In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 26

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Abhi informs Dadi of what he finds out from the waiter. She is left to shock & is unable to believe why Pragya did such a thing to Abhi. Dadi asks him to talk to Pragya but Abhi says he doesn’t want to jump into conclusions as he believes his Fuggi won’t act in this way.

A few days later,

Abhi receives a call from Pragya saying that she wants to meet him. He wondered why did she call now when she herself said she is not interested in talking to him anymore.

Abhi arrives at the place she asked to meet her. It was a isolated street with no one around.

Pragya came in her scooter. Abhi saw her & was with mixed emotions. What is she going to tell now? Anything serious? Is she going to break up with me?

Pragya came in front of him. She smiled at him making him surprised.

Pragya “Well, I know I was very bad towards you that day…..”

Abhi was about to say something when she gestured to let her talk. He too agreed by nodding his head.

Pragya “I felt situations were out of our hands to handle. The short period of not talking to u….not seeing u made me felt something too. I felt I can’t be without u….It made me realized how much I love you & how much I am addicted to you. So I have decided something….You always say we should get married right? Now I am saying Let’s get married and start a new life by forgetting the past….”

Abhi hearing that is taken aback and looks suspicious of Pragya.

Pragya “Why are u in silence?” Abhi “I am loss for words….” Pragya “You are not happy for my decision?” Abhi “I would have been happy if u had told me earlier….now I am rather confused than being happy….” Pragya “Confused? What’s there to be confused here?” Abhi “Pragya….now only Reena had recovered….after all there is confusions around our relation after that incident….” Pragya “ Abhi, I am very clear. Whatever happened is past. I even made her understand your importance in my life.” Abhi doubtfully “Really? Then what did she say?” Pragya “She understands us….” Abhi “Are u sure?”

Pragya “Abhi….for our marriage to happen the most important thing we need is for both of us to happily accept the marriage. The people around us may cause issues but if we are happy about it the we can easily handle any kind of issues faced.”

Abhi looks at her silently. Her words seem to want this marriage to happen but why does she have this sudden change in her.

Abhi “I need to ask Dadi….” Pragya “Sure! She will be definitely happy to hear this.” Abhi “Anything else?”

Pragya “After Dadi says ok, can we get married next week itself?” Abhi in shock “What?? Tomorrow?? Are u serious??” Pragya “I am serious. I don’t want to waste time. If Dadi says ok then we can do a register marriage next week after that we can get married in the traditional way.”

Abhi was left to shock as she said “Ok now I got to go. I will call u later Bee…Bee..” She then kissed his cheek before walking away. As for Abhi he was still standing there in shock.

Pragya reaching her room smiles wholeheartedly thinking of a life with Abhi.

Pragya, I know he is shocked, confused and wasn’t even expecting this decision from me. All I can say for now is I want to marry him as I want to……

Pragya “Why are you being different? Don’t u like me?” Abhi “It’s not like that…..” Pragya “Then what? Why you never kiss me when I am in this saree?” She asks with a pout. Pragya “It’s ok! You are shy now, let me take the action.” she moves forward to kiss him when he places her mobile phone in between their lips. She ends up kissing her phone! Pragya still smiles kissing the phone which makes Abhi looks confused.

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