In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 20

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Pragya was at the place that Abhi had kidnapped Reena. She was hiding herself under a table. She was very well managing to hide herself to observe the actions of Abhi. She was also hoping he didn’t see her.

Abhi was never harsh towards Reena. It was his words that confused Pragya.

Pragya,Why did he say to Reena that she is protecting me from him. Was it to mislead Reena or me.

She was also thinking what if Dadi had informed him that she will be here which is the reason why he is behaving this way. She was not sure. She only could be in deep thoughts until Reena’s loud voice disturbed her thoughts.

Pragya, What happened to Reena now?

She adjusted herself to look at their direction.

Reena “I am telling you Abhi, this is completely insane. You seduced to bring me here right, if I tell this to Pragya, she would be mad at you!” Pragya could only see Reena while Abhi’s back was visible to her. Their voice was audible to her.

Abhi “I know about her. She would blindly believe you. That doesn’t matter when she blindly loves me”.
Pragya, now both thinks I am believe everything blindly? How blind their minds are!!!

Reena “What’s your purpose of me bringing me here ah? To make her feel alone so that u can mingle with her more? I bet you would have gone to meet her!!! Such a seducer you are!! Who knows, you might have also get closer to her today!!!”

Abhi “You can only think in this way right? That’s not your fault as I myself love to be close to her. I got my ways to get closer to her. It’s not like you are saying. I like to be slow & steady when it comes to closeness towards a person. That too a person like Pragya needs time to be close to.”

Pragya, What the hell!!! Am I that vulnerable like they say? Yes I get affected by his closeness but I do know my limits. I will never cross my limits before marriage. This two are talking about me but not with me. How bad is that!!

Reena in a sarcastic tone “Whatever Abhi, one thing I am sure is Pragya can’t be yours as I have a lot of things to be done with her.”

Abhi in a fierce tone “Same here! Until then stay here. I won’t leave her without getting what I want from her.” Reena “You want Love from her right?” Abhi “That’s superficial….” Reena with a confused look “Then what do u want from her?” Abhi “That’s none of your business. We will see who gets what we want from her first.” Reena looks on as Abhi walks away.

Pragya wonders what’s going on in her life. There is something else that both Abhi & Reena wants from apart from her love.

Pragya, Their silence about what they want from me is killing me. Why can’t they ask me directly what they want!! What do I have to give them? I only have love to give both of them.

Pragya looked at her phone. She saw the time it was getting late. She wonders how she can escape together with Reena from here.

Abhi enters one of the room beside where Reena was. He looks around the place. It was filled with so much of memories.

Abhi, I am not sure how far I can go to protect both but I know I need to. One is my friend….another is my love. Both are two opposite poles in thoughts & beliefs. I have to make both believe that they are not alone & what they want from each other not only have benefits but also have painful truths behind them.

Abhi looks surprised seeing Pragya. He realizes Reena had escaped.

The following is part of Abhi & Pragya’s conversation:

Pragya “So tell me what do u want from me?” Abhi “What I want? What does that mean? You know that I only want our marriage to happen.” Pragya “Haan but why rush for that?” Abhi “Well, we are getting old. Can’t u see?” He said & laughed out. Pragya gave a not funny look. Abhi back hugging her “Okok, it’s just that I can’t wait to be always together with you.” Pragya “Very filmy…” Abhi “Arrey, I am telling the truth.” Pragya “The truth is you are not telling the truth. I am feeling offended that I don’t deserve to know the truth you are hiding from me. Back then you used to say I won’t lie to you Fuggy but now you are being different Bee…Bee…Do you know how much it hurts when your loved one is not telling the truth to you? Sometimes I am confused to the extent that makes me feel even your friendship and love is a lie towards me.” She cries badly saying all those words which makes Abhi in tears too.

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