In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 16

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Abhi “Dadi how could you be so careless with the door open?” Dadi “There is security there right, then why are u getting worried?” Abhi “No Dadi…heard of burglary happening…that’s why I was worried…” Dadi “Next time I will be careful. You have a surprise waiting for you at my room.” Abhi “Your room?” Dadi “First go & see but faster come down to eat.” Abhi “What surprise is that Dadi?” Dadi “You will know when u get there.” Abhi “Why is this sudden surprise?” Dadi winked at him.

Abhi went up the stairs. He found Pragya sitting. She was looking gorgeous in a pink saree.

Abhi whistled to get her attention. Pragya was back to senses. Abhi “What makes you come here Fuggy?” He asked in a husky tone.

Pragya “I…thought of…” Abhi “You thought of surprising me?” Pragya stood up. Abhi “It’s ok I don’t expect respect from my loved ones. Sit down Fuggy…” Pragya “No I have to go & see Dadi…” Abhi “You had seen her na…Now see me…”

Pragya never bothered his words. She walked & Abhi pulled her towards him. He managed to pin her to the wall.

Pragya gasped at his sudden action.

Pragya “What are you doing Abhi? I want to talk to Dadi.” Abhi innocently “You don’t want to talk to me?” Pragya “It’s not like that Abhi….” Abhi “You know u look very pretty in this pink.” Pragya “Thanks but I have to go now…” Abhi touching her hand in a seductive way “I just feel like being this way…” Pragya stammered “Abhi…I need…to go…”

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Abhi “If love is radiance of life, will your smile be the radiance to radiate my life?” He holds Pragya by her waist but her thoughts are on Dadi’s words. Abhi felt bad that she is not responding to him. He stepped back observing her expression that was filled with confusion.

Abhi, Maybe she is not in love with me…
Abhi walked out of the room in disappointment.

Pragya, Abhi I do get affected by your closeness. But I need to clarify with Dadi about Reena first.

Pragya walking out saw Abhi standing there.

Pragya “Abhi…” Abhi “I’m sorry Fuggy…” Pragya looked at him intently. Abhi “Why are you being very silent? It makes me scared Fuggy. I don’t want to lose a friend.” Pragya smiled widely.

Pragya “You never did anything wrong. I am always your friend in first place.”

Abhi with excitement “Really? So u are not unhappy?” Pragya “Not at all…even your actions are not wrong…” She said that & walked away quickly.

Abhi “Did she said my actions are not wrong? Does that mean she liked what I did?” Pragya turned back from a distance. She smiled at him. He widened his eyes for her smile.

Abhi, Damn! She is making me restless now. Why can’t she simply say yes we can be together!!

Dadi “Abhi, faster come down!” Abhi “Haan Dadi. I am coming.”

Pragya insisted Dadi to tell the truth but she said this is not the right time for her to tell about it.

Abhi came to the dining area. He saw Dadi & Pragya looking serious.

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Abhi “I knew it!!” Dadi in shock “What you know?” Abhi “The truth of course. How can u hide such a big thing from me Dadi? I didn’t expect you to do this.” Dadi was getting tensed. Pragya looked at Abhi in shock too.

Abhi “Why you never tell Fuggy is coming today?”
Dadi & Pragya sighed in relief.

Abhi looking at them strangely thought, Why both of them reacting in the same way? Looks like both are teaming up for something. I hope they don’t team up against me. I am too innocent to stand against them.

Abhi “Fuggy, I didn’t do it purposely. You were looking too hot. Then your rosy lips called me to kiss u! I’m extremely sorry yaar. I myself don’t know why I really couldn’t control myself.”

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