In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 21

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Pragya uses the opportunity of Abhi not in the room. She texts one of Reena’s colleague to come over there.

An hour later when Abhi was not around, Reena gets out from there in confusion by thinking of how her colleague knows her whereabouts.

Pragya sighs in relief as all went smoothly. Now this would be the right time for her to question Abhi. She hoped he will tell her everything.

Abhi walks into the room. He is surprised to see Pragya sitting on the same chair that he had tied Reena. He looks around & realizes Reena had escaped.

Abhi “Hi…” He said huskily. Pragya standing up said “What’s all this? I never expect this from you again.” Abhi “I’m sorry…” He said like a child which irritated Pragya.

She looked away while Abhi walked to her.

Abhi “You let her go from here?” Pragya “Yes but she doesn’t know it’s me.” Abhi looked at her with confusion. He can understand that she doesn’t want to tell how she let Reena get out from here from the way she responds.

Pragya “So tell me what do u want from me?” Abhi “What I want? What does that mean? You know that I only want our marriage to happen.” Pragya “Haan but why rush for that?” Abhi “Well, we are getting old. Can’t u see?” He said & laughed out. Pragya gave a not funny look. Abhi back hugging her “Okok, it’s just that I can’t wait to be always together with you.” Pragya “Very filmy…” Abhi “Arrey, I am telling the truth.” Pragya “The truth is you are not telling the truth. I am feeling offended that I don’t deserve to know the truth you are hiding from me. Back then you used to say I won’t lie to you Fuggy but now you are being different Bee…Bee…Do you know how much it hurts when your loved one is not telling the truth to you? Sometimes I am confused to the extent that makes me feel even your friendship & love is a lie towards me.” She cries badly saying all those words which makes Abhi in tears too.

Pragya “ Please Abhi…whatever it is just tell me. I don’t want to live with lies in my life.”

Abhi looking away said “Nobody likes to live with lies Fuggy. I am not telling a lie to you. I am unable to tell the truth to you….” Pragya “Why Abhi? Why?” She asked by cupping his face.

Abhi looking into her eyes remained silent. She could see his tears which makes her to be in tears too.

Pragya wiping his tears “If the truth is related to me then you have to tell me now Abhi…”

Abhi “I’m sorry…I can’t until…” He tried to move away when Pragya asks “Until??” Abhi “Please Fuggy…I don’t want to tell about it now…” Pragya “Then I can’t marry you too Abhi. I can’t marry a person who is not being truthful to me.” Abhi “I know…” Pragya “You know I will feel this way, but still u are not going to tell me the truth! Does that mean you are prepared to let me go?” Abhi “It’s not like that…”

Pragya “Then it’s like what Abhi??”

Abhi “Why are you being so adamant? You know your Abhi never lies. He likes to be truthful. You know that right?” Pragya “Exactly!!! I love you only for that! But now why are u being adamant in not telling the truth???”

Abhi “There is a reason Fuggy…The truth is it not only involves you….” Pragya “Who else is involved in it?” Abhi “Our friend Reena…” Pragya in shock “Reena??”

Abhi “Ya…” Pragya “My head is spinning Abhi of not knowing what is the truth. Is it that serious that u are not telling about it? Now when u say it also involves Reenu I am getting very worried.”

Abhi hugging her “I will never make u feel worried Fuggy….Just be patient….all I can say is she is not only your friend….” Pragya “I know she is not only my friend. She is my family!” Abhi hugging her closer whispered in her ears “I know Fuggy…”

Abhi to himself said, She didn’t get my words as a hint. Yes Fuggy she is your family…She is your sister….I need to tell everything to both of you by doing something.

Pragya breaking away from the hug “Ok Abhi until you tell me the truth, we won’t talk to each other that much.” Abhi “Fuggy….you don’t believe me?” Pragya “I believe you but I can’t handle this way of always thinking what you are hiding from me. I need a break Abhi. Let’s not meet each other for sometime. You use that time make sure you come back to me with the truth!” She said by moving away from him.

Abhi in a low tone “Ok…” Pragya walking ahead turned back “Bee…Bee…it’s not that I am breaking up with you! I still want you to come back to me. I am waiting for you!! Do u understand that?” She said looking at him. Abhi smiled seeing her to which she frowned at him.

Abhi “Don’t look at me like that. I feel like eating you!” Pragya “Ya if u eat me then I will drink you!!” She said it loudly before running away from there.
Abhi chuckles hearing it.

Abhi, She is still like a child when talking to me back! I Love her childishness crazily.

Thank you for reading! Just bear with it again. Hope it’s not………..

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