In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 11

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After a few days,

Pragya “Reena, What can I do to forget him? Tell me some ways yaar. He keeps on disturb me in my sleep!”

Reena “Then don’t sleep.” Pragya yelled “Reena!!! How can u tell like this??”

Reena tossing to the other side of the bed murmured to let her sleep.

This was the daily routine of complaints from Pragya after meeting Abhi. Reena was trying her own ways to discourage Pragya from thinking of Abhi.

The next day, Pragya as usual went to her workplace to submit the designs for next project.

It was her lunch break time that she met him. She didn’t want to make him feel she is excited about his presence so she walked past him.

Abhi, What the hell?? I came for her but she ignored me!!

He walked behind her until she reached the place to take lift.

Pragya whispered “Why are you here?” Abhi looked around in confusion.

Pragya “I am asking you only.” Abhi “I thought you are asking someone else. Look at me & ask.”

Pragya “Listen, I am strong in my decision.”
Abhi “Me too!” The lift reached the level. Pragya turned & signalled him to get in first.

Abhi thinking she will get in too went in first. But he was shocked to see her walking away towards the stairs. Before he could leave the lift, other colleagues of Pragya entered making him unable to leave the lift.

Abhi reaching at the ground level first frowned at Pragya for leaving him alone in the lift.

Pragya smiled inwardly seeing him.

Abhi walking behind her “What if I was lost? How could u leave me alone Fuggy?”

Pragya “You were not alone. You getting lost is not happening in this lifetime of yours.”

Abhi “I agree I was not alone. But why do u say I will not get lost?”

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Pragya remained silent. She was keep on walking ahead. Abhi was also following her still waiting for her answer.

Pragya stopped walking. Abhi coming in front of her smiled widely.

Pragya “You don’t have any other work?” Abhi “This is my work for now.” Pragya “Disturbing me?” Abhi “No!! I am dichie pichuing u!!” Pragya “Huh??”

Abhi “It just came in a flow Fuggy!” He said & winked at her.

Pragya “Abhi, I don’t have enough time to entertain you. I need to have my lunch. After that I need to think for my new project.” Abhi with an innocent look “No problem Fuggy.If you want I can help u too.” Pragya shook her head unable to stand him.

Abhi in a low tone “Fuggy…” Pragya “Don’t call me Fuggy!!” Abhi “What is this Fuggy? If I never call Fuggy as Fuggy then Fuggy will become fuchie!!!” Pragya “Fuchie??” Abhi “Did I said Fuchie??” Pragya “I know what u are trying to do already!!”
Abhi “What am I trying to do?” He asked in a mocking tone.

Pragya sighed loudly. Abhi also did like her.

Pragya “Listen….we are grown up working adults not some school kids.” Abhi “I thought I am like a child to you…..” Pragya “Not anymore. After you accused Reena, I can’t think you are like a child.” Abhi “I didn’t accuse her. I was telling my point of view. Why don’t you understand that?”

Pragya tried to walk away when he held her hand. She glared at him with a deadly look for it.

Abhi “Why are you reacting as if a stranger held your hand?” She toned down her expression but was still looking uncomfortable of him holding her hand.

Abhi “Fuggy, let’s not make this dramatic. Ok let’s do this way. Why not you try to slowly reduce the contact with Reena? Like gradually? I thought about this after talking to you. I felt it would be really unfair to her if you leave her suddenly. But why not you slowly do it. I mean it happens in life right, like after sometime you tend to lost in touch with your friends.”

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Pragya frowned at him furiously. Abhi “Now what’s wrong??”

Pragya “What’s wrong?? It’s definitely very wrong. Will you gradually stop talking to Dadi after I marry you?” Abhi “Why should I do that? She is my only relation I have now.” Pragya “same here! Reena is the only relation I have!!” Abhi never said anything. She used the chance & left from there.

Abhi, She is right too. How can she leave a person who is like a family to her.

Pragya had her lunch in a restaurant. She was mostly in thoughts of Abhi.

After having her lunch she came out and was stunned to see Abhi trying to catch something in empty air.

Pragya, Is he gone mad or I am turning mad by seeing him?

Then Abhi catches something in his hand. He smiles seeing Pragya. He signals to her with full of achievement of catching something great.

Pragya ignores it & walks ahead. Abhi shouts “Now you go. I have caught your stubbornness with me. Tomorrow onwards you will be stubborn free!!!”

Pragya, What is he trying to say? He is always like this.

Abhi, Now you will at least think about me. Let me talk to Reena about us. I will make sure she don’t have any hard feelings about our relationship.

Pragya back to her home was still thinking of him.

Pragya, He purposely came today. He knows I think of him all the time. Now it had become worse.

Reena looking Pragya making weird faces asked “What’s wrong?” Pragya mumbled what she replied to Abhi earlier that day.

Reena “What are you telling? I don’t understand.” She walked towards her. Hearing Reena’s a response Pragya came back to senses. She hoped Reena never heard her reply.

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Reena “Had thoughts of him again ah?” Pragya “Haan Reenu….what to do? I really want to get over of him but….” Reena “I heard he is back in town.” Pragya was nervous whether she would have known Abhi meeting her.

Reena “If you want I can talk to him on behalf of you”.

Pragya hearing it thought even now Reena is thinking for her. How could Abhi imagine wrongly of Reena? Thank god she never mistaken about her after hearing to Abhi.

Pragya looked with a lot of adoration towards Reena.

Reena “First you come & eat. We will discuss about this later. Every problem have its solution.” Pragya “No Reenu…this is not a problem to be solved. I now feel this is a past to be forgotten.” Reena looked as if she can’t get her words. Pragya looks back at her in response

Abhi “Now tell me who are you?” Pragya “Bee…bee..don’t act funny. I will call the police now.” Abhi laughed wickedly. Pragya unable to tolerate him was about to scream when he showed her something that made her irked. Abhi “Now be silent. Anyways in your silence I feel a kind of disturbance that makes me feel peaceful.”

Pragya, Oh god! He is really gone mad. Now who will save me??

To be continued……

Ok guys, I know it’s boring to the core. Never mind n hope u all can forgive me for this. A few announcements, Prathi sis will not be able to update her ff for sometime. Then Saranya sis glad that u are back with stories. Your one shot was so awesome sis. Lastly, I might not be posting anything for next few days. Sorry for that as I am loaded with works of weaknesses. Again sorry for this mundane update. Thank u everyone for reading as usual.

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