In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 13

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Abhi “ Fuggy, wake up let’s watch t.v. together!!!”
Pragya opening her eyes slowly smiled at him.

Abhi “Good morning Fuggy!” Pragya in shock“It’s morning?” Abhi “Yes it is….you have been sleeping for very long.”

Pragya stared at him in anger.

Pragya, I am not going to talk to you. She said to herself by looking away.

Abhi switched on the tv. He looked at Pragya looking with uncomfortable face.

Abhi “I’m sorry Fuggy….”

He walked towards her by saying that & untying her. Abhi “You want to use the washroom na?” Saying that carried her in his arms. Pragya “Are you mad or what?” Abhi “Sorry again….I will carry you to the washroom. It must be urgent to you.” Pragya was protesting to leave her down but he never listen to her.

Abhi “There you go!” He let her down in front of the washroom Pragya screeched “I will kill you soon!!!”

Abhi looked down in sadness. He didn’t want to be killed by her. He was feeling hurt by her words even though she told it in a fit of anger. She closed the door seeing the sad face of Abhi.

Pragya from inside “Don’t keep on look down.” Abhi “Why I cannot? I am upset so I am looking down.” Pragya “I don’t want your neck to hurt….” Abhi “You care for me Fuggy?” Pragya “No…I care for your neck.” Abhi “Now I am happy as you care for me.” Pragya to herself, I always care for you even when you were not beside me.

Abhi in a childlike tone “Fuggy….” Pragya “Haan…” Abhi “Will you do massage for me if I am in pain?” Pragya “Yes….” Abhi “It means you will also kiss me if I am in romantic mood!!!” Pragya “I will kill you when I come out now.” Abhi “You are always like this Fuggy. I am feeling hurt now. You don’t need to come out at all. Just stay inside there!!! Bye!!!” He stomped away saying that making Pragya chuckle.

Pragya, Still behaving like a child. What can I do to change him!!!

Pragya later came out of the washroom. She was keep on calling Abhi but there was no response. She finally managed to track where he was to the sound of tv.

Pragya finds him hooked to the Tv with his eyes & mouth widely opened.

Pragya looks at the Tv, she gets shocked to see humma humma song being performed by Abhi & Pragya in kumkum bhagya. She took the remote control that was on the table and turned off the television. Abhi screamed “No!!!!!! I am taking tips for future. They dance very well.” Pragya “Is that a dance? They are literally romancing in a sensual way….” Abhi “What way?” Pragya “Sensual way!!” Abhi “I can’t hear you. Say again…” Pragya “How many times I have to tell u ah?” Abhi walking towards her “I don’t understand now….tell me again with explanation fuggy…” Pragya kept on walk backwards in fear until she hit the wall behind her.

Abhi came in front of her. Abhi “Sensual way right?” Pragya starting to sweat said “Move behind if not I will kill you…” Abhi in a husky tone “Kill me with your kiss Fuggy…I will die peacefully…” He said by gently touching her waist.

Pragya trying not to get affected by his touch said “Abhi…I am saying again just move behind. How can u watch this kind of serials? Where is your brains? Are you watching it as they two have our names?”

Abhi “I switched on the tv. It was by chance that I came across the show….He looks like me though. She looks like you too. It’s not a bad idea to do like they did.” Pragya “ Not a bad idea?? It is a very bakwass idea!!” Abhi pulling her closer to him “What bakwass idea! They love each other so they can romance in whatever way they want. Won’t you do that if u love me??” He asked fiercely. Pragya not having eye contact with him replied “I won’t love you…” Abhi “Liar!!” Pragya “let me go Abhi…” Abhi “You won’t love me?” Pragya “Absolutely no….” Abhi let her off by moving away.

Pragya, Oh no….did he got really pissed off?

Abhi facing her pointed to look towards a direction. Pragya looked and saw food on the table.

Pragya “Bee…Bee…” Abhi never responded. He walked away from there.

Pragya, I really didn’t mean to tell this way. It came in a flow like he says.

She walks to the table with food. She served herself the food on a plate.

Slowly eating it was thinking of Abhi. She ate finish it with thoughts of him.

Abhi in a while coming back gestured to her by asking how was the food?

Pragya smiled in return by giving a thumbs up sign to say the food is nice.

