In your silence…(KKB) Teaser

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Abhi “This is the most unbelievable thing ever. Kidnapper himself is being tied up.” He said by trying to find ways to get himself untied. Pragya “That’s an unbelievable joke of the year. You kidnapper??” She laughs continuously which irritates him. Slowly both hear footsteps of a person and the sound vanishes as soon as they hear to it intently.

Pragya “Who is it? Is that your enemy?” Abhi “Oye Fuggy, I am not that good to have enemy.” Pragya didn’t understand his words. Abhi “Oh Fuggy, Have you not seen it in serials, only good people have enemies. Bad people are enemies to themselves.” Pragya “What kind of logic is this??” Abhi “Scenes of serials. This is what they show.” Pragya sighed in response.

Abhi innocently “Ok tell me now how to escape Fuggy.” Pragya screeched “Hello Mr Childish Abhi, am I the one who kidnapped u? You kidnapped me & now u are asking me for the escape strategy!!!”

Abhi in a low tone “Don’t scold me Fuggy, I did all for our goodness. I didn’t know someone would do this to me.”

Pragya “If someone tied u up means u are too good for them?” Abhi “No Fuggy, I think someone by mistake did this.” Pragya “Really?” Abhi nodded his head as yes when strong wind blew at their side.

Pragya in shaky voice “Why is it so windy all of a sudden?” Abhi “How would I know? I am also clueless about it”

A paper rocket was flown onto Abhi’s lap. Pragya “Take & read that!!! You will know who is doing this!!”

Abhi “From this? But how can I take it when my hands are tied up at the back! You come near me!”

Pragya moved with the chair beside him. She picked the paper with her tied hands.

Pragya “It’s good that u tied my hands in front.” Abhi “Faster see what is written on it.” Pragya managed to unfold the paper. She read loudly “Enjoy the time here my dear Ozo….”

Abhi looks blank while Pragya wonders who is Ozo.

Abhi “Throw that paper away Fuggy. It’s useless.” Pragya “Why are u getting frustrated? Are u Ozo by mistake?” Abhi remains silent. Pragya gets suspicious of his silence.

This is a teaser for the next few updates. Don’t know when I will be back. It really depends on my mood. Ok friends after a lot of consideration, finally I have decided to stop writing. This story is not that long. It will end soon but I don’t know when. For other incomplete stories if my mind worked then I will write. Sorry for this friends. I might be disappearing more nowadays too as I am not feeling well. I am writing to divert from my health issues but sometimes I feel I am wasting my time too. I feel this thought of mine is not good so it would be better if I take an action for this, that is stop writing. Thank you for all your support so far. As usual feeling grateful and will surely miss all memorable moments spent here. Special thanks to Saranya sis, Mokshi sis, Abhigya, Reshu sis n Mythili sis for these days commenting n supporting. Always humbled & thank u so much to silent readers too.

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