In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 17

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Pragya “Dadi you take rest. I will serve him food.” Dadi smiled with a nod. She understands Pragya wants to talk to him alone. Dadi coming nearer to her whispered something before leaving from there.

Abhi “Fuggy…what is this hush hush between Dadi & u?” Pragya “What hush hush? First u sit down and let me get plate for u.”

Abhi, She don’t remember what is hush hush. She is the one who taught me.

Pragya came back with a plate. She placed it in front of him and served him the food.

Abhi “You eat already Fuggy?” Pragya “Yes, Dadi served me. She is very sweet to remember about my favourite dishes.”

Abhi “Hello it’s not her but it’s me who reminded her of what u like to eat.”

Pragya “Really? I think u are lying to me.”

Abhi “What can I do with this Dadi…..she wants to impress u that’s why she act.” Pragya “She act? You don’t exaggerate. I don’t believe u.”

Abhi got angry and decided not to eat. He stared at the plate of food.

Pragya “Arrey u don’t want to eat for this. Dadi said u didn’t had breakfast too.”

He remained silent.

Pragya “How do u call yourself as a man ah? Still behaving like a small boy in school.” She rolled her eyes saying that.

In return Abhi made a scowled face.

Pragya “If u never eat then I am leaving.” Abhi shrieked “No!! No!! Stay here, I want you.”
She in return raised her eyebrows.

Abhi “I mean I want to talk to u….” Pragya “First eat then we can talk as much as you want…” Abhi smiled widely as Pragya gestured him to eat. She too smiled inwardly thinking of how adorable he is.

Abhi ordered her to serve continuously. He loves seeing her serving him & asking is this enough.

Pragya found out that he is purposely doing this by seeing his goofy smile.

Pragya then saw Abhi instead of eating was looking at her partially exposed waist.

Pragya covered herself properly but Abhi was still looking at the same direction.

Pragya screeched “Enough!!” Abhi being back to senses looked away. Pragya “Enough Abhi. I didn’t expect you to behave this way.” Abhi “What did I do?” Pragya “First eat finish. I am not in a mood to give you explanation.” Abhi “Okay…”

Pragya glancing at him, How can he look at there as if he wants to eat it!!

Abhi “I eat already!!!” Pragya “So?” Abhi “Dadi will wipe my mouth after I eat finish.” Pragya chuckled hearing it.

Abhi “Not funny!” Pragya used her pallu to wipe his mouth. Abhi “Thanks! Now I will go & wash my hands.” He said taking his plate & walked from there.
Pragya “Come to the terrace after you are done. I need to talk to u.” Abhi “Ok Fuggy!”

At the terrace,

Pragya saw him walking towards her. She want to ask him some questions regarding his accident so that she can get some hints.

Abhi “Fuggy it’s so hot!! Shall we go to my room to talk? There is AC there.” Pragya “I know u will tell like this. Look there…” Abhi looked at the direction she pointed at.

Abhi in surprise “I didn’t know there is a room here!” Pragya “I knew Dadi & u wouldn’t have noticed this. Both of u barely come up too right?” Abhi “You are right Fuggy. Dadi have knee pain na so I asked her not to walk up here. Already she takes stairs to my room. I didn’t want to strain herself further by coming up here. I also never came here as I didn’t want to be alone.”

Pragya smiled in response & said “Now I am here na. Let’s go in!”

Abhi followed her. Pragya asked him how was it. In response he gestured it’s superb.

Pragya “Now coming to the point. Abhi, look at me. I need answers from u. Will u tell me?” Abhi “Sure! What answers you want?” Pragya didn’t know how to start. She didn’t want him to feel bad by revisiting the moments of his past that affected him the most. Now only he is back to normal. Will it be ok if she ask him?

Her mind was filled with those thoughts when Abhi pulled her towards him all of a sudden.

Abhi looking lost in her eyes gave a kiss on her lips. It was too unexpected for her. Before she could react further he kissed her again. This time Pragya pushed him away disrupting his kiss.

Abhi looked at all directions while Pragya covered her mouth in shock.

Abhi, Before she reacts by scolding me, I have to admit my mistake! Yes that’s the best way.

Abhi “Fuggy, I didn’t do it purposely. You were looking too hot from just now. Then your rosy lips called me to kiss u! I’m extremely sorry yaar. I myself don’t know why I really couldn’t control myself.”

Pragya seeing him getting upset was trying her best to control her smile.

Pragya “It’s alright. I guess you are deeply affected by lovesick. Better see a doctor for treatment. Ok?” Abhi “There is treatment for this?” Pragya “Yes! Ok bye! I better leave before you kiss me again!!”

Abhi ruffled his hair as she walked away from the room.

Abhi, Like Seriously? Instead of scolding me she is asking me to go for treatment. Even now she don’t want me to feel bad. She is too good. If she didn’t push me I would have kissed her more!! Wait!But what she wanted to ask me something? What was that?

Pragya, I couldn’t ask him today. He is totally in a romantic mood. First touching me then looking at my waist. Finally kissing me! Oh god, just in a day he is doing all this but after that acts as if nothing happened by saying sorry! I think he is affected by me wearing saree. Stupid me! I should have changed it when Reena was looking at me weirdly for wearing this to work.

Pragya panicked “Abhi, Reena is missing! I don’t know where she went. Did she came to see u by chance?” Abhi “No…wait a little longer…she would return Fuggy…” Pragya “Can u come home? I am very worried for her! She is missing from yesterday night. She had never done like this before….” Abhi “Ok I am coming!” Abhi, Not bad it is happening as the way I expect.

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