Ishra, abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 1

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Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 1
Hi everyone let’s begin on a new story

Ishita: I’m happy today today is our first day of college
Pragya: I know even I’m happy
Shivanya: let’s go then
A boy vice is heard
Where are my sisters going
Ishita: arnav come on we’re getting late
Arnav: alright I’m driving come on

Raman: let’s go already
Abhi: come let’s go
Ritik: im here come on let’s go
A girl voice is heard
You forgetting me brothers fine won’t talk to anyone
Raman: how can we forget you khushi
Khushi is shown
Khushi: let’s go first day of college

They reach college
Teacher: I want Raman to sit there ishita next to him pragya sit on the other side with abhi next to her Shivanya sit in the front ritik sit next to her Khushi sit in the middle arnav sit next to her since you talk to much

Ishita: hi Raman right
Raman: yes your ishita
Ishita: yes
Raman: o madrassi
Ishita: listen you
Teacher: shh we can introduce later

Pragya: hi I’m pragya
Abhi: I’m abhi a future rockstar
Pragya laughs
Abhi: shut up and sit

Shivanya: I’m Shivanya
Ritik: I’m ritik bhalla
Shivanya: ok so your new as well
Ritik: yes
Shivanya: nice my horoscope is a snake
Ritik: o really I’m a libro I think
Shivanya and ritik talk
Ritik accidentally spills water on paper
Shivanya: what the hell man
Ritik: sorry
Shivanya gets frustrated
Ritik gets frustrated as well

The 4 boys and girls get angry on each other and try to avoid each other

Precap: the 4 couples find out about being neighbors and don’t like the fact amma and mrs. bhalla become friends

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