In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 8

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“Are you serious? You designed the interior of this whole house??” asked Reena.

Pragya “Yes Reena, how is it??”

Reena looking around “Amazing. Very artistic. I am impressed by your work.”
Pragya “What’s the point? He left me na….” Reena “Yes but that doesn’t mean he left you. I feel something fishy in his sudden departure from here.” Pragya “Is it? What is it?” Reena “It is a feeling. First we need to investigate this area.” Pragya “Ok thank god that the security guard was nice enough to let us in.” Reena “Who will not let in if you act hysterically by saying your soulmate is here!! You literally act as if there is a soul roaming in this house.” Pragya “I had no choice Reena. If I never say that then he wouldn’t have let us in. By the way, I did tell the truth of my soulmate is here. I can feel his presence even in his absence.” Reena in response shook her head in disbelief.

Reena walked up the stairs and saw a portrait of Abhi. Pragya “Don’t look at him intently. He is mine!!!!” Reena rolled her eyes and walked inside his room. Pragya “Wait! I am also coming in….before that….” She said and gave a flying kiss to his portrait.

Reena “Not bad ah, I am impressed by your man’s room. It looks neat for a bachelor.” Pragya “I don’t understand one thing. Even now he took his pillow with him!!!” Reena “It might be his favourite pillow!” In response, Pragya looked down in shyness.

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Reena “Arrey why do you blush as if I mention about u?” Pragya “Actually….” Reena “Actually??” Pragya “Actually….” Reena impatiently “What is this actually for!!!” Pragya “You are spoiling my mood of telling!!!” Reena “Acha baba, I am sorry now tell me what u want to tell ACTUALLY!” Pragya “Actually the pillow na….” Reena “The pillow..” Pragya turning away said “It’s my pillow!!!” Reena irked “What??? How did he get your pillow?”

Pragya “Wo…before he left Delhi he came to my house and stole the pillow from my room. I saw him hiding it in his luggage.”

Reena “Unbelievable!!!” Pragya “Yes right? He is unbelievable….unbelievably believable…”

Reena was moving around the room to find some clue that might tell them to where did he go. However, it was futile.
Pragya “I am happy that he lived in the room that I had designed for him.”
Reena “Pragya please…is this the time for you to feel satisfied?” Pragya frowned in response and saw a bowl with closed lid.

Pragya went near the table. She opened the lid and cried seeing one biscuit left in it.
Reena hearing her cries asked ““Why are you crying now???” Pragya “You won’t understand this.This is the biscuit he eats. He left it for me…..Can’t you see how much love he has for me?”

Pragya took the biscuit in her hand.

Reena in a mocking tone “Eat na…why are you keeping it in your hand?”

Pragya “Not now…Once I see him, then I will eat. I will only eat it when he feeds me.”

Reena irked “By then it will be expired!!”

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Pragya “Please Reena…our love have no expiry date. This biscuit is the symbol of our love. It’s easy to break but our love is not about breaking. It is about eating this together.”

Reena unable to tolerate her filmy dialogues was about to leave the room when she saw something that caught her attention.

Reena “Leave that biscuit. Look here!” Pragya looked at the direction she pointed. She saw the same portrait of him in the room too. It was hanged on the wall.

Pragya “I never placed this here. The one I drew is outside!!!”
Reena “He could have made a copy of that but look closely some paper is sticking out from the back of it.”

Pragya carefully placed the biscuit back in the bowl. Reena went near photo frame and took out the paper.

Reena “Is this a letter to you?” Pragya “Hope so….”
Pragya unfolded the letter to find nothing on it! She was disappointed.
Reena “Don’t be sad. We can find something else baby…”
Pragya in a low tone “Hmm….”

Pragya “Can I sleep here? At least I can have the feel of sleeping beside him on his bed?”
Reena “No way Pragya. We can come in the morning if you want.”
Pragya looked at his bed sadly.

Pragya exclaimed “I know!!!” Reena “What u know??” Pragya bend down and saw another paper under the bed.

Pragya picking it up said “In this one he would have surely written something from me.”
Reena “Don’t say this is what he does when he was young.” Pragya excitedly nodded her head as yes. Reena rolled her eyes and asked Pragya to read the letter first.

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Pragya seeing it gave a shocked expression.

“Why am I very unlucky?? I don’t understand what is written here!!” complained Pragya.
Reena “Is his handwriting that bad???” She laughed by taking the letter from her.

She also gave a shocked expression by gasping.

Pragya “Dekha, you also don’t understand!” Reena “Your man is very smart ah! He writes in a different way.”

Reena “Let me try reading it aloud….” Pragya signalled her to carry on.

Reena “Raed Yagraap otinfd em sanoossa ossipbel moce ot rouplaec”
Pragya “Is this arabic?” Reena “No I think it’s French…not sure baby…” Pragya sighed “Just one line but that itself we can’t find what is it!” Reena “If you don’t mind can I say something?” Pragya nodded her head as yes. Reena “Sanoosa reminds me of Samosa!” Pragya snatched the paper from her. She walked away in anger with Reena catching up with her by chuckling.

Elsewhere, Abhi is hugging the pillow and murmuring sanoossa ossipbel in his sleep.
Dadi looking at him could only hope that he admits to her that he is in love with her.

To be continued….

Thank u for reading. Do share if u all know what Abhi wrote in the letter. I think it’s easy. Sorry if it’s boring too.

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