Incomplete Destiny- Abhi (OS)

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Here we go
A man is shown driving a car
Tonight is the night and it is going to happen again and again.
Has to happen
The man looks through the window, the city buzzing with activity.
That’s night
Mumbai is a great city. I love the Cuban food, especially biryani.
But I am hungry for something different now

The screen shifts to a choir of boys singing.
There is a big round of applause for them as they end and the face of a man is shown smiling.
(the man in the car who I told about earlier) is shown staring at the scene in front.
There he is, Ajay Ghale
Ajay is shown hugging his family.
He is the one
Ajay approaches his car, he unlocked his car and sat in. He ignited the engine but someone garroted him from the back.
(The same man shown earlier)
“you will now do exactly as I say,” said the man by pulling on harder.
Ajay struggled, trying to removes the wire. “What do you want?” he asked still struggling.
‘I want you to be quiet and drive,” said the man to ajay. Ajay still being garroted started to drive.
“Turn Here,” ordered the man from the back.
Three already dug graves were shown. Ajay stopped the car and the man in the back relieved him from the garrote hold and got out of the car. Ajay rubbed his neck in pain. The man then opened Ajay’s door and grabbed him from the throat, took him out and pushed him down on the ground.
“you will have to listen, do what I say,” said the man b walking around and then again garroting him and dragging Ajay inside. He then lifted ajay and pushed him to the wall.
“Look,” said the man.
Blood could be seen in the corner of the room. Ajay just kept his eyes closed.
“No, no no” said ajay by moving his head sideways.
“yes, it’s horrible isn’t it?’ said the man.
“Please,” said ajay.
The man grabbed him by the throat and shouted “ I will cut of your eyelids and make you look, now look at what you have did.”
Ajay opened his eyes and looked at his doings.

Three nearly decomposed bodies lay on the floor. “Took me a long time to get these little boys clean,” said the man. “they had been in the ground so long they were falling apart, took them out in bones and bits,” he said.
“Please save be oh lord, the biggest,” said ajay.
The man pushed his nose hitting ajay’s head in the wall. “stop, stop it never helped anyone not even will it help you.”
“please you can have anything,” said ajay.
“that’s good, beg, beg like these little boys did,” said the man.
Ajay started to cry. “I couldn’t have helped myself, I couldn’t, please you have to understand” he said in regret.
The man smirked at him. “trust me I definitely understand, see I can’t help myself either” said the man.
“but children like that, even I couldn’t do that either, ever… kids,” said the man.
‘Why?” Asked ajay.
“I have standards,” he said and injected him on the neck. Ajay went unconscious.
The man then took off his gloves and covered the whole room by transparent sheets. There was a table on which ajay had been banded by plastic wrap having cotton stuffed in his mouth. Ajay opened his eyes to find himself lying there banded; he looked around and saw the man looming over his head. The man had a scalpel in his hand. His put a cut on ajay’s cheek and blood dripped. Ajay winced in pain. The man then took a dropper and got the blood and put it onto a slide.
“you’ll be shortly in a bag then deep underwater and this is something for me,” he said by getting the blood on the slide. The man then wore his glass protective helmet and walked to the table and placed the slide. He then took a drill and again went to ajay. He then drilled into him. (you don’t wanna know in which part)

The man is then seen driving a boat.
My name is Abhi, abhishek prem Mehra
I don’t know what made me the way I am but whatever it was left a hollow place inside.
People fake a lot of human interactions but I fake them all, very well
I guess that is my burden but I don’t blame my foster parent for that. Ronit and divya prem Mehra
They did a wonderful job raising me, but they both are dead now
I didn’t kill them. Honest
FB shown
A small kid, Abhi was sitting on the boat. Ronit walked over to him.
“the roy’s say that their dog buddy has been missing,” he said.
“I found the grave son,” said ronit.
“dad that dog was a noisy little creep, he kept on yapping on every leaf in the driveway and mom wasn’t able to slepp” replied Abhi.
There were many bones in there abhi, not just buddy’s” said ronit.
Abhi just kept on looking down
FB end
Abhi increased the throttle of his boat.

Screen shifts
Abhi is shown walking to his apartment . he unlocked the door and went inside. He then opened a book having a number of blood slides. He inspected his latest plate
Blood. Sometimes it sends my teeth on the edge and other times helps me to control chaos.
He placed the slide with the others and closed the book and placed it back.
The code of ronit, my foster father is satisfied.
Ronit was a great cop here in Mumbai, taught me to think like one and cover my tracks
I am a very neat monster
He looked at his phone which had a voice message for him. He played it.
A girl spoke
“hey Abhi as soon as you get this, I am here at a crime scene by the shit hold motel and I need you here, please, pretty f**king cheese on top ” she said and the voicemail ended.
The camera zoomed on a photo frame of Abhi standing with a girl.
Abhi smiled as the voice mail ended.
That is my foul mouth foster sister shreya
She has a big heart but won’t let anyone see it
She is the only person in the world who loves me
Abhi changed his clothes and wore a blue shirt,
I couldn’t have feeling about anything and if I do have a little are for shreya
He then locked his apartment left for the crime scene.

so this was a little insight into Abhi’s character. Hope you like it. Do vote

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