In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 25

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Abhi finds out the waiter who was responsible for adding poison in Reena’s drink. But what made him shocked was the waiter’s words.

Waiter “Trust me sir. I was forced by a lady to make u pass the drink to Reena mam If I never did that she blackmailed me to act that I misbehave with her.”

Abhi “What rubbish are u talking? Who is the lady?”

Waiter “She was talking to u most of the time. You were also very happy with her.”

Abhi “Who are u talking about? I only remember talking to Pragya mostly.” Waiter “Haan sir she is the one. She was also with Reena mam.”

Abhi “What are u blabbering?” Waiter “Yes sir, Reena asked me to poison the drink to pass it to her but she was the one who asked me to make sure you pass the drink to Reena.” Abhi looks confused thinking why should Pragya ask the waiter to do such a thing.

Pragya settles down with her things in the room. Pragya, This silence of mine is the only solution to everything. I never knew loving a person would be as difficult as hating a person. Now everything needs to be in a silence to make things better.

Pragya sees Reena coming inside the room.

Reena “Are u hiding anything from me Pragya?”
Pragya “No…what is there to hide from u?”
Reena “I have been noticing from the time we came to this house. You are in your own world of silence. What’s the matter Pragya?”

Pragya smiles in silence. Reena “Are u missing him?” Pragya shook her head in denial.

Reena “Then why are u like this? You know u can tell me anything right?”

Pragya “I know….but….” Reena “Come on Pragya, I know whatever happened is all of a sudden. I know how difficult it’s for u to move on.”

Pragya “No Reena, I am not going to move on.” Reena in shock “What do u mean?” Pragya “I don’t deserve to move on Reena. I loved him from my childhood. It’s not easy to forget my love.”

Reena “I can understand but….”

Pragya firmly “I am going to forgive him for what he had done.”

Reena “What are u telling? Are u out of your mind? What if he have evil intentions even after this? Can’t u see he tried to kill me. That means he can even think of killing u!”

Pragya “No Reena….I have thought about this….I am going to forgive him but he will not know of this for now….”

Reena “You are making me confused. Tell me clearly what’s running in your mind.”

Pragya loudly “He is running in my mind!!! I want to get married to him!!! I want to take revenge for trying to kill u!”

Reena didn’t expect Pragya would think in this way. She knows how much Pragya is angry on Abhi but never expect to the extent she is ready to take revenge.

Pragya walks out of the room saying “He deserves to be punished for trying to kill u.”

Reena looks shocked of Pragya’s words.

Pragya “You always say we should get married right? Now I am saying Let’s get married and start a new life by forgetting the past….” Abhi hearing that is taken aback and looks suspicious of Pragya.

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