In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 22

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Much to Pragya’s surprise, Reena never told her that Abhi was the one who kidnapped her. She lied to her saying she was at her friend’s house. She said she was helping her friend in some decorations of the house so had to stay overnight.

Pragya never questioned her back. She felt maybe Reena didn’t want to tell badly about Abhi. Until now it is hard to believe of the accusations that Abhi and Dadi have on Reena.


Pragya, Now what’s the point of looking at his picture in mobile? You said u need sometime! Now u see, u want to meet him now. I can’t let my ego by shamelessly calling him. What can I do?

Just then Abhi called her. Her face brightened in happiness seeing his name.

Picking up the call, Abhi “I’m sorry to disturb you Pragya. It’s very urgent issue that I need to tell you. We have to meet. I am actually outside your house.”

Pragya “Why do you sound very tensed? Wait, I am coming out now.”

She rushed to see him. Abhi was looking very tensed by fidgeting his hand.

Pragya “What happened Abhi?” Abhi remained silent which made her worried.

Abhi hesitantly “I….as in you…” Pragya “Just tell me whatever it is.” Abhi took a newspaper that he had on top of his car. He passed it to her. Pragya taking it with confusion was shocked to see an article on them.

Pragya “So you were tensed for this?” She asked calmly. Abhi “I’m sorry Fuggy…because of me your name is here…” Pragya “It’s just my name. Not my photo na…In this city u never know there are many Pragyas around….” Abhi “But they specified as an interior designer yaar. Now it’s very obvious.”

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Pragya “Whatever it is we know what’s our relation. We might not be in a situation to accept our relation publicly but we know we can’t deny it too.”

Abhi “You are really not affected by this?” Pragya “Not at all Abhi…for this u got panicked. I was only affected by that.”

Abhi hugged her saying “Thank you Fuggy! I thought you will get worried. That’s why I rushed here.” Pragya feeling his hug didn’t want to him to break this hug. It’s been a week she had seen her. This whole week was like a hell to her. She was closing her eyes & absorbing the feel of his embrace. She was lost in her own world.

Abhi breaking the hug saw Pragya blushing badly.
Pragya looked at him with a kind of admiration that he had never seen before from her.

Abhi “This is strange, you are not affected by my hug too.”

Pragya “Who said so? You create a typhoon inside me when u hug.” Abhi with a smirk “Typhoon?”

Pragya, What have I said? Control yourself Pragya. You can’t show that u are desperate to be with him.

Abhi “ I was thinking I missed you badly….but from the way your body reacted to my hug, I know it’s a two way of missing each other….” He told in a husky tone which made Pragya to blush even more.

Pragya “I got to go….” Abhi “Me too…but….” Pragya “But?” Abhi excitedly “Can I kidnap you again? This time it will be full of fun!”

Pragya “Bee…Bee…you don’t have any other plans to woo a girl ah? Try something new or I would say try to tell me the truth.” Abhi looking serious “I need time Fuggy….” Pragya “I know but don’t take too long Abhi…..” Abhi “Why? Are you going to marry someone else?” Pragya beating his chest “Don’t ever say like that. I am saying don’t take too long as I can’t wait to be with you idiot!!!” Abhi smiled hearing it.

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So now she also can’t wait to be with me. This is what he wanted from her. He thought by grinning.

Pragya, Oh god! Why am I being so shameless today. Where is my control gone??

Abhi “Okay Fuggy, for u I will make it fast. After that we will have lots of time together.” He said by pulling her towards him by holding her waist.

Pragya “What are you doing? Let me go. It’s a public place. Can’t u see that?” Abhi hugging her again “I know….” Pragya was again affected by his hug & she didn’t say anything except for enjoying his hug.

After a while breaking the hug, he looked at Reena who was looking at them from window. He could see she was frustrated seeing their closeness. Pragya not realizing this was looking disappointed as he is not hugging her anymore.

Abhi whispered “Public place na…so we can’t hug for too long. Ok I will meet u some other time. Most probably to tell the truth.” He said by holding her hand.

Pragya smiled widely while he asked her to get back in. Pragya said he will go in once he drives off from here. Abhi smiled at her request. Soon, Abhi left. Pragya too went back inside the house thinking of Abhi.

Reena, This love birds are romancing as if they can live together. Only I know they can’t live together no matter how much they love each other.

Abhi, She would have been annoyed of us. After all she loved me at one point of time. I don’t think it was a real love but still there was some love for me. All I have to do is make her understand that she is not right. She needs to know Pragya is not at fault for her plight earlier. How will I do that?

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Pragya “Why did you do like this Abhi? You know how important Reena is to me right?” Abhi “Try to listen Fuggy…I never did anything. It was not my fault. You were there right? I didn’t know how the drink was poisoned in the first place.” Pragya was not interested in talking to him. She is unable to believe the person she loved for his innocence is now being filled with cruelty & evilness.

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