Abhi had no reaction. He was about to walk away when Pragya called “ Abhi….you won’t talk to me?”

Abhi “I thought someone liked my silence…” Pragya “Yes I do….” Abhi “I thought this silence will make her love me again…” Pragya “That means you were not upset with me???” She asked in a loud voice.

Abhi turning away smiled teasingly.

Pragya “Cheater!! I was worried you were feeling upset. In the end it was all a drama.”

Abhi “I am going to sleep. Do you want to sleep with me?” Pragya “Chee! What kind of question is this?”

Abhi “ We used to sleep together during school days. Don’t you remember?” Pragya “Back then we were kids. Now we are adults!!”

Abhi “I won’t disturb you Fuggy….” Pragya “You better go away if not I will…” Abhi “Kill me right? I am hoping the kill will change to kiss some day….” He said it casually before winking at her.

Abhi then jumped onto the couch there. He slept thinking of Pragya.

Pragya “ Such a cute child he is. Always joking around….”

Pragya sat opposite to him. She was mesmerized of how cute he looks even in sleep.

She also drifted to sleep thinking of him. A while later she woke up to find herself tied up again. But this time she smiled & slept again.

Abhi called “Fuggy!! Fuggy!!!” Pragya opening her eyes “What Abhi? I was sleeping na…” Abhi pouted seeing her. Pragya “What’s this? You tied up yourself?”

Abhi “No Fuggy! Someone attacked me. After I waked up I saw you untied, so I tied you up to make sure you don’t run away. Then suddenly someone covered my mouth with handkerchief. After that I am seeing myself like this…”

Pragya “Are you serious?” Abhi nodded his head as yes. Abhi “This is the most unbelievable thing ever. Kidnapper himself is being tied up.” He said by trying to find ways to get himself untied. Pragya “That’s an unbelievable joke of the year. You kidnapper??” She laughs continuously which irritates him. Slowly both hear footsteps of a person and the sound vanishes as soon as they hear to it intently.

Pragya “Who is it? Is that your enemy?” Abhi “Oye Fuggy, I am not that good to have enemy.” Pragya didn’t understand his words. Abhi “Oh Fuggy, Have you not seen it in serials, only good people have enemies. Bad people are enemies to themselves.” Pragya “What kind of logic is this??” Abhi “Scenes of serials. This is what they show.” Pragya sighed in response.

Abhi innocently “Ok tell me now how to escape Fuggy.” Pragya screeched “Hello Mr Childish Abhi, am I the one who kidnapped u? You kidnapped me & now u are asking me for the escape strategy!!!”

Abhi in a low tone “Don’t scold me Fuggy, I did all for our goodness. I didn’t know someone would do this to me.”

Pragya “If someone tied u up means u are too good for them?” Abhi “No Fuggy, I think someone by mistake did this.” Pragya “Really?” Abhi nodded his head as yes when strong wind blew at their side.

Pragya in shaky voice “Why is it so windy all of a sudden?” Abhi “How would I know? I am also clueless about it”

A paper rocket was flown onto Abhi’s lap. Pragya “Take & read that!!! You will know who is doing this!!”

Abhi “From this? But how can I take it when my hands are tied up at the back! You come near me!”

Pragya moved with the chair beside him. She picked the paper with her tied hands.

Pragya “It’s good that u tied my hands in front.” Abhi “Faster see what is written on it.” Pragya managed to unfold the paper. She read loudly “Enjoy the time here my dear Ozo….”

Abhi looks blank while Pragya wonders who is Ozo.

Abhi “Throw that paper away Fuggy. It’s useless.” Pragya “Why are u getting frustrated? Are u Ozo by mistake?” Abhi remains silent. Pragya gets suspicious of his silence.

Abhi “I don’t know what is it…..” Pragya “You don’t know or don’t want me to know…” Abhi again remains silent.

Pragya “Is there any problem? You can tell me as a friend for sure….” Abhi with frustration“I said na there is nothing to tell.” Pragya “Ok chill! I am not forcing you to tell anything.” Abhi closes his eyes & takes a deep breath to calm himself down.

Pragya “Thank god we had escaped. That was so creepy not knowing who is the person who tied you up!!” Abhi looks on. He tells himself, We didn’t escape for real. We were made to be free from there.

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