In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 23

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It was Abhi’s birthday. He usually never celebrate it grandly but this time he wanted as he wants to invite Pragya to the birthday party. He knows she had said not to meet her but he can’t be himself without seeing her. This would be a great chance to meet and spent time with her. He doesn’t need to invite her instead he made Dadi to invite her. Pragya definitely won’t deny Dadi’s invitation as she have immense respect for her.

Pragya too turned up as Abhi expected. He smirked seeing her walking towards him with a bouquet.

Pragya “Happy Birthday Bee…Bee…”
Abhi “Thank you Fuggy!” He said by holding the bouquet.

Pragya with a smile was about to move away when he held her hand firmly.

Pragya whispered “We are not alone….leave me…”

Abhi “I want a gift Fuggy. I know I am very pleasant and you gave me this bouquet as a symbol of that. But I want more from you. Will you give that today?”

Pragya shook her head in denial.

Abhi letting her off gave a sulky face.

Pragya “Oh god, Are you serious, people are looking at you and you are behaving like a baby!”

Abhi “Yes I am a birthday baby today.” Pragya moved towards Dadi who was greeting the guests.

Abhi look disappointed and he turned away to attend to other guests.

Pragya, This Birthday boy needs a special gift from me. I also want to give him something special. I want to say I am ready to marry him. I know there are some unexplained issues going on with Reena. But all that can be dealed later. We can deal together if we are married. Whatever it is Reena will also be happy if we get married. She is such an understanding person.

She looked at Abhi with a pleasant smile which melted his heart.

Abhi, Why Fuggy is smiling this way? It looks like she is smiling from her heart.

Pragya saw him walking towards her but she gestured as no.

Abhi asked back why in silence.

Pragya through her eyes said look around. There are so many people.

Abhi said in silence that doesn’t matter all are talking and eating continuously.

In response, Pragya giggled silently. Abhi grinned looking as if she looks adorable when giggling this way.

Abhi looked at her from top to bottom. He admired her beauty in saree which made Pragya blush.

Abhi, Nobody is going to stop me today. I am kissing her today.

Pragya turned away in shyness. She could read what was going in his mind. It made her feel terribly shy.

As Abhi was walking towards her, he stopped hearing to Reena’s voice.

Reena “Happy Birthday Abhi!” She said by passing him a gift.

Abhi smiled reluctantly. Reena was annoyed that he didn’t even thanked her. He just took the gift & passed it to one of his assistant there.

Reena seeing Pragya went towards still smiling as she didn’t want to show a unpleasant face.

Pragya just in time saw Reena. She didn’t expect her to come here too. She never informed of Abhi’s birthday as she was quite upset that Dadi never invited Reena. But her sudden entry here is a sh9ck to Pragya.

Reena hugging Pragya whispered in her ears “I know wherever you go Pragya…”

Pragya in response asked “What gift did u buy for him?” Reena “Nothing special. Just a watch.” Pragya “He is fond of watches.He will surely like your choice.”

Reena sighed “ But he is not fond of me na…” Pragya was taken aback hearing it. This is the first time that Reena was saying something about Abhi. All the while she never tell anything about him.

Reena “I was just kidding.look at your face. It looks as if you had electric shock.” She chuckled making Pragya smile.

Abhi looking at both from a distance, How did she turned up here. I was very clear to Dadi that I don’t want her to come now. I guess she heard about my birthday party & came here.

Both the girls were talking cheerfully to each other when Abhi came near them with a drink.

Abhi “Fuggy, won’t you attend to guests?” Both looked at him in surprise.

Pragya “How can I attend to your guests when I myself is a guest?” She asked.

Abhi “Oh…so you are feeling as my guest. I thought you were part of me so in that way how can u be a guest fuggy?”

Pragya didn’t know what to answer. She smiled hearing to his words. It’s true she is part of him. She is part of his heart that loves her truly.

Abhi “Here you go Reena, apple juice for you. My apple beauty is not free to serve you. Sorry about that.”

Pragya gave a glare towards Abhi. Abhi smirked & went off after passing the drink to Reena.

Reena too drank it by seeing the way Abhi & Pragya communicating in silent gestures.

Pragya “Let’s go in front. He is going to cut the cake”.

Reena following Pragya smiled thinking of what will happen later.

Abhi asked Pragya to stand beside him on his left side with Dadi on the other side. She was shy to stand beside him in front of so many people but she did as he was the birthday boy today.

Abhi “Before cutting the cake, I would like to thank all my friends, well wishers for coming here to celebrate my birthday with me. It really means alot to me. After cutting the cake, I have a small announcement to make too. So without any delay, I am cutting the cake.”

