International Dance Day: TV actors tell us why they love to dance!

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News International Dance Day: TV actors tell us why they love to dance! MUMBAI: Yesha Rughani: Dance is a therapy for me. I am a trained Kathak dancer and have learned the dance form since childhood. It’s my most favorite form of emoting. However, dancing for the camera and dancing for yourself or on stage as the performance is very different. When it comes to dancing sequences in the show where a lot of technicalities and camera angles matter, I find it a little difficult to cope. All the Madhuri Dixit numbers are my favorites and are legendary. Dance is a stress buster for me. It always releases happy hormones for me and I can’t stop smiling after it.Bhanujeet Singh Sudan: I have learned dance for events or award functions, where I need to perform. I don’t know any specific dance form but I can dance. I practice regularly as dance needs a lot of practice. There is nothing like you need to be a dancer or so, you just need to practice. My favorite Bollywood dancer is obviously Hrithik Roshan. I like to dance regularly also because it is a great form of workout too. Whenever I

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