In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 12

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Abhi to himself said, Checklist for kidnappers- Kidnapped at night, check! Kidnapped to deserted place. Check! Blindfolded eyes,check! Tied hands,check! Covered mouth, check! But I want her to talk to me so this step I will not follow this one.

He took off the cloth that he had tied over Pragya’s mouth.

Pragya screamed “who the hell kidnapped me when I was eating.”

Abhi “Sorry Fuggy, I had no choice. That was the time Reena was asleep.” He said innocently.

Pragya protestingly said “ Abhi!! Is that you? How dare you kidnapped me!!”

Abhi looked down as he was caught by Pragya. Actually he didn’t want to talk to Pragya. He wanted to maintain silence but things turned out to be opposite. He really didn’t want to disturb Pragya while having her meal. But he had no choice if not he wouldn’t have a chance to kidnap her.

Pragya “What is all this Abhi? How can you do like this? I thought we are in a understanding that our relation won’t work out by me leaving Reena. I thought you would make an effort to talk to her.”

She said sounding disappointed of his action.

Abhi slowly unfolded her blindfold. He saw her eyes was filled with complete disappointment of him.

Pragya remained silent thereafter which made Abhi to feel worse.

Abhi “I’m sorry…” Pragya looked away in anger.

Abhi “I am really very sorry Fuggy…” He said pleasingly looking at her.

Pragya “It’s ok now untie me. Release me before Reena finds this out.”

Abhi to himself, Just like that? This is not what I want. I want her to talk to me more. If she goes back to Reena, then it will be impossible for me to talk to her. That too this is the time that I can spend time more with her as Dadi is out of town for a week.

Abhi had a sudden idea that struck his mind.

Abhi in a hoarse tone “ “Now tell me who are you?” Pragya “What? Don’t tell me you don’t recognize me now.” Abhi nodded his head as yes. Pragya “Bee…bee..don’t act funny ah! I will call the police now.” Abhi laughed wickedly. Pragya unable to tolerate him was about to scream when he showed her something that made her irked. Abhi “Now be silent. Anyways in your silence I feel a kind of disturbance that makes me feel peaceful.”

Pragya, Oh god! He is really gone mad. Now who will save me??

Abhi, It’s good that I had this rubber cockroach with me to scare her.

He kissed the rubber cockroach making Pragya to have a disgusting face seeing it.

Abhi “Listen, I am not Abhi. I am his twin brother Kabhi.” Pragya “Liar!!! You don’t even know how to fake a name for yourself.” Abhi “I told that in a hurry.My name is Kabir. He only asked me to kidnap you.”

Pragya “Abhi, we are not kids to play this kind of foolish games. Untie me now yaar!!!”

Abhi “I know we are not kids but we can make kids. You know that right? That’s why I bring you here for!”

Pragya hearing it gasped in shock. Abhi smiled mischievously. He heard his mobile ringing & he walked away to answer the call.

Pragya, What is he thinking of himself!! I won’t spare him once he release me.

Abhi “This is the most unbelievable thing ever. Kidnapper himself is being tied up here.” He said by trying to find ways to get himself untied. Pragya “That’s an unbelievable joke of the year. You kidnapper??” She laughs continuously which irritates him. Slowly both hear footsteps of a person and the sound vanishes as soon as they hear to it intently.

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