Everyone sang the birthday song as he blew the candles & cut the cake. At that moment, Reena vomited blood & fell unconscious leaving everyone over there in shock.

After a few hours at a hospital….

Pragya was seen continuously crying heavily. Dadi was sitting beside her to console.

She saw Abhi coming after completing the formalities of admitting Reena for operation.

Pragya looked disgusted seeing him.
Abhi “Pragya…” He called her sounding worried.

Pragya stood up & walked away not wanting to see him.

Abhi going behind her manage to come in front of her.

Abhi “Fuggy nothing will happen to her. Just look at me once.”

Pragya who was looking down still crying looked up at him. It hurt him badly to see Pragya crying to the extent that her eyes had turned red.

Pragya “I don’t want to talk to you…” She said looking away.

Abhi “Pragya…you think I would have done this?”
Pragya “ Why not? You kidnapped her once. Now you tried to kill her!!”

Abhi “Pragya…it’s not like u are thinking. I am not that evil to kill a person. That too a person whom you love a lot.”

Pragya blurted “Why did you do like this Abhi? You know how important Reena is to me right?” Abhi “Try to listen Fuggy…I never did anything. It was not my fault. You were there right? I didn’t know how the drink was poisoned in the first place.” Pragya was not interested in talking to him. She is unable to believe the person she loved for his innocence is now being filled with cruelty & evilness.

Abhi “Please Pragya…don’t look at me in this way. It’s killing me.” Pragya furiously “I never know the person I loved would be this much evil. In some way I had turned evil too. I should have moved away from you when you asked me to leave Reena. Stupid heart of mine wanted you. If I had known earlier that I am loving a man at the cost of my Reena’s life, I would never have loved u!!!”

Abhi “Fuggy, just listen to me once. It’s not what you are thinking.” He said by holding her close to him.

Pragya “ Leave me!!! It feels disgusting to be touched by you.” Pragya was keep on protesting which made the atmosphere there worse.

Dadi in a loud voice “Leave her Abhi!!” Abhi left her
& looked at Dadi helplessly.

Pragya “Dadi tell not to be here. Enough of all this emotional drama. This is a hospital & not his house”.
Abhi “Pragya…just hear me once. This is not fair for you to jump into conclusion.”

Pragya remained silent. Dadi gestured him to leave first. Abhi looking at Pragya left from there with tears in his eyes.

Pragya “He broke my faith on him Dadi….” She cried even more hugging Dadi.

Abhi hearing it said to himself, I never broke your faith on me Fuggy…Your faith on me is my faith to live this life. How can I break it & live this life? I know you are not in a state to understand me but I will make sure you will understand what’s happening around you.

Pragya “I have decided Reena. We are moving out from here. If we stay here then he will come to disturb us. So we are moving away from here.” Reena “Pragya, I don’t think he would be of that much of disturbance. I know what he did is wrong. Yes I also know we never let him face the punishment by law but he is facing the most deserving punishment now, which is losing you. What else does he have to lose now?” Pragya “I don’t know whether losing me is a punishment to him Reenu but being in the same city as he lives & where news about him is always being heard is a punishment to me. The more I try to keep myself silent about his thoughts, the more I am sensing him in whatever I do. I really can’t forget him Reena….” She then cries hugging Reena.

To be continued……

Hi everyone, after 10 days I am updating this. So what’s the reason for this many days of break? I was preparing for an internship interview. That’s why I was not able to update any of my stories regularly as my mind was occupied with interview. From now onwards it’s also hard to be regular. But I will try my best at least with short updates. Sorry for that.

I need a suggestion from all of u. Please don’t say do as your wish as I am unable to decide on it.

So I was thinking of two ways
1. Updating one ff continuously for a week. The week after that another story continuously a week.
2. Random updates like I do. You never get to know which one come first. It depends on my randomness of scribbling.
Now it’s all your turn to say whether you all want the first way or second way. If first means say 1 & second means 2. If nothing is said then I take it as hopeless about these two ways.

Finally, thank you everyone for reading, commenting & liking it. My other ffs like Boss I love you & Challenging the fate are under manufacturing production so pls wait. I missed all of u too for the past couple of days. Keep supporting as always u all do as they are a huge source of motivation to me. Some of u say I am regular, I never see that way. I write to make myself feel better whenever I am feeling low or bored. I am selfish in my own ways although you all might think why is this silly person updating like this. Some may think I am damn free. The truth is I am writing to make myself feel happy and free in this nonstop busy world. Don’t know why I am telling this. Just felt like sharing with my friends here.

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