Incomplete Destiny- Character Sketches

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So guys I am here with a fresh, completely different ,yet amazing story of our abhigya. i love to entertain you by new ideas. This came up when I was busy thinking about man mayal’s next part.

Abhishekh Prem Mehra : Abhi is a blood spatter analyst who works for the fictitious Mumbai Police Department. In his spare time, he is a serial killer. A self reserved man who stays away from humanity, considers himself not a part of it. Loves his sister and wants to protect her from his dark side.

Shreya Prem Mehra (jennifer winget): Is a foul-mouthed sister who loves her brother but doesn’t show it and carries her emotions on her sleeves. A first rate detective at the Mumbai Police department. She brings justice to all and relies on abhi’s analyse to find the killer.she is not shy with curse words but some what lonesome.she is smart and capable of solving mysteries.

Pragya Arora: Seems to be a regular looking woman trying to forget her dark past but things are something else.(that will be revealed as the plot develops.)

Kanchi Bora: a single mother to two children. was abused by her husband and gave a statement against him to the police. Met abhi through shreya.

Ronit Prem Mehra: Shreya’s deceased father and adopted abhi after finding him in a container at the docks in a pool of blood. will play a mojor role in Abhi’s life and the flashback.

Anaya Sharma: captain of the homicide department at Mumbai police department and shreya and abhi work under her. She is very modest and can do anything to solve a case. she is tough and friendly sometimes.Putting her work before her life, she kept most of her emotions bottled.

Rahul Roy : lieutenant at the Mumbai police homicide department.secretly likes anaya. works hard and is very intelligent but easily decieved.

Purab Khanna: He is the lead forensics specialist and is junior to abhi. quite timid and afraid at times.

So guys these are the character sketches.Do vote and tell if i should continue. its not just abhigya but a really evoking plot that will be quite interesting.

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