In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 27

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Abhi thinks deeply of what made Pragya change? He also thinks of waiter’s words. What can he do now?

He heard someone knocking his door. Assuming it is Dadi, he said “Dadi, I will come later. I am going to sleep Dadi….”

Pragya “You are going to sleep now? It’s just 4 pm!”

Abhi shook his head. “Am I hearing her voice? How’s that possible?” He thought.

Pragya “Bee…bee…open the door before Dadi comes!”

Abhi opened door as he want to make sure he wasn’t imagining her voice. To his surprise she was there in front of him with a wide smile.

Abhi stood there in shock with his mouth wide opened.

Pragya moving him slightly made her way into his room.

Abhi “You are here?” He asked in shock.
Pragya “Ya….I was thinking to give a surprise to u!” She says placing her phone on the bed.

Abhi “Why are u here? How did u came in? Why u never see Dadi before coming in?”

Pragya “First sit down…” She says by pulling him to sit on the bed. He too sit beside her looking confused.

Pragya “I thought you will be excited seeing me here. But u are looking lost.”

Abhi “I am just wondering why is there a need to surprise me…”

Pragya holding his hand “Because you are my cutiepie who needs to be surprised.”
Abhi “Cutiepie??” Pragya sees him feeling uncomfortable as she was holding her hand.

Pragya “Why are you being different? Don’t u like me?” Abhi “It’s not like that…..” Pragya “Then what? Why you never kiss me when I am in this saree?” She asks with a pout. Pragya “It’s ok! You are shy now, let me take the action.” she moves forward to kiss him when he places her mobile phone in between their lips. She ends up kissing her phone! Pragya still smiles kissing the phone which makes Abhi looks confused.

Pragya “I am done!” Abhi “You never kissed me. You are aware of that right?” Pragya “Who said i never kissed u?” Abhi “You were kissing the phone Pragya.” Pragya taking the phone showed him the phone had his wallpaper which she was kissing happily.

Unknowingly, he smiled seeing her. Pragya “Now you are smiling?” Abhi “Pragya….” Pragya “I know you are still confused with my actions.” Abhi “How do u know that?” Pragya “You are not calling me Fuggi. It is very clear from that u are confused.”

Abhi “I am sorry….” Pragya “You don’t need to be sorry Bee…bee… All I want to know is whether u trust me?” Abhi “I love you Pragya…my love for you is the trust that I have towards u…. Even if you make a mistake or something against me, I will still love you….” Pragya “Do you think I will do something against you if I love you?” Abhi “No but situations may push u to be against me na….that’s what I am referring to…”

Pragya “I know you will say this way….” Abhi “You know?” Pragya nodded her head as yes.

Abhi “How do u know?” Pragya “Because I trust your love towards me….” Abhi “That means both of us trust our love for each other no matter what happens.” Pragya smiled widely in response.

Abhi “Ok now u leave.” Pragya “So fast??” Abhi “You know what, actually from the moment you enter my room, I am getting thoughts of kissing you. I think it’s not right for us to do it now.” Pragya “Why? It’s just a kiss na…” Abhi “Yes but my kiss might turn into something out of control which I don’t want it to happen now….” He said looking with a mischievous smile.

Pragya blushed hearing it. Abhi “Let’s go! I want to show you something that I have done in the room at the terrace.”

Pragya looks curious as he brings her up to the terrace.

Pragya admires him as he does something. She asks “Bee…bee…what if I die suddenly?” Abhi “What are you telling? What kind of thought is that when we are here to spend some quality time together!!” Pragya insists him to reply. He looks on as he sees someone’s shadow approaching them.

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