In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 15

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Life was not same again for Pragya. She thinks of Abhi in every work she does. Her thoughts get disrupted when she sees Reena. A week had passed, Abhi at times came to her workplace to disturb her. But today she wanted to disturb him.

She do understand how much Abhi loves her. He is desperate to have her in his life. Even she is also desperate but her desperation have limitations. She is very determined not to leave Reena completely.

Pragya was dressing up for work. She was adjusting her saree when Reena came inside the room.

Reena “Are you going to work or temple?” Pragya “Work only Reena….” Reena “Then why in saree?” Pragya, I don’t know whether to tell her that I am meeting Abhi & Dadi. Shall I tell her?

Pragya “Nothing much Reenu, after work I am going to temple.” Reena “Why do u take time to tell this?” Pragya “Err…I just wanted to test your patience!!” She said that loudly & hugged Reena.

Reena chuckled. She said “Call me once you reached the temple, if my work ends early then I can join u too.” Pragya in shock “No!!” Reena “No?” Pragya “I mean no as you would be tired after a long day. You should be taking rest at home” Reena smiled at her concern.

Pragya “It’s my order that you have to be back home after work!” Reena “Ok mam.” Pragya beat her lightly in response. Reena “I am worried what if you are being kidnapped again.” Pragya “This time i will be careful…” Reena “ You really never see the person who kidnapped u?” Pragya looking scared shook her head as no.

Reena “ It’s ok. Thank god you came safely after a night. You know I would have not withdraw the police complaint if you never insisted.” Pragya “Leave that Reenu. Now I am ok na…” Reena “Ok…but better be alert at all times…” Pragya nodded her head as yes.

Pragya didn’t mention that it was Abhi who kidnapped her. She didn’t want Reena to get a bad impression of Abhi.

Later in the evening, Pragya came to Abhi’s house. This time she managed to get the contact of Dadi. She messaged her saying she will be visiting her today. Dadi was very happy to welcome her.

Dadi “Pragya dear, first eat as you are looking tired.” Pragya “No Dadi…” Dadi “I am saying right….it has been a very long time I served u a meal. The last time u came u just disappeared making me upset.” Pragya “ Sorry Dadi…I had to leave early that day…” Dadi seeing her getting upset said “So now you have to make up for it.” Pragya smiled in return.

Pragya was looking around the house to see where Abhi was.

Dadi “ He is not back from work…” Pragya “No I was not looking for him…” Dadi “Don’t lie…Your eyes clearly tell that you are looking for him.” Pragya “ Does it really tell u?” Dadi “Yes it’s like the way how a wife looks out for her husband.” Pragya blushed hearing it.

Dadi then made her sit & served her favourite meals. Pragya had tears of happiness while eating it.

Dadi “Is it that spicy?” Pragya in a shaky voice “No…it’s just….I remembered of Ma….” Dadi calmed her down with a hug. Pragya felt better. She asked “ How did you still remember the dishes I like?” Dadi “I remember the same way how you remember us after so many years….” Pragya “ Thank you Dadi…” Dadi “First eat finish…” Pragya smiled again. She finished her meal.

At Dadi’s room,

Dadi “I know that both of you are in love with each other but something is stopping both of you to take it to the next level. Am I right to say that?” Pragya nodded her head as yes.

Dadi “What is it that is stopping both of u?” Pragya with hesitance “Dadi…I am ready for marriage but Abhi have some misunderstanding that needs to be cleared.” Dadi “Pragya dear, just tell me what is bothering both of u…” Pragya “I would never consider Reena as someone who bothers us but Abhi…” Dadi in shock “ What name did u say?” Pragya “Reena!” Dadi was taken aback.

Pragya seeing Dadi getting panicked asked “Are u ok Dadi? Let me get water for u!” Dadi held her hands to stop her from leaving.

Dadi “How are u related to Reena?” Pragya explained how much Reena had been important in her life after her parent’s demise. She is more like a sister to her that she would never want to lose forever.

Dadi “ You know right? She was Abhi’s fiance…” Pragya nodded as yes. Dadi “But you wouldn’t have known that she was the reason for Abhi losing his voice….” Pragya in shock “What are you saying Dadi?? She made Abhi lose his voice!! How’s that possible??”

Dadi “This is what I can say for now…Even Abhi doesn’t know about this. Did you hear the car sound? I think he is back. Let’s talk about this later…”

Pragya remains in shock as Dadi left the room to receive Abhi.

Abhi “If love is radiance of life, will your smile be the radiance to radiate my life?” He holds Pragya by her waist but her thoughts are on Dadi’s words. Abhi felt bad that she is not responding to him. He stepped back observing her expression that was filled with confusion.

Abhi, Maybe she is not in love with me…

Thank u everyone for reading. Thank u n Sorry Mokshi sis, Saranya sis, Rithu sis and Abhigya.

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