In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 24

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It was a week after the incident. Reena was discharged from the hospital. Pragya took full care of her. She even resigned her work to pay full attention to Reena.

Now at their home…..
Reena “I still feel I am being a burden to you. Why do you have to resign your job when I am ok now.”

Pragya “I not only resign for you. I resign for myself too. If I go to work then lots of my colleagues will be asking what happened on that day. I don’t want to remember any of it. Most importantly, I don’t want to hear his name.”

Reena “I can understand your situation but still…”
Pragya “One more thing, we are moving out of the city. I have found a house near the outskirts of the city.”

Reena “But why now? I mean we are living here for so many years & u always say this house is your favourite.”

Pragya “I have decided Reena. We are moving out from here. If we stay here then he will come to disturb us. So we are moving away from here.” Reena “Pragya, I don’t think he would be of that much of disturbance. I know what he did is wrong. Yes I also know we never let him face the punishment by law but he is facing the most deserving punishment now, which is losing you. What else does he have to lose now?”

Pragya “I don’t know whether losing me is a punishment to him Reenu but being in the same city as he lives & where news about him is always being heard is a punishment to me. The more I try to keep myself silent about his thoughts, the more I am sensing him in whatever I do. I really can’t forget him Reena….” She then cries hugging Reena.

Reena consoles her as Pragya continues to cry.

As for Abhi, he is devastated at the turn of events. He wasn’t expecting things were turn out this way. His Fuggy is not even ready to listen to his point of view.

Abhi, I don’t have a choice but I have to speak to Reena. How can I be punished for something that I never even do!

Dadi who came near him said “Abhi, I know you are sad of whatever happened. Don’t lose hope. She is only yours.”

Abhi “I don’t know Dadi. She resigned her job & even decided to move out of the city. All this is to avoid me. I really don’t know how to make her believe I never poisoned Reena’s drink. I am thinking of talking to Reena. If she believes me then Pragya can believe me…”

Dadi “Are u mad? If u talk to Reena, there are chances of it becoming against you. Already Reena is not in good terms with u.”

Abhi “Then how Dadi? I really don’t know how to make Fuggy believe me!!”

Dadi “Do one thing, you first enquire on the waiters who worked on the birthday party. I think it’s one of them who poisoned the drink. I will talk to Pragya to make her think.”

Abhi “Okay Dadi….I feel this way will be better…” He said still looking worried.

Dadi “Abhi, remember that your belief that she is always yours is the only way to make her believe you.”

Abhi “You are right Dadi. I will always think she is mine.”

Dadi “Now go & faster find out the truth!”

Abhi decides to enquire the waiters & those who worked at his birthday party.

Abhi “What are u blabbering?” Waiter “Yes sir, Reena asked me to poison the drink to pass it to her but she was the one who asked me to make sure you pass the drink to Reena.” Abhi looks confused thinking why should Pragya ask the waiter to do such a thing.

Pragya settles down with her things in the room. Pragya, This silence of mine is the only solution to everything. I never knew loving a person would be as difficult as hating a person. Now everything needs to be in a silence to make things better.

Why does Pragya have to do like that? To know that pls wait to know in the next part.

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