In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 18

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Pragya was setting up her bed when Reena entered the room.

Reena “You seem to be very happy today!” Pragya “Am I?” Reena “Yes u are! Your face is glowing in happiness.” Pragya “Nothing much today was a good day.”

She said remembering Abhi and his way of behaviour towards her.

Reena “Acha…it’s because of Abhi right?”

Pragya dropped the blanket she was holding.

Reena “I know you went to his house…” Pragya “Reenu…” Reena “I am not upset that u lied to me. But I am upset you didn’t want to share that u are going there….”

Pragya “Reenu, it’s not like I didn’t want to share…” Reena “It’s okay Pragya….after all I am just a friend of yours…not your family member….” Pragya coming in front of her “Don’t ever say like that! You are my family forever!! When I was alone you were the only one supported me. From that moment, I have been thinking u as my family.” Reena emotionally “No Pragya, now a family is willing to accept u. You will also accept it soon. They will be your family….” Pragya “Haan I will accept them only if they accept you with me.” Reena “What are u saying Pragya? How will they accept me?” Pragya “I have even told this to Abhi. I said I will only say yes to marriage if he is willing to allow u to stay with us.” Reena “What nonsense is this?” Pragya “I don’t want u to stay alone. I know u are not interested in marriage & relationship. For my selfishness of getting married to Abhi, I won’t force u to marry. I respect your emotions Reenu…” Reena “In that case, you won’t even get married!!” Pragya “Ok!”

Reena “Ok? What are u saying? It’s not at all ok!!” Pragya “It’s my life & all I can say is you are a very very important part in my life.”

Reena sighed while Pragya continued to make the bed.

Abhi who was feeling restless as he had kissed Pragya was walking to & fro.

Abhi “This is insane! Why do I want to kiss her again!!”

He decided to call her. He felt talking to her about something else would divert his mind.

On the other hand, Reena who passed by the side table saw Pragya’s phone ringing. She saw Bee..Bee…on the screen. She smiled & picked up the call.

Abhi “Fuggy!!! Are u free now?” Reena “Hmm..” Abhi “Ok then can u come out? Like for a walk?” Reena “Hmm…” Abhi “One more thing Fuggy, don’t wear saree!” Reena in surprise “Hmm…” Abhi “I am saying it as I feel uncontrollable when u are in saree! Like how I kissed u today… It’s the effect of your saree!!”

Reena “Oh…” Abhi “Okok don’t delay. I will text u again then u can come out. To Reena, u tell it as u need to see someone regarding work. Ok?”

Reena “Hmm…” Abhi “See you soon!!”

Reena said to Pragya that she is going to meet someone regarding work. Pragya asked whether she can join her as well. In return, Reena convinced Pragya saying she can manage. In response, Pragya reminded her to call after reaching the place.

Reena smiled widely. She went to get changed. Pragya “Reenu? What’s this?” Reena adjusting herself “Why? Is it that bad?” Pragya “No! U look absolutely stunning! But why saree??”

Reena “Oh…that client likes traditional girls….so…” Pragya “What kind of client is that?” Reena “I will tell more about him later. Let me go first now….” Pragya nodded her head as yes. Reena “Haan Pragya, can i bring your mobile? My phone’s battery is very low. I will be back in a short while.”

Pragya “You don’t have to ask that. Just take it Reenu!” Reena smiled widely in excitement & left the house.”

Reena comes outside. She eagerly waits for him near the lamp post at the end of the street. It’s always a sheer pleasure to see him. She wonders what would he think of her being in saree.

Abhi comes in his car. Abhi gets down from it & walks towards her.

Reena, I think he still haven’t identify me yet. It’s good in a way too.

Reena turns in her way he would face his back as she wants him to get shocked of seeing her.

Abhi standing behind her now whispers “Nice to meet you Reena…” Reena gets shocked while Abhi “I knew it was you. I actually wanted to tell a lot of things to you but seeing you in this way makes me uncontrollable….Shall we leave?”

Reena was taken aback. She was not expecting this from him. She turned back in shock.

Abhi “You don’t believe me?” Reena “Pragya?” Abhi “She is just pass time yaar….we were supposed to get married! Why not we confirm that tonight?” Reena “Are you sure of what u are telling?”
Abhi seductively “Yes I am sure…I desire you seeing now….Let’s go!” He never let her answer. He simply scooped in her arms & carried to his car.

The night passed & Pragya was worried for the whole night of not getting call from Reena or she picking her calls.

The next day she called Abhi for help.

Pragya panicked “Abhi, Reena is missing! I don’t know where she went. Did she came to see u by chance?” Abhi “ No!!! Did u called her?” Pragya “I did & she took my phone instead of hers as hers was with low battery.” Abhi “Oh then did u checked with her friends?” Pragya “I am her only friend!!!” Abhi “Ok colleagues?” Pragya “I am confused of who to call….” Abhi “wait a little longer…she would return Fuggy…” Pragya “Can u come home? I am very worried for her! She is missing from yesterday night. She had never done like this before….” Abhi “Ok I am coming!”

Abhi, Not bad it is happening as the way I expect.

Abhi “My dear Reena, I know what u are upto! No matter how much u try to protect her from me, it’s always me who will be in her mind. I have that much of effect on her!”

Pragya hears his words. She is confused of the tone used by Abhi.

Pragya, Why does he sounds evil?

To be continued…

Sorry for the late update. Was unwell and tired so couldn’t update yesterday. Hope u all find the update interesting.

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