In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 9

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Pragya “I got it Reena!!!” She came running to Reena who was folding her clothes.

Reena “Slow down….you will fall if you run at this speed!!”

Pragya “Okay!! I got what he written on the letter.”
Reena “What’s that??” She asked sounding curious.

Pragya “Raed Yagraap otinfd em sanoossa ossipbel moce ot rouplaec. It means Dear Pragyaa to find me as soon as possible come to our place.”

Reena “Not bad ah. You are smart to find this.” Pragya proudly “Yes I am!!”

Reena “So where is the place?” Pragya “I think its the church I proposed him. Other than that I can’t think of other places.”

Reena “Oh then did you go?” Pragya “Not yet. I thought of bringing u along too.”

Reena “It’s your love. I guess you should go alone. Don’t expect me to come along every time.”

Pragya “But Reena….you are my…” Reena “Just go Pragya!!!” Pragya in a low tone, “Okay…”

Pragya then got ready & left the house. She was eager to know where he is now.

Upon reaching the church, she went to the playground they used to play at. She looked around for any clues but she couldn’t find anything.

She was dejected. She sat at the place & prayed to god to show her a way to find what he had left for her.

Suddenly she got an idea. She sent a whatsapp message with a selfie of where she is.

Pragya, I hope he sees it. Please God! Make him see it!

Abhi seeing it smiled and texted back.

Pragya looking at his message jumped in joy.

Pragya reads the message again. She couldn’t believe he replied her!!!
She immediately called Reena.

Reena “Haan Pragya, did u manage to find anything?” Pragya with excitement “He replied me!!! I can’t believe he replied me Reena!!” Reena in shock “He replied you? Are you day-dreaming?”
Pragya “No!!! Wait let me send you a screenshot of it.” She quickly did that while having Reena on hold.

Reena received the message and sighed in relief.

Reena “It’s just a smiley face emoji Pragya….” Pragya “At least he sent me that na…I can imagine how he smiles at me with that.” Reena “Come on Pragya, it’s been 3 days since he left. You had even enquired with his friend, still there is no clue. Now how sure are you to know his whereabouts.” Pragya “Reena, I am sure he never left me. Like you said there is something fishy in this. He is trying to tell something to me.”

Reena “I am worried for you. What if he is cheating on you?” Pragya confidently “I don’t think so Reena. He is not a kind of person who cheats.” Reena further tried to convince her of forgetting Abhi. Pragya on the other hand was determined to know where he is.

Reena “That’s all I have to say. I am saying all this for you goodness. If you still want to go ahead with this then I am not stopping you.”

Pragya “I’m sorry…” Reena “It’s okay & I do understand how much you love him.”

Pragya after talking to her while ended the call. She received a message from an unknown number.

Pragya reading it was wondering is it Abhi?

The following is the message:

Warning: Don’t share with anyone of this message!

Ota yam ggufa woha sandif everything silaey, yawh uayo andif eam Ian raou caepla. raou caepla is not only in eaon caepla. The more u find for me the more I will find love for u in me.

Pragya, once again it’s jumbled up words looking difficult. I need to crack this down again. But why is it told as I shouldn’t share with anyone? Does that mean I can’t share this with Reena too?

Reena smirks as Pragya continuously blabbers of how unlucky she is in not being able to find his whereabouts.
Reena,You won’t find him.I won’t let you find him too.
Pragya manages to see Reena smiling strangely at her instead of feeling pathetic for her. She realizes Reena quickly changes her expression to be worried for Pragya too.

Pragya, What’s wrong with Reena? Why am I feeling she is not genuine with her feelings for me?

Thank u for reading. I hope u all can figure out the message like last time.

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