar together we will perform a beautiful song
Pragya: yeah let’s do that
Abhi: okay see you then come to shaanimar hotel where we’ll practice
Pragya smiles and abhi looks at here
Nazar she nazar Miley

Precap: the couples realize fellinga for each other rivanya first kiss

Sorry short update busy with school

Let me know if I should use zaalima the song from raees that should have released since it’s January 5 please let me know thanks

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