In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 14

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Abhi “I’m sorry because of me you have to be here….” Pragya “I can see you are trying to divert the topic of me not wanting to know something. It’s ok Abhi. I can understand as you are feeling uncomfortable to share it with me.”

Abhi never said anything in response. He wondered how could she understand him very easily. That much of love she has for him is the reason.

Abhi smiled thinking of her love towards him. Abhi “Thank you Fuggy….” Pragya “ For what?” Abhi “For everything…”

Pragya “ Whatever it is you are always my friend first….” Abhi “I know Fuggy….that’s why I thanked you.” Pragya “Oh…” Abhi “Let me think of how to escape from here.” Pragya “But don’t you think we should see who is the person who tied you up?” Abhi “Does that mean you don’t mind staying here very long?” Pragya “Why not? As long you are with me I am ok with it.” Abhi “Really? Then why are you saying no to staying lifelong with me?”

Pragya didn’t know how to answer him back. Whatever she spoke about he ends it up in asking about being with her for lifelong if not about love.

Abhi “Fuggy…bite with your teeth to loosen my knots. After that I can easily untie you too.” Pragya nodded her head as yes. She moved with the chair to his back. After a lot of struggle the knots were loosened.
Abhi then quickly untied her. He asked her to follow him.

Pragya “Why is there no one around to stop us?” Abhi “It’s good there is no one around. I don’t like fighting also…”

Pragya was about to say something when he signalled her to be silent.

Abhi “Hold my hand firmly until we leave this place.” Pragya did what he said. Holding him was the best feeling the world. She always feel as if she is safe in his grip. Pragya smiled inwardly. She felt like holding his hand for lifelong.

Both left the place. They safely reached out with no hurdles.

Pragya “Thank god we had escaped. That was so creepy not knowing who is the person who tied you up!!” Abhi looks on. He tells himself, We didn’t escape for real. We were made to be free from there.

Pragya “Again in silent mode?” Abhi looks worried. Pragya shakes him. Abhi “What Fuggy? Can’t you see I am worried?” Pragya “Tell me what are you worried about!” Abhi “ I don’t have phone with me. Now how to reach your home fast? Can’t even call anyone to get a car!” Pragya chuckles hearing it.

Abhi looks at her with confusion. Pragya “We can walk boy. Let’s go!” Pragya begined to walk as if she knows the route to be out from the place.

Abhi, She called me boy? It sounds as if I am a small boy to her!!

Abhi rushed behind her saying slow down as she walked faster than him.

Pragya “You know boy this time I will navigate you safely.” Abhi “Stop calling me boy…” Pragya “Why?” Abhi “It sounds very odd…” Pragya “I don’t feel odd though.” Abhi made a angry face. He stopped walking which made Pragya wonder why. Pragya “Triple B why did u stop walking?” Abhi “Huh? Triple B??” Pragya cheerfully said “Bee…Bee..Boy!! That makes you Triple B!!!” Abhi in a sarcastic tone “It’s very funny!” Pragya “Funny na? Just like you Triple B!!” Abhi never said anything & let Pragya to make fun of him thereafter.

Pragya “Triple B, do you feel tired by walking like this?” Abhi never responded to her which made her feel sad.

Abhi in a while “I’m sorry…you got to be feeling tired” Pragya “I asked you whether u are tried & u are saying I am tired. One more thing, stop saying I’m sorry like a mantra!!” Abhi lightly smiled in response. Pragya “Wow I feel triple times better by seeing your smile Triple B!” Abhi “You won’t stop this triple mania for now right?” Pragya “ You are absolutely right!!!” Abhi smirked.

She is always this cheerful girl who disturbs him playfully. He loves it. He loves it always.

Abhi “Fuggy look over there. There is some car there. We can ask for a lift to leave from here.”

Both then reached the car. They managed to take a lift & successfully left from there to their respective homes.

Pragya reaching home was smiling thinking of Abhi.

If love is radiance of life, will your smile be the radiance to radiate my life?

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