In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 19

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Abhi “What happened Fuggy?” Pragya worriedly “I really don’t know….I thought she would be back after seeing her client. She said it’s just a matter of few hours work.” Abhi “She went alone?” Pragya nodded her head as yes.

Abhi “Let me try calling by my phone…” Pragya saw him calling and he said “It’s switched off…” Pragya “She never does like this before Abhi….she always inform me if she will be late….”

Abhi “Maybe your phone battery got low or she misplaced your phone to inform u.” Pragya “But she can still call me using other phone. I feel something wrong in this.” Abhi “We shall wait a little longer and see….if not I can inform my friend. He is a police officer and he can help us in finding her…” Pragya was in tears thinking of nothing wrong could have happened to Reena.

Abhi “Nothing will happen to her as long I am around…” Pragya “What did you say?” Abhi “Nothing to worry Fuggy….She will be fine..” He hugged her saying that to calm her down. Pragya felt better in his hug.

Abhi “Have u eaten?” Pragya shook her head as no. Abhi “Ok let me make something for u to eat…” He said by breaking their hug.

Pragya “No Abhi…I will eat once she comes back…” Abhi “She will also scold u if u have not eaten on time. Just listen to me and have something light for breakfast.” Pragya still hesitated but he made her sit down on the couch while he went to the kitchen.

Pragya “What are you going to do Bee…Bee? Don’t make a mess of the place!” Abhi “Mess? Me? Even mess cannot mess with me!!” Pragya “What kind of dialogue is that?” Abhi “My own dialogue Fuggy!” Pragya chuckled lightly in response. She was hearing some sounds of utensils dropping and he saying I’m sorry Fuggy as usual.

Pragya came to the kitchen and saw him.

Abhi “Why u came here? I said I will handle myself na!”

Pragya “Why you trouble yourself? I asked u to come down as I felt worried without Reena around..”

Abhi “Listen Fuggy, she will be back soon. Why are u not believing when I myself telling u that she will come back?” Pragya “It’s not about that Bee…Bee…this hasn’t happened before. Now I can understand what she would have gone through when u kidnapped me!” Abhi jerked hearing it. Pragya “What happened?” Abhi “Nothing…” Pragya notices that he is trying to avoid eye contact with her.

Abhi “Done!! The sandwiches are done!” Pragya “Tell me the truth Abhi. Did u kidnapped her like me?” Abhi “Hello Fuggy, I am not a professional kidnapper like u are thinking! You think this is my side business of kidnapping people!” Pragya “ Then why are not looking at me properly?” Abhi “It’s just that I am seeing the sandwiches are looking fine…”

From then, Pragya tried to observe Abhi. He looked perfectly normal, had breakfast with her, cracked jokes in midst of it to make her mood better.

Pragya, Where is Reenu? Still she is not turning up.

Pragya looked towards the doorstep with deep emotions in her eyes.

Abhi “I will call my friend now…” Pragya nodded her head. Pragya sees Abhi talking to his friend & he even asked him to make it faster to track Reena with a lot of concern.”

Pragya, I am confused now. He looks very much genuine. But somewhere inside me it says he might be pretending.

Abhi finished talking looked back at Pragya. He signalled not to worry with his eyes. Pragya in return nodded her head again.

After an hour, Abhi said he had to go off. He asked her to take care of herself. He promised Reena will be back & now it’s his responsibility to make sure she returns home safely.

Pragya sees him leaving while she is still in thoughts of Abhi pretending to her.

Pragya, I think I have to talk to Dadi about this.

She called Dadi. She informed her about everything. In return Dadi “Yes you are right. He is pretending.” Pragya “But why?” Dadi “He needs to marry you as soon as possible.” Pragya “Why Dadi?” Dadi “It’s because of u Pragya!!” Pragya “Me??” Dadi “This is what I can say for now. I can tell u where he is now with Reena. It’s quite a secluded place. Try to go before it gets dark…”

Later, Pragya reached the place. It was a small house in a dilapidated condition. It looked scary to her. But she braced herself & slowly entered the house not making any sounds.

Pragya hears Abhi’s voice. She walks towards the direction and is shocked to see Reena tied up in a chair. Abhi was standing in front of her.

Abhi “My dear Reena, I know what u are upto! No matter how much u try to protect her from me, it’s always me who will be in her mind. I have that much of effect on her!”

Pragya hears his words. She is confused of the tone used by Abhi.

Pragya, Why does he sounds evil?

Reena “What are u saying?? First let me go off from here!!! If not the consequences of this will be unbearable to u!!”

Abhi laughs wickedly. He walks off to check his phone.

Pragya wonders what’s going on in her life. There is something else that both Abhi & Reena wants from apart from her love.

Pragya, Their silence about what they want from me is killing me. Why can’t they ask me directly what they want!!

Thank u everyone for reading. What I can say is Don’t jump to conclusions yet. Keep reading to see how the story goes. Reminder: It will end soon.